Hector & Serra

C Support

Serra: Ah, Lord Hector.
Hector: Yeah?
Serra: Isn’t there something you’d like to tell me? Really, there’s no need to hold back.
Hector: Huh? What are you talking about?
Serra: Why, your words of thanks, of course!
Hector: Why should I thank you?
Serra: You yourself told me, Lord Hector: “Stay in Ostia, someone needs to defend the homeland.”
Hector: Uh huh.
Serra: Yet, I, in my thoughtfulness have come with you! I’ve come all the way here for you, Lord Hector! I’d take a “thank you,” or failing that, a bucket of jewels! Anything will do.
Hector: You want me to thank you for disobeying orders? To tell the truth, I find it hard to fight with you here!
Serra: Really! The nerve of some people! I thought you would be more understanding, Lord Hector!
Hector: Understanding of what?
Serra: Why, I am the only sister in this army!
Hector: Yeah, that’s true, now that you mention it. Of course, a replacement would work just as well…
Serra: R-Really! Must you taunt me so? What if I really find a replacement! What then?
Hector: Actually, I was kinda being serious…

B Support

Hector: Hey, Serra. Can anyone use a staff of St. Elimine, even if they lack the faith?
Serra: What? Wait! You’re making fun of me in a roundabout way! I never! Only someone like you could do such a thing! Can you even imagine the many nights I’ve wet my pillow in tears…
Hector: …Nope, I can’t.
Serra: I have been sensitive and delicate since I was born, you know! Not that I’d expect you to know that, or care. It might surprise you to know this, but I am of high noble birth!
Hector: Huh? You’re right, I didn’t know… You some distant relation of one of the nobles of Lycia?
Serra: No, I am a full-blooded member of an Etrurian count’s family.
Hector: What, are you serious!?
Serra: Very serious. You should be calling me “Lady Serra,” you know, really. But since it’s you, Lord Hector, I’ve been tolerating plain “Serra.”
Hector: Hmph, hard to picture…but I guess I’ll take your word for it. Where’s that count’s family from?
Serra: They are, well, that’s what I’m not sure of.
Hector: Hah?
Serra: There was all this talk about family status and succession of titles and such… My parents decided to put me in an abbey when I was still a child. That’s why I don’t know the count’s name…or what my parents were like… But I’m sure they were gentle and beautiful people, both of them!
Hector: But you’ve never met them?
Serra: Yes, but look at me, their child! I’m sure you can imagine how striking my father must… Lord Hector? Was that a yawn!?

A Support

Hector: Hey, Serra. That abbey you lived in was in Ostia, right?
Serra: W-Why do… What of it?
Hector: I was thinking, the only abbey left in the land of Ostia right now is the one that was rebuilt when my brother was made marquess.
Serra: Ah!
Hector: So…that was the place?
Serra: Y-Yes…that was where I grew up. With children who had lost their parents in the war, children from poor villages. It was an orphanage for those children, too, you see…
Hector: You know, I visited there once. Dismal place, it was. After my brother donated money it got a little better, true…
Serra: Y-Yes, I suppose… We were always short on food. The winters were cold, with no wood for the fire, and no warm blankets… But I was fine, really! I knew it was only temporary! I knew things would get better!
Hector: Hey, calm down! No need to shout!
Serra: I really am of the bloodline of an Etrurian count’s family, I am! I just can’t meet them right now because of family… family issues! But, someday… Someday. My true parents will come to welcome me back.
Hector: … …
Serra: My mother and father are truly kind people, who thought often of me, alone in the abbey… I… I’m sure of it! It has to be true.
Hector: Serra…
Serra: W-What! Don’t look at me like that! It is really true! Really, I-I am…
Hector: It’s fine… I believe you. C’mon, don’t cry. No one doubts you are who you say you are.
Serra: I know that. I know.
Hector: Oh, all right. Good.
Serra: Well…I should be going. I have to see if anyone’s been injured!
Hector: Serra! If you ever need anything, you talk to me or Oswin. We’re your family, or at least, we are until your parents come for you.
Serra: Hector!
Hector: Right? So, let’s go.
Serra: You are a bit…untidy to be a member of my family… But I suppose I can tolerate that…if I must, yes. … …