Timing Quote
Chapter 22 Lady Veyle is content. Good. Still…am I worthy of standing in this holy place?
Chapter 25 I am conflicted about Sombron’s impending defeat. Still, I hope to win this fight beside you.
Gift – Birthday No, my birthday is not important to celebrate. Yet I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Gift – B’day (S Rank) I never thought much about my birthday, yet you treat it as special event. You are wonderful.
Gift – Good Are you sure? For me? I rarely find myself able to say it, but I am truly delighted.
Gift – Neutral I accept your gift with gratitude. I hope you did not go to too much trouble for me.
Gift – Bad This is…I don’t really… That is to say, I know many people who would be pleased by this gift.
Gift – Horse Manure What’s wrong, Divine One?! Are you…unwell?
Strength Training Few things are as relaxing as a good training session. I will be here for some time.
Farmyard (near animal) It’s taken quite a liking to me. I wonder why… I am not that special, even by animal standards.
Campfire I was asked to look after the fire. I suspect the requested favor has been forgotten.
Lookout Ridge I still think of my days with the Four Hounds. I do not know if such thoughts are good or ill.
Shopping Divine One, is there anything you desire? My own needs are unfulfilled at this shop.
Pondering I just stepped on a bug by accident. I am sorry… More so if the insect was unique to the Somniel.
Fond of Somniel I worry I no longer feel guilty walking on this sacred ground. Is my attitude acceptable?
S rank (A) Oh?! Hello! Sorry, you caught me by surprise. It is wonderful to see you anytime, of course.
S rank (B) All of this time is wasted on me. But it would be a lie to say I was unhappy with you at my side.
Your Birthday (A) I feel much gratitude for your birth, Divine One, for you are why Lady Veyle and I are here.
Your Birthday (B) Happy Birthday. Beyond celebratory wishes, I would like to make this day as happy as I can.
Cooking Thank you for coming. My goal is to not trouble you during your visit.
Dining – Great food Such a rich flavor! I am afraid treating someone such as myself to something so fine is a waste.
Dining – OK food Tastes good. It reminds me of something…
Dining – Terrible Food Nothing to fear, I am used to handling poison. I’ll take care of all of this.
Dining – Packed lunch I took the liberty of preparing this.
Dining – Asking In the interest of making conversation, were you busy before the meal, ___?
Dining – Asking (Respect) I am curious how you occupied your day before mealtime, ___.
Dining – Asking (Respect B) Was your day a pleasant one, ___?
Dining – Asking (Reverence B) Pardon the question, but in the interest of conversation, how was your day, ___?
Dining – Replying I have been seeking to atone, but no one here is in need of aid. It has been quite difficult.
Dining – Replying (B) I have been seeking to atone, but no one here is in need of aid. It has been quite difficult.
Dining – Great ingredients These ingredients are yours, Divine One? Your resourcefulness is impressive.
  • Respect: Vander, Lindon, Saphir
  • Respect B: Alfred, Céline, Diamant, Alcryst, Ivy, Hortensia, Timerra, Fogado, Nel, Rafale
  • Reverence B: Veyle
  • Normal: Everyone else