Paralogues (aka sidequests) are optional stages that appear on the world map. By completing them, you can acquire new characters or unlock the Bond Level cap for Emblems.

Note: For paralogues with a required Emblem, the Emblem will temporarily be removed from your party for the duration of the paralogue.

Paralogue Name Location Unlock After Required Emblem
1 Budding Talent Tea-Field Village Chapter 5
2 Mysterious Merchant Bandits’ Hideout Chapter 6
3 The Exalt Arena of the Gods Chapter 11 Lucina
4 The Lady of the Plains Plains of Swift Winds Chapter 12 Lyn
5 The Radiant Hero Fort of Hope Chapter 13 Ike
6 The Instructor Sacred Tomb Chapter 14 Byleth
7 The Crux of Fate Crossroads of Fate Chapter 15 Corrin
8 The Azure Twin Dark Ruins Chapter 16 Eirika
9 The Holy Knight River of Light and Dark Chapter 17 Sigurd
10 The Sage Lord Bridges in a Row Chapter 17 Leif
11 The Dawn Maiden Frozen Fortress Chapter 19 Micaiah
12 The Young Lion The Binding Grounds Chapter 19 Roy
13 The Caring Princess Forgotten Shrine Chapter 20 Celica
14 The Hero-King The Broken Castle Chapter 22 Marth
15 The Connector Garden of Memories Chapter 22