Act 2: Detour to Ram Village

Deliverance Hideout

(If Forsyth and/or Python were not recruited)

Python: Huh? What, you lot selling something? Maybe pottage spoons or holy relics? Well, sorry to say, but we ain’t buying. Nobody’s home, see? Well, nobody ‘cept for one hardworking guard. …Handsome too, might I add.

(If you talk again)

Python: …What is it? If you’ve no business here, shove off. A fellow can’t nap when he’s crowded.

Forsyth: Greetings, travellers. We don’t tend to get many visitors out this way. Know that you stand in the sacred halls of the Deliverance! Er, however, it seems everyone has taken leave of the sacred halls for the moment. As such, it falls upon I to hold down the fort! …Er, or the halls. As it were.

(If you talk again)

Forsyth: If it’s our leader you seek, you should make your way to Zofia Castle.

Thieves’ Shrine

(If Silque was not recruited)

Celica: Wait a second… Silque? Is that you?

Silque: Ah! Sister Celica! Fate is indeed strange, that it would have us meet in this place.

Celica: We haven’t heard from you since you left the priory on Novis. We were all worried sick.

Silque: That was never my intent. Forgive me. But I aim to play my part here, no matter the cost. And I see I’m not the only sister to have flown the nest. Set a course by your own star, Celica, and never stray from it. May you walk always in the light of Mila’s blessing.

(If you talk again)

Silque: May you walk always in the light of Mila’s blessing.

Ram Village

Celica: Ram Village… How I’ve missed this place. I wonder how everyone’s doing?

(Mycen’s House)

Celica: Mycen? Grandpapa, it’s me! …Hmm, not here. I wonder where he’s gone.

(Village Square)

Woman: Celica? Is that you, dear? Well, isn’t this a delight?! What a lovely woman you’ve become. Last I recall, you were just a sprout!

Old Timer: Ho, Celica! How long has it been? The village may look the same, but it’s a different place these days. The young ones have all up and left, what with the war. I just pray they all return to us…

(Village Entrance if you didn’t recruit Kliff and/or Faye)

Kliff: Celica? Celica, is that you? How long has it been?! I can’t believe you came back to the village! Alm and the others are gone, I’m afraid. It’s…a long story. Oh, and Sir Mycen vanished around the same time. *sigh* Ram Village was never all that exciting, but now it’s unbearably dull. So where are you off to, mmm? Somewhere grand, no doubt. Say, why don’t you let me come along? I bet we could both use the company.

(If you refuse)

Kliff: Fine, whatever. I wasn’t that interested anyway. I’ll just stay here and…uh…till the land.

(If you talk again)

Kliff: Huh? Now you want me to come with you after all? Make up your mind!

Faye: …Huh? Oh, Celica! You’re back! Gosh, how long has it been? I’ve missed you so much! Alm left Ram. Did you know that? Just up and LEFT! I’m so desperately lonely… Anyway, I thought about going after him just to teach him a lesson, but I didn’t. I’d probably get killed by some foul beast out there on my own, you know? Hey, wait… Are you on a journey or a quest or whatever? Then maybe I could go with you!

(If you refuse)

Faye: R- really? Oh. I suppose it was foolish of me to ask something like that. But listen, if you see Alm, tell him… Well, just tell him he has a home here and always will.

(If you talk again)

Faye: Did you change your mind? Can I come with you?