Raven & Lucius

C Support

Raven: Still under the weather, are you Lucius?
Lucius: No, I’m better now. Sorry to be such a… burden…
Raven: Something you want to say to me, then?
Lucius: Ah! How did you know?
Raven: Just look at your face! It’s about the revenge on Ostia, isn’t it?
Lucius: Y-Yes… Is…is there no way your heart can be changed?
Raven: If I wanted to change how I felt, I wouldn’t be here.
Lucius: The marquess of Cornwell and his wife… They were very important to me… I feel such sadness when I think they are gone…yet still!
Raven: Settling this grudge will not bring them back. Should we bury Hector to spite Ostia, that would just give rise to more hate.
Lucius: If you understand, then why do you proceed? Tell me…why?
Raven: Two summers have passed since the house of Cornwell was destroyed. You tell me to forget the crime that was committed. Have the teachings of the benevolent gods given you the strength to love thine enemy?
Lucius: No… No that’s not it, Lord Raymond!
Raven: I… I have no such strength. And I think we were never more than a temporary family to you. Is that it?
Lucius: Lord Raymond, listen to me! You’re wrong, it’s just that I…
Raven: If you have objections to my actions, you need not to come. Go where you will! Is that what you want?
Lucius: Lord Raymond!

B Support

Lucius: Lord Raymond…
Raven: Still here, Lucius? I can’t stand loiterers. If you’re not going home, then go march with the rearguard.
Lucius: I have nowhere to go home to… If I did, it would be House Cornwell.
Raven: However, there is no House Cornwell, not anymore. I’ve told you that you may leave whenever you wish many times now.
Lucius: And I have told you many, many times… that you should quit this revenge, Lord Raymond.
Raven: Silence! Must you keep bringing that up?
Lucius: Yes! Let me speak my mind for the last time! Lord Raymond, you are not someone who should dwell on revenge!
Raven: What do you know of it!?
Lucius: I know you better than you know yourself now, Lord Raymond. I have been with you ever since you were small! Always, you say things to jab and jibe at me… But in the end, there is always care in your heart! You haven’t changed as much as you think!
Raven: Lucius, be quiet!
Lucius: I will not! I–will–not! Why do you pretend you are a different person? I will not leave nor will I be quiet until you explain. If I bother you so, then leave me where you may! Ignore me now and forevermore!
Raven: … …Fine. Relax…I hear you. Like a child, you are…
Lucius: … …
Raven: You’re older than me! Have you forgotten that, too?
Lucius: …Sorry. I apologize.
Raven: You…scared me there.
Lucius: Huh?
Raven: You’re like… You’re like my last family. Priscilla is… I should not think of that, should I… I was scared to lose the last of my family.
Lucius: … … …I…I didn’t…
Raven: That’s why I wanted to keep you away from the battle. …But it seems I spoke too harshly. I’m sorry.
Lucius: Lord Raymond…!

A Support

Raven: How are you of late? No fits, I assume?
Lucius: None at all, I’m quite well! Sorry to be a worry to you… Lord Eliwood, Lord Hector, Lady Lyn… All have been very kind to me. I’ve never been in better health.
Raven: I see. Good to hear. Lucius…there is something I would ask you…
Lucius: What, my Lord?
Raven: Uther, lord of Ostia brought House Cornwell down, killed my parents… Do you believe this to be true?
Lucius: …I know the marquess was killed by someone… There can be no mistaking that. But as to whether it was the lord of Ostia… I have my doubts.
Raven: Yes… I was so distraught at the time… I believed the rumors without question… without doubt. I truly did not care whether the lord of Ostia was guilty or not. I merely wanted to find a victim for the rage inside me…
Lucius: That, I can understand.
Raven: And you were right there all along… I should have tried to understand…
Lucius: Lord Raymond…
Raven: Meeting Eliwood really opened my eyes. I know that the marquess of Ostia is not behind the attack now… Some day… Yes. Some day when this war is over, I’ll go searching for the truth. And I’ll pay Ostia back for my suspicions in full.
Lucius: Excellent!
Raven: Except, I want you to stay home.
Lucius: What!? You are too cruel! Why!?
Raven: I want someone to go home to, you see. So go back, and wait.
Lucius: Why don’t you marry! Then there would be someone at home… And I could journey with you!
Raven: I need no bride to jabber at me– There’s enough going on around here already!
Lucius: W-What is that supposed to mean!?
Raven: My case in point.
Lucius: Wait– Wait! Lord Raymond!