Timing Quote
Chapter 22 I’m so happy! We can always be together now! Please, let me know how I can be of help here.
Chapter 23 Zephia’s crystal will help us with the next Fell Dragon Shard. I’m ready when you are.
Chapter 24 I’m all right. I’m just sorry I made you worry about me.
Chapter 25 So, we’re finally going beyond the portal. Papa will hate me, but nothing will make me falter.
Gift – Birthday You want to celebrate my birthday?! Thank you. Moments like this make me happy I was born.
Gift – B’day (S Rank) Thank you! I was born over a millennium ago, and I’ve been proud to be your sister ever since.
Gift – Good What a wonderful gift! Thank you so much. I’m so happy I could cry!
Gift – Neutral Thank you. It’s delightful.
Gift – Bad I’m sorry, this is too much for me. Really. I feel funny about accepting such an expensive gift.
Gift – Horse Manure H-have…I done something to upset you?
Farmyard Look at how cute this one is! There, there. Oh, how I adore you!
Campfire Power is like fire. The greater it is, the more damage it does. I prefer small fires like this one.
Poolside My leg cuffs restrain my draconic impulses. I don’t feel like I need them here, though.
Lookout Ridge I wonder if Papa is looking down on Elyos too. Why would he want to destroy so much beauty?
Shopping I don’t have much money, but I want to buy something to help people. What should I get?
Plaza/Fountain I like how there’s nothing to be afraid of here. But…I still feel like hiding sometimes.
Fond of Somniel I feel happy and full of joy since I came here. I just love this place. Thank you for having me.
S rank (A) If you’re ever in trouble, please let me know. I may be your little sister, but I will protect you.
S rank (B) Ever since you gave me the Pact Ring, I’ve felt so strong. I’m just proud to stand beside you.
Your Birthday (A) Getting to celebrate your birthday WITH you is like a dream come true. Let’s do something fun!
Your Birthday (B) Happy Birthday! Let’s celebrate a thousand more birthdays to make up all we missed!
Cooking I’m so happy you came! Now, what would you like to eat?
Dining – Great food It’s so tasty─I’m in heaven! I’m so thankful to have such wonderful food.
Dining – OK food It’s yummy! I’d be happy to eat it again. Sharing this dish with everyone makes me happy.
Dining – Terrible Food It’s not that I can’t eat it…but it’s, um, going to take me some time.
Dining – Packed lunch Um…here’s some food to take with you.
Dining – Asking I’ve been taking things slow since I got here. What do you do to pass the time, ___?
Dining – Replying I’ve been looking for ways I can be of help. Let me know if you think of something, OK?
Dining – Great ingredients These are the ingredients you procured before, yes? I could sense the kindness of a sibling.