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Single Endings

Alcryst – Tender Archer Alear – Divine Dragon Alfred – Floral Protector
Alcryst took on all clerical duties at Brodia Castle and provided aid to Elusia’s recovery effort. The two nations grew to trust each other, expanding mutual trade.

He was praised as a brilliant yet humble strategist who kept his brother, the new king, safe─just as he’d promised his late father.

___ took after Lumera as the Divine Dragon Monarch. The bonds he/she forged with his/her allies resulted in a lasting peace.

Records speak of a blue-haired Emblem cutting down the last of the Corrupted, but whether this was the new monarch or one of his/her allies is a mystery.

As king of Firene, Alfred forged a new non-aggression pact with Lythos and the other countries, ensuring a long period of peace.

Records reveal Alfred’s reign was brief, as he died an early death. However, he was loved by his people, and there is no doubt his life was full of joy.

Amber – Alpaca Master Anna – Li’l Merchant Boucheron – Big Softy
Amber was overjoyed to see Diamant sit on Brodia’s throne. He patrolled the kingdom to quell postwar chaos, and misadventure followed him with every step.

In time, he became one of the very legends he had so admired. Portraits always placed him near an alpaca, confounding scholars.

Anna finally reunited with her family. She had many sisters, all with the same name and face, but only she had ever traveled with the Divine Dragon Monarch.

With the Emblems’ success in the war, rings came strongly into fashion. She made all the profit she’d ever wanted off the trend.

Boucheron worked for many years to restore Firene. Upon seeing Florra Port fully restored, he cried tears of joy.

He traveled so often between the castle and Florra that, in honor of his kindness and dedication, the road connecting them was called Boucheron’s Passage.

Bunet – Culinary Artist Céline – Joyous Royal Chloé – Fairy-Tale Flier
Bunet rebuilt his parents’ bistro. It became wildly popular for serving dishes beloved by Solm royalty as well as ___.

He left to tour the world and taste food, putting all he learned into a book that became a bible for chefs. Even after his death, his recipes brought joy to many.

Céline dedicated her life to peace in the kingdom of Firene. This sometimes meant taking the unpopular position of punishing those who disturbed order.

Her favorite tea became known as a tea of blessings in Firene. Legend had it that those who drank the tea would find joy.

Chloé comforted the royal family and her fellow soldiers with deliveries of folk food. Soon, Firene’s local delicacies started including more unusual flavors.

Years later, she met someone at a food stall, and they had a fairy-tale, whirlwind romance that blossomed into lifelong love.

Citrinne – Caring Noble Clanne – Calm Steward Diamant – Rising Power
Citrinne redoubled her efforts to sway Brodian nobles away from warfare by advocating for peace. Some were unmoved, but many took her words to heart.

Despite the great weight on her shoulders, her graceful smile was ever present─especially at the balls and galas that she so loved.

Clanne succeeded Vander as a steward. As he grew older, his levelheaded demeanor was likened to Vander’s own.

He so revered the Divine Dragon Monarch that, when it was time to select the 34th generation of stewards, he tested candidates on their love for ___.

As the new king of Brodia, Diamant ordered a halt to all invasions and worked to reform his people’s attitudes on Elusia.

Some nobles resisted Diamant at first, but his vision for the future earned their favor. By exporting ore, Brodia was able to shift to a booming, trade-based economy.

Etie – Fitness Fighter Fogado – Affable Prince Framme – Eager Steward
Besides serving Firene with her own strength, Etie bulked up its soldiers with a regimen of weight training and muscle stimulants.

Some said this was at odds with the nation’s pacifist ethos, but it was celebrated in her hometown, where to this day, orange flowers are grown in her honor.

Fogado traveled aimlessly until Timerra’s coronation and then returned to the palace to serve behind the scenes as her adviser.

Though few reliable accounts of his life were left in the history books, it’s said he met someone during his travels, and they spent the rest of their lives together.

Framme served as a steward, maturing into a protective force every bit as calm and attentive as Vander.

Her zeal for the Divine Dragon Monarch never waned. When it came time to choose the next stewards, she held a cheering contest for all the candidates.

Goldmary – Elegant Talent Hortensia – Little Charmer Ivy – Snow Queen
Though she was dubbed a knight for her service, Goldmary soon discovered that her true gift was teaching. She became a top instructor at Elusia’s academy.

So many of her students went on to do great things that she felt a need to apologize to her classes for the pressure placed on them.

After her sister’s coronation, Hortensia returned to Elusia’s academy and soon graduated at the top of her class.

Her natural charm was later key in negotiations with Brodia. She and Ivy were well remembered for the contributions they made to their country’s prosperity.

As queen of Elusia, Ivy strove to rebuild her war-torn nation, and to improve its insular culture through diplomacy with Brodia. Her decision to import ore gave rise to a lucrative mineral processing industry.

Ivy’s legacy endured even after ___ had passed on.

Jade – Iron Wall Jean – Budding Doc Kagetsu – Onigiri Samurai
Jade celebrated Diamant’s rise to the Brodian throne with pride, and further dedicated herself to Brodia as a knight of the king.

She always found time to write, despite her busy schedule, and managed to complete over 100 humor novels in her lifetime, all celebrated as masterpieces.

Jean became a great doctor, and after taking over his father’s clinic, he visited Lythos once a month to make house calls.

Passionate about researching new medicines, Jean found his village’s famous tea leaves could be developed into a panacea. His discovery was studied for years.

Kagetsu disappeared after Ivy’s coronation. Some said he was off searching for a worthy opponent. In fact, he had gone home to ask his family’s permission to live in Elusia and serve the queen.

Working under Ivy, he still made visits to Pale Sands, returning each time with the gift of rice.

Lapis – Mighty Flower Lindon – Thunder Sage Louis – Watchful Valet
Lapis traveled to war-torn towns and taught citizens how to repair their homes. At every stop, she left large, delicious potatoes from the farm in her home village.

The popularity of these “taters” brought her village wealth and prosperity, and earned Lapis a new title: “the Potato Goddess.”

After the war, Lindon returned home to a leisurely retirement. He passed on a peaceful spring morning, returning to the side of his beloved wife in the hereafter.

For his friends and allies, his memory lives on whenever they taste a pastry or hear the sound of thunder roaring in the sky.

Louis retired as a knight and became a butler to the royal family. The black tea he brewed and his attentive care aided them in running the government.

His interest in people watching was a lifelong love, but however many tried to join him, he always preferred to stroll gardens alone.

Mauvier – Penitent Knight Merrin – Suave Knight Pandreo – Party Priest
Mauvier strove to atone by aiding others. His good deeds continued into late life, when he went out and was never heard from again. Some say he was in an accident. Others, that a victim of the Four Hounds took revenge. The only certainty is that Veyle and the Divine Dragon Monarch were in his thoughts until the end. Merrin traveled with Timerra, gathering material for her book on rare creatures. Though it had few readers upon publication, the work came to be treasured for its insights on dragons.

In her later years, Merrin went back home and took her place as matriarch, uniting her village.

Pandreo founded a popular new religion worshipping all dragons. He planned a huge, raucous party in Lythos but when Vander balked, he made it slightly tamer.

His cheerful howl later became known as a special prayer to the Divine Dragon Monarch.

Panette – Classy Brawler Rosado – Adorable Artist Saphir – Valiant Guard
Panette served Timerra as her knight and ensured her safety through devious ploys. In time, she could also subdue an enemy with a single blow.

Though she searched for her missing parents, she never found them. Still, she quietly rebuilt her family’s church.

Rosado was dubbed a knight for his service. He traveled the land, seeking to destroy the Corrupted for good─resuming his studies only when that task was done.

Later in life, he earned further fame as an artist. A portrait of the royal family at their cutest still hangs in Elusia Castle.

Saphir returned to Brodia Castle and took up a position in King Diamant’s personal guard. Later in life, she retired to her village and started a seafood restaurant. Though small, the place attracted customers from far and wide.

Its menu featured a dish said to have been loved by King Morion.

Seadall – Mystic Dancer Timerra – Desert Warrior Vander – Holy Veteran
Seadall became famous the world over for his dancing and fortune-telling. In later years, he was a traveling performer, telling of his time with ___.

According to the fortune he read for himself, he was fated to meet good people, enjoy great food, and live a very happy life indeed.

Timerra traveled far and wide after the war. Still, she never forgot her duties as queen, returning to the palace often to greet guests with a smile.

The people Timerra met during her travels cared very much for her, and she became the most beloved queen in Solm’s history.

After the Divine Dragon Monarch took the throne, Vander ceded his role as steward, choosing to live as a knight on the Somniel.

The new monarch and his/her friends visited Vander often. He always met the group with a smile, as he took great joy in remembering their journey.

Veyle – Gentle Dragon Yunaka – Hidden Mask Zelkov – Mystery Man
Veyle took over Gradlon and made it into a lush, green land. She resisted the crown for over a century, then at last gave in to her people’s wishes and became the first monarch of Gradlon.

By then, many of her old friends had died, but their offspring and ___ were at the event.

After the war, Yunaka became a street performer. She put on a captivating act for a few years, then vanished without a trace. Did she perish? Start a new life far away? The truth is unknown.

Some say the Divine Dragon Monarch’s use of unusual words was due to her influence.

After completing his work as Princess Ivy’s retainer, Zelkov’s next pursuit was to create a shelter for the children in Elusia who were orphaned by the war.

He and his new family were very happy. It is said that the children all learned to speak in quite a profound and *meaningful* way.

Nel – Stoic Dragon Rafal – Atoning Dragon Zelestia – Loving Leader

Nel settled down to a quiet life in Lythos. She helped the new monarch on occasion, but largely kept to herself.

Not wanting to frighten the “little ones,” she assumed her dragon form only in times of great need. Future generations knew her as a guardian dragon of Lythos.

Rafal spent his days traveling the world, returning to Lythos Castle only once every hundred years to deliver a bounty of candy.

Many centuries later, the bones of an unknown Fell Dragon were discovered. It is said that Rafal had sacrificed his life to save the world without anyone realizing.

Zelestia set out to find Mage Dragons rumored to be living in secret. She was often confused for Zephia of the Four Hounds, but her kindness won through.

In later years, she became leader of the new Mage Dragon village and lived out her life loving them, and loved by them, as family.

Gregory – Fading Scar Madeline – Healing Heart
No longer needing to look tough, Gregory made himself outfits of the softest fabric and retired to the forest, hoping for a quiet life. However, word of his clothes spread, and his designs became quite popular in Lythos. Though he struggled to meet demand, he earned enough for him and his descendants to live comfortably.

Madeline moved to Elusia, the reflection of her homeland, and trained for years to become a knight equal to her parents. She then joined a knightly order to aid in the kingdom’s recovery.

In her later years, she built a house and enjoyed a quiet life there with her partner.

Paired Endings

Alear – Divine Dragon Alcryst – Tender Archer Alfred – Floral Protector
___ became the new Divine Dragon Monarch. His/Her bonds with the rulers of each nation resulted in a lasting peace. Alcryst restored Lythos to its former glory and grew to be an unrecognizably composed and powerful force in government. His apologies remained extreme. Alfred continued training after taking the throne and worked on behalf of Firene and Lythos. His long life, a blessing of the Divine Dragon Monarch, was full of joy.
Amber – Alpaca Master Anna – Li’l Merchant Boucheron – Big Softy
Amber founded a sanctuary for alpacas in Lythos. The newly formed “Alpaca Pack” appeared at many public events and grew into a beloved local legend. Anna finally reunited with her family shortly after the war. She and her business partner got rich off a new line of products made with resources from Lythos. Boucheron devoted his life to restoring his homeland’s port town. When the work was finally done, he cried alongside his allies and the Divine Dragon Monarch.
Bunet – Culinary Artist Céline – Joyous Royal Chloé – Fairy-Tale Flier
Using ingredients from Lythos, Bunet created many new dishes and kept the Divine Dragon Monarch well-fed. The holy land became renowned for its cuisine. Céline’s political work involved passing harsh judgments, but her gentle heart persisted. She cherished the time she spent drinking tea with ___. Chloé was a steadfast and supportive partner to the busy new monarch. The love they shared spawned many a fairy tale for future generations.
Citrinne – Caring Noble Clanne – Calm Steward Diamant – Rising Power
Citrinne used her vast wealth and connections to aid postwar recovery across Elyos. A statue of her and the Divine Dragon Monarch was erected in Brodia. Clanne served as his/her steward and closest ally for many years to come. Even as he grew older, his talent for making pickles never declined. Diamant claimed the Brodian throne and ushered in a new era of prosperity and peace. When his reign ended, he retired to a quiet life in the land of Lythos.
Etie – Fitness Fighter Fogado – Affable Prince Framme – Eager Steward
Etie frequently planted flowers to help restore Lythos. She and the Divine Dragon Monarch were often seen happily spending time in the flower fields. Fogado took charge of foreign diplomacy. He often returned from his travels with gifts for the Divine Dragon Monarch, and they remained the closest of friends. Framme supported him/her as both his/her steward and number-one fan. Whenever he/she spoke in public, Framme would cheer louder than anyone else in the crowd.
Goldmary – Elegant Talent Hortensia – Little Charmer Ivy – Snow Queen
After graduating from Elusia’s academy, Goldmary moved to Lythos to be with her partner. She became known as an elegant and skillful teacher of children. Hortensia joined Ivy in restoring Elusia while enrolled at the academy. She later returned to Lythos and used her studies to support her dearest friend. Ivy took the throne as queen and worked with the Divine Dragon Monarch to restore Elusia. She showed her devotion to her faith by fostering it in her homeland.
Jade – Iron Wall Jean – Budding Doc Kagetsu – Onigiri Samurai
Jade protected the castle, trained royal knights, and wrote many stories about the Divine Dragon Monarch. Her novels kept finding new fans, even a century later. Jean became a great doctor, setting up a clinic in the castle and saving many lives. He lived for more than one hundred years after the war. Kagetsu made the holy land more accessible by welcoming every visitor to Lythos as a dear friend. He and the new monarch were often seen going out together.
Lapis – Mighty Flower Lindon – Thunder Sage Louis – Watchful Valet
Lapis applied her craftiness to politics, and she and the new monarch were lauded for relating to common citizens’ needs. As a hobby, she grew taters in Lythos. Lindon’s wisdom helped restore glory to Lythos. Though he did join his wife in the next life soon after, his memory endured as vividly as a flash of Thunder. Louis worked hard, rarely taking in the sight of others socializing. He often took hot black tea to the Divine Dragon Monarch in the evening, so they might chat.
Mauvier – Penitent Knight Merrin – Suave Knight Pandreo – Party Priest
Mauvier supported him/her behind the scenes while continuing to help others. Stories spread of a mysterious, handsome man saving people from danger. After handing leadership of her village to one of her brothers, Merrin studied animals. Her book on the Divine Dragon Monarch was treasured for generations. Pandreo had a cathedral built in Lythos and threw a party there each year. The Divine Dragon Monarch always attended and often let out a joyful howl.
Panette – Classy Brawler Rosado – Adorable Artist Saphir – Valiant Guard
Panette searched for her parents but never found them. She and the Divine Dragon Monarch were a loving couple into old age. In fact, they never argued once. Rosado graduated from Elusia’s academy and spent the rest of his life contributing to Lythos’s art. A portrait of the two friends was put on display for millennia. Saphir stayed close to the new monarch, keeping Lythos safe as a royal knight for the rest of her life. Neither ever passed on a sparring session with the other.
Seadall – Mystic Dancer Timerra – Desert Warrior Vander – Holy Veteran
Seadall captivated all with his dance and divination, and he and the Divine Dragon Monarch were a couple loved by all. They ate many hearty meals together. Timerra was crowned queen of Solm. She and the Divine Dragon Monarch respected each other’s freedom but met regularly and were often seen grilling together. Though Vander ceded his post as steward after the war, his loyal, if rigid, way of watching over the Divine Dragon Monarch did not change for the rest of his days.
Veyle – Gentle Dragon Yunaka – Hidden Mask Zelkov – Mystery Man
Veyle led Gradlon to prosperity and established an orphanage there. Millennia later, an orphan with dragon blood would go on to unify the continent. Yunaka became one of the new monarch’s steadiest supporters behind the scenes. It is said her ability to impersonate anyone came in handy quite frequently. Zelkov helped the new monarch from the shadows. While he is absent from historical records, it is said that they embarked on many new *pursuits* together.
Nel – Stoic Dragon Rafal – Atoning Dragon Zelestia – Loving Leader
Though occasionally stern, Nel’s support for the new monarch was constant and full of love. She was known for generations as a guardian dragon of Lythos. Rafal gave his support to the new monarch from the shadows and never revealed himself. But any time disaster struck, an unknown dragon appeared to save the day. Zelestia showered the people of Lythos with affection while supporting the Divine Dragon. The two enjoyed meals together for over a thousand happy years.
Gregory – Fading Scar Madeline – Healing Heart
Gregory’s skill at avoiding pain led to a job in conflict resolution. With the Divine Dragon Monarch, he helped bring peace and safety to the land. Madeline aided him/her in public affairs and went on to found her own knightly order. This group protected Lythos and the Divine Dragon Monarch for centuries.