Timing Quote
Gift – Birthday I am surprised you would go to the trouble of remembering my birthday. But thank you.
Gift – B’day (S Rank) Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me, my love. You are as considerate as ever.
Gift – Good This is just what I like. Thank you very much.
Gift – Neutral Thank you for the gift. I will treasure it.
Gift – Bad Perhaps you should consider giving this sort of thing to someone else.
Gift – Horse Manure If there is any objective proof that you are not the Divine Dragon of my world, it is clearly this.
Strength Training So, this is how the little ones train. I suppose it may benefit me to participate as well.
Farmyard (near animal) I adore small animals. In my world, creatures of this kind were all but extinct.
Orchard It is a privilege to oversee such a bountiful harvest. I suspect Rafal will enjoy this fruit.
Lookout Ridge This world is wonderful. I intend to protect it at all costs. And that includes you, of course.
Shopping Shopping is a novel concept to me. But the sight of all these little shops certainly brings me joy.
Pondering I enjoy this place. Food and drink combine well with rest and relaxation.
Fond of Somniel I have finally become accustomed to this world. I am grateful you and Rafal brought me here.
S rank (A) I have been thinking of all the things I want to talk with you about. The topics seem endless.
S rank (B) No more dallying─go get your errands done. And then we can spend time together.
Your Birthday (A) I believe today is your birthday. I am happy for you, but try not to celebrate too excessively.
Your Birthday (B) Happy birthday. I hope that we will celebrate hundreds more of these occasions.
Cooking Welcome, Divine One. I suppose I know why you are here, but I will ask to be sure.
Dining – Great food Exquisite. I hope to partake of this again in the future. Please give the chef my compliments.
Dining – OK food I am quite pleased with it. Very fulfilling indeed.
Dining – Terrible Food Is this truly what the little ones find appealing? My palate is not suited to it.
Dining – Lunch box I have preserved what was left over. It is yours.
Dining – Asking I spent my day watching over the little ones. Tell me about yours, ___.
Dining – Replying I have been polishing my dragonstone. It is important to keep it pristine and free of spots.
Dining – Great ingredients You were the one to provide these ingredients, I assume. In that case, I will have a taste.