Matthew & Legault

C Support

Legault: Hm… And who would you be?
Matthew: …… You’re Black Fang, right?
Legault: Hold on, relax. Former Black Fang. I’ve nothing to do with them anymore.
Matthew: I wonder. Disguise yourself, get close to the enemy… I am familiar with these duties, as are you.
Legault: I understand your point. It is difficult to take a traitor on his honor, I’ll wager. So what are you going to do? Are you going to kill me? And then tell your friends that I turned my coat on them as well?
Matthew: I’d love to, but I’ve no proof that you’re an enemy, and so I can’t. But don’t forget. As long as you’re here, I’ll be watching you!
Legault: My oh my! I’m not a popular fellow at all.

B Support

Matthew: Legault. What was your nickname in the Fang? What kind of work did you do?
Legault: So now I’m your new hobby, is that it? You falling for me?
Matthew: I’m not in the mood for your jokes. Tell me.
Legault: All right, no need to get testy. I was a member of the Black Fang when you could count us all on two hands. They took me in because of my nimble agility. In the organization, I was known as the Hurricane. My job, like everyone else’s, was assassination. The only difference were my targets. I was the one charged with…cleaning house.
Matthew: Cleaning house?
Legault: Yep. As the cleaner, I was responsible for executing anyone who betrayed the Fang. Black Fang members never beg for mercy. They’d rather die than be captured. It’s
‘cause they know… What happens to traitors. You can never run from the cleaner. That’s Fang law. I worked to protect that law.
Matthew: Really? The Black Fang seems filled with some powerful fellows. And you? You don’t look like much.
Legault: Yeah, but you know… People have to sleep sometime. But then you know all about work like that, don’t you?
Matthew: ……
Legault: Killing the people you’ve lived and worked with for years. You’ll find yourself hated pretty quickly. That’s one thing that makes this place comfortable. I can just be a simple hanger-on. Are you satisfied?
Matthew: ……
Legault: Well, that’s all right. I’m not asking that you believe me right away.

A Support

Legault: Hm? What, you again? More questions for me? No one trusts me. Even after all that rambling I did earlier.
Matthew: There’s one other important thing I haven’t asked you. Why did you betray the Black Fang?
Legault: …… Do I really have to go into all of this?
Matthew: ……
Legault: …OK, I see. I like the Black Fang the way it used to be. The commander was a father figure, Lloyd, Linus, Jan and Uhai… There was nothing to be suspicious of then. We believed in our own righteousness. We can’t go back… Back to the good old days. You understand, right? Right?
Matthew: ……
Legault: Sonia’s arrival was the beginning of the end. The change came slowly… The Fang rotted away bit by bit. And it was all the doing of one creepy villain, Nergal… The Fang changed. And as it changed, so did our work.
Matthew: ……
Legault: Those who had no taste for killing, the wounded who couldn’t work… We started receiving orders to kill these innocents, too. So… I was ordered by some stranger to kill a wounded companion of mine. Her name was Aesha. A woman I’d worked with for years.
Matthew: ……
Legault: She’d made a mistake, and her wound cost her her skill at killing. Her career as an assassin was over. But she shouldn’t have to die for that. She could have lived in some village somewhere… She should have had many days of happiness ahead of her… But……
Matthew: ……
Legault: I, with this hand, I…took her life. That’s when it started. That’s when I started thinking about getting out.
Matthew: ……
Legault: That’s it. You satisfied?
Matthew: …Uhm… Legault?
Legault: Hm?
Matthew: I’m sorry.
Legault: What’s this? Hearing you say that just made my day.
Matthew: Don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t trust you any more than before. But… Everyone’s got a place in their hearts that they don’t want to be touched. …That’s it.
Legault: Eh… Matthew, you’re a good kid. It’s a shame to waste you as a spy.
Matthew: Oh, shut up.