Icon Name Description Weapon(s) Promotion
Villager Common village folk with poor combat abilities Sw
Cavalier Soldiers who race across battlefields on their steed La Paladin
Paladin Experienced Cavaliers who can handle any battlefield La Gold Knight
Gold Knight Glorious knights who possess exceptional mobility La
Soldier Basic foot-soldiers who carry a lance into combat La Knight
Knight Fortified foot-soldiers who excel on the front-lines La Baron
Baron Boasts overpowering attack and unrivaled defence La
Mercenary Hired swords who make battlefields their home Sw Myrmidon
Myrmidon Masters of the sword who possess great skill Sw Dread Fighter
Dread Fighter Possesses impressive abilities and a resistance to magic Sw Villager
Archer Bow-wielding soldiers that can attack from a distance Bw Sniper
Sniper Archers that can confidently attack from great distances Bw Bow Knight
Bow Knight Riders who possess both exceptional range and mobility Bw
Fighter A foot-soldier with extremely well-rounded stats Sw Hero
Hero A hero known far and wide; can wield swords and bows Sw Bw
Mage Wielders of Black Magic who can unleash powerful spells Bl Sage (M), Priestess (F)
Sage A magnificent wielder of advanced magic spells Bl Wh
Pegasus Knight Highly mobile knights who fight astride pegasi La Falcon Knight
Falcon Knight Sacred knights with the ability to banish Terrors La
Cleric Maidens dedicated to the gods; can wield White Magic Bl Wh Saint
Saint Purehearted maidens who possess great healing abilities Bl Wh
Priestess A beautiful mage fighter dedicated to the gods Sw Bl Wh Princess (Celica)
Princess The Princess of Zofia; rightful inheritor of the crown Sw Bl Wh
Child Common village children Sw


Icon Name Description Weapon(s)
Illusory Hero (Marth) A valiant leader who commands armies to battle Sw
Illusory Hero (Ike) A skilled swordsman hailed as a national hero Sw
Illusory Hero (Lucina) A valiant leader who commands armies to battle Sw
Illusory Hero (Robin) A wise tactician that can also wield swords and magic Bl
Illusory Hero (Roy) A valiant leader who commands armies to battle Sw
Illusory Hero (Corrin) A valiant leader who commands armies to battle Sw


Icon Name Description Weapon(s)
Majin Knights from the demon realm with fearsome strength La
Brigand Barbaric thugs who cause mayhem with their axes Ax
Arcanist Vile sorcerers who harness fiendish magic Bl Wh
Shaman High-ranking sorcerers within the Church of Duma Bl Wh
Witch Tragic women sacrificed to the Church of Duma Bl Wh
Revenant Corpses aroused from their graves via magic Mi
Entombed Highborn corpses aroused from their graves via magic Mi
Bonewalker Skeletal warriors who linger eternally on the battlefield Sw Mi
Lich Ancient bones reanimated by foul sorcery Sw Mi
Gargoyle Statues with their own minds and capability of flight Mi
Balrog Bronze statues with their own minds and capability of flight Mi
Dracozombie Dragon corpses reanimated by magic; capable of flight Mi
White Dragon Powerful dragon corpses reanimated by sorcery Mi
Mogall Monsters that resemble eyeballs; can divide endlessly Wh Mi
Dark God Duma’s true dragon form Bl Wh Mi
Mila’s Servant The ephemeral form of Mila’s Servant Mi
Duma’s Apostle The ephemeral form of Duma’s Apostle Mi
Dracul A mighty undead who resides in the dark abyss Mi
Titan An ancient giant who endlessly roams the lands for survivors Ax
Garuda A strange, shining bird that dispatches foes with speed Mi
Guardian Knights who honour their mission since ancient times La
Vesta A priestess sacrificed to the dark god during ancient times Bl Wh
Fafnir A gigantic dragon that has survived since ancient times Mi
Dagon A rare dragon that lives in the water; apparently tasty Mi
Valor A fearsome evil eye; said to be a demon god’s eye Wh Mi
Deimos The remains of a famous shaman; wields purging flames Ax Bl Mi
Fire Dragon Fire-breathing dragons found all across Archanea Mi
Fell Dragon A bringer of destruction born via ancient alchemy Mi