Marcus & Harken

C Support

Harken: …Lord Marcus!
Marcus: Harken. It is good to see you are well.
Harken: I must apologize. I have not been myself…
Marcus: Say no more. There is nothing anyone can do about Lord Elbert. Now, we must look to the future. We will need your sword in the battles to come. You understand, Harken?
Harken: Yes… I understand, sir. I shall defend Lord Eliwood with my life. And…I shall not make the same mistake again.
Marcus: good. Now, let’s be off, Harken!
Harken: Sir!

B Support

Harken: I was wondering if Lord Eliwood knew… If he knew where I was, and what I did before I came to serve Pherae…
Marcus: He surely does not know the details. Yet, why would your past have anything to do with you now? You rode alone into the enemy camp and killed their general. Your skills in battle have done Pherae great aid.
Harken: Sir…
Marcus: The house you once served is no more. The marquess that betrayed your loyalty and threw you out…is dead. You are a knight of Pherae.
Harken: Lord Eliwood is a pure man. If he knew my past… Would he still welcome me?
Marcus: It is unlike you to say such foolish things, Harken. Why do you think you stand here now? For whom do you swing your sword, if not for Lord Eliwood?
Harken: I suppose…
Marcus: Lord Eliwood trusts you. And, you must return that trust in kind. Understand, Harken?
Harken: Sir…!

A Support

Harken: Lord Marcus!
Marcus: You seem better at ease, Harken. In fact, you seem in downright good spirits.
Harken: It is thanks to you, Lord Marcus. I am here, I am fighting for my lord. That is all I do, and it is good.
Marcus: Yes.
Harken: I have seen much blood in my days… Yet Lord Elbert welcomed me as an honored knight. When I lost him, I lost myself… Yet Lord Eliwood accepted me without question. Lord Marcus, I owe Pherae a great debt. Once again, I have a lord who welcomes me to his side.
Marcus: Yes. Now, let us be off, Harken! Let’s show them what two knights of Pherae can do!
Harken: Sir!