Hawkeye & Pent

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Hawkeye: … … … Wuoooohhhhhhh!
Pent: Listen! It is Hawkeye’s signal… The battle soon begins…
Hawkeye: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
Pent: I wonder how many men lost their lives after hearing the yell of this brute? Those who call him the mad beast warrior were fairly accurate…

B Support

Pent: …So. I wonder what forces Nergal has mustered. It chills me to the bone to think of it.
Hawkeye: …I…do not understand.
Pent: What don’t you understand?
Hawkeye: You people do not seek out battle… But when magic is involved, you become ravenous beasts. Why is that?
Pent: Is that how we seem? Strange. But you are right, we do not seek out battle… Still… The concern over magic… It does drive people a bit mad. And the greater the power of that evil, the more it sucks into its maw.
Hawkeye: ……
Pent: Hawkeye, I am fine. I will not lose myself into that great dark force.
Hawkeye: I believe you. But magic and knowledge have been the end of many men. And it could be the end of you… or me.

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