Vaida & Karla

C Support

Vaida: So, you are the famed Sword Princess, are you not?
Karla: ……
Vaida: I’ve heard rumors about you… That you go to fighting coliseums and claim countless victories. They say that no one can even touch you. So you must be terribly strong.
Karla: …And you are?
Vaida: Rrrr… Me?! Surely you’ve heard of the Wyvern Generals of Bern? I am Vaida.
Karla: …… No, I’ve never heard of you…
Vaida: Wh–?
Karla: Was that all you wanted? If so, I have to go. I’m in a bit of a hurry.
Vaida: W-Wait ! This is no joke! How dare you! I said wait!

B Support

Vaida: Hey, you! Wait up! Wait, I said!
Karla: …What is it?
Vaida: I was calling you! Why did you ignore me? Do you think you can take that attitude with me and walk away with both legs?!
Karla: Well, you were yelling from the skies… It is a little hard to hear… Now that you’ve landed, I can hear you better.
Vaida: Don’t toy with me, girl! Why should I have to descend to you?
Karla: Don’t get excited. It’s bad for your health.
Vaida: Infuriating! I am Vaida, a Wyvern General of Bern!
Karla: So I heard. Now what do you want?
Vaida: Shut up! I don’t have to explain myself to you! I knew who you were, and you had never heard of me! It’s infuriating!
Karla: Don’t take it too hard. I started this journey to find someone… I haven’t bothered to remember anyone else I met along the way.
Vaida: H-How dare you treat me like this!!
Karla: And the only reason I went to those coliseums, was to look for him… Ah… Brother…
Vaida: Hey, snap it out! Come on! This really burns my bridle! Remember this moment, girl! I will show you my true power!

A Support

Vaida: Karla! Wait up!
Karla: What is it?
Vaida: What do you think?! I’m fighting by your side just so you can see how strong I am! So, did you get an eyeful?
Karla: Yes.
Vaida: So, you understand now. You understand the true power of the Wyvern Generals?!
Karla: Yes, I understand.
Vaida: G-Good. And…? You understand why I am feared and reviled by my enemies? I don’t know what this “Sword Princess” has got, but compared to me…
Karla: Look, is that all? I have to go. I’m in a hurry.
Vaida: ………… Arrggghhhh! Umbriel, we will eat her eyes!! You are mocking me!! Fine! Draw your sword! We will settle this now!
Karla: Why?
Vaida: What do you mean, why?! I…
Karla: …There’s no real need to fight, is there? We are not enemies.
Vaida: Wha–?
Karla: It is our fate to have met as allies. Why should we not cooperate on the battlefield?
Vaida: Because! As things are, if we do nothing… Then we’ll never know who is stronger!!
Karla: Oh, is that what you’re on about… …Well, how about I be the weaker? Would that help? I don’t care much for fighting anyway.
Vaida: Arrrggggh! You don’t even want to fight me?! Ohhh, my lance aches to rest in your heart!
Karla: …Alright then. Just give me some time. Once all of this is over with, we can fight.
Vaida: Good. And fight we shall.
Karla: …I think we could be good friends…
Vaida: …What is with you? You are perhaps the most infuriating person I have ever met!!