Act 4: Temple of Mila – Dolth Keep

Temple of Mila

Saint: The Sage’s Hamlet? Yes, I’ve heard of it. It’s said to be hidden away at the heart of the Lost Treescape, past the fortress built at the woods’ edge by Jedah of the Duma Faithful. One of his men guards the path there— a loathsome creature called Dolth.

Priestess: The sage Halcyon was once a high priest of Duma himself, but he was driven out by Jedah. Jedah was always jealous of the loyal followers who flocked to Halcyon, so he worked diligently to seal him away from the outside world.

Flustered Cleric: Oh, I’ve really gone and done it now… Here I am, entrusted with the silver platter, and I drop it in the waterway! That platter is one of Mila’s most cherished artifacts. I can’t go back without it—she’ll be furious! She might even…smite me. But how do I begin to…?

(If you already have the Silver Platter)

Flustered Cleric: Oh, what a relief! I was sure there was some major smiting on the way… Here, this is for your troubles. Please accept it! I insist!

(If you talk again)

Flustered Cleric: If you do happen to see the silver platter, please let me know.

(If you have the Silver Platter)

Flustered Cleric: That’s Mila’s silver platter! The one I dropped in the waterway! Please, that platter is a ritual artifact much beloved by the Earth Mother. May I please have it back? I beg it of you!

(If you refuse)

Flustered Cleric: No! You must reconsider!


Flustered Cleric: Mila’s silver platter lies at the water’s bottom! Oh, what to do, what to do…

Bewildered Woman: I made the pilgrimage here in search of medicine to treat my ailing daughter. But with the temple in this state, it seems my long trip was in vain. I’ve waited days for an audience with Mila, but still haven’t been granted one. All I need is a medicinal syrup made of mana herbs. If I had that, I could likely cure my daughter the theraputic way. And if Mila won’t intercede, finding that syrup may be my only hope.

(If you talk again)

Bewildered Woman: When I think of my daughter writhing in pain while I waste time here… I must find some way to get the medicinal syrup. I must!

(If you give her Medicinal Syrup)

Bewildered Woman: Is this…a medicinal syrup? And one made from mana herbs?! Oh, thank you! Thank you! My daughter will live! Oh, I can’t begin to express my relief… Please, let me repay you. This is all I have, but you must take it.

(If you refuse)

Bewildered Woman: No, I understand. It must be more valuable than a mere child’s life…


Nomah: Ah, Celica! I’m glad to see you safe, child.

Celica: Nomah? What in the world are you doing here?

Nomah: Not to put too fine a point on it, but I was worried about you. I followed you as far as this temple, but this place is just so LARGE! I’m embarrassed to say I got a bit lost, little one. Heh heh heh!

Celica: Oh, dear. Well, I’m glad to see you in good spirits nonetheless.

Nomah: perhaps we’d both enjoy more peace of mind if we stayed together. Might I travel with you from here on?

(If you refuse)

Nomah: I see. Well, I would hate to be the cause of worry, little one. I thought I had some action left in me still, but you know best.

(If you talk again)

Nomah: Ah! Hello again. Decided you couldn’t quite rest easy without me at your side, eh?

Dead Man’s Mire

Celica: This place gives me chills… Small wonder it’s got a charming name like Dead Man’s Mire.

Saber: I can handle dead men. It’s this humidity that’s killin’ me! Let’s clear a path and get going already.

Celica: No arguments here.

Jedah: Anthiese…

Celica: Huh?

Saber: What is it, lass?

Celica: I thought I heard someone calling my name…

Saber: You sure? I didn’t hear anything.

Celica: Perhaps this place is simply preying on my imagination.

(Versus Garcia)

Garcia: Heh heh heh… Yessss, come to me. I’m gonna lay you to sleep at the bottom of this beautiful swamp.

(Garcia defeated)

Garcia: No! I was meant for…so much…

(After the battle)

Saber: Curse these bones… I can’t stand fightin’ with mud squishin’ in my boots! We need to get out of this place yesterday. Whaddya say, lass?

Celica: Yes, let’s…

Jedah: Anthiese… This way… Come to me… if you wish to save Mila…and the boy…

Celica: *gasp* What?! Just who ARE you?

Saber: Celica? Where the hell are you going?!

Somewhere afar

Jedah: Keh heh heh… Welcome, Anthiese, crown princess of Zofia. Bearer of the Brand, and one marked by fate.

Celica: Who are you?

Jedah: My name is Jedah. First disciple to the great and glorious Duma.

Celica: You… You’re the one holding Mila!

Jedah: Oh, indeed I am! However, if you wish for her release, I propose a bargain.

Celica: What kind of bargain?

Jedah: Mila is well and good, but what I truly desire…is you. If you will offer up your soul to Lord Duma, I will cede Mila. She will be free to return to Zofia.

Celica: What kind of a bargain is that?! Why is my soul of any value to you?

Jedah: Have you never thought it strange, Princess Anthiese? Rigel and Zofia are twin nations founded on the backs of divine dragons. And yet, dire changes currently befall them both. Duma seeks power vast enough to destroy all balance in the world. Meanwhile, Mila’s intemperate bounty drives the Zofians to depravity.

Celica: Mila provides for her children!

Jedah: Her soul, as Duma’s, is host to the madness shared by all dragonkind. Duma will grow stronger till that power brings his ruin—and Rigel’s alongside it. It is no different from how Zofia now rots in Mila’s absence.

Celica: Her absence by your hand! And what is this madness you speak of? Do you truly claim that Mila and Duma are fated to destroy themselves?

Jedah: I do. Which is exactly why your soul is required. It is rare and precious—born of Zofian royal blood and marked by the Brand. Such a soul could set Duma’s path to rights and ensure his survival. And with Mila restored to her place, both our peoples might be saved. As for the boy, Alm—if you do this, he could lay down his arms.

Celica: *gasp*

Jedah: Well? What say you? I think it is a most generous offer, myself…

Celica: …Perhaps you’re right. In fact, it may be TOO generous. How can I possibly believe a thing that you’ve told me?

Jedah: I have spoken only truth, Princess. But you needn’t give your answer now. I will await your reply atop Duma Tower. Keh heh heh…

(Jedah leaves)

Celica: ……

Saber: There you are!

Celica: Oh, Saber…

Saber: The hell happened back there? It ain’t like you to just charge off.

Celica: I’m sorry. …I’m so sorry.

Saber: Hmm? What’s going on, lass? You look pale.

Celica: …Nothing. Come. We need to hurry.

Saber: Celica…

Mire Boneyard

Boey: What’s this? Another graveyard? …Of course it is.

Mae: Ugh, seriously? How are you not used to this by now? If you’ve seen one ghoul-ridden deathscape, you’ve seen ’em all!

Boey: I suppose you have…something of a point. Fine. Let’s press on.

Mae: Actually, looks like this place is full of necrodragons. So that’s new!

Boey: Eeeyaaaaugh!

Dolth Keep

Dolth: Heh heh heh. Welcome, child of fate. Once your soul is offered up to Lord Duma, our aims will be realized. Surely there is no call for needless struggle. This way, Your Highness…

Celica: I…

Mae: Guess what, pal? I don’t care what kind of whacko nonsense you’re spouting— I won’t let you lay a finger on Celica!

Dolth: Hmph. The buzzing of ignorant flies is so very vexing. Perhaps the jaws of my necrodragons will silence your interruptions!

(Versus Dolth)

Dolth: Such stubborn children… It appears a lesson in pain is in order.

(Dolth defeated)

Dolth: Impossible…

(After the battle)

Dolth: Wait… Anthiese!

Boey: He’s still alive?!

Dolth: How long will you place the lives of your friends at risk, Your Highness? You’re more clever than that.

Celica: That’s not…

Dolth: Come to Duma’s side!

Saber: What’s wrong with you, lass? Run!

Mae: Don’t be a crazy person, Celica! You can’t let him take you!

Dolth: Silence!

(Dolth casts a spell on Mae)

Mae: Aaah!

Celica: Stop! Leave them alone! Please! I’ll do whatever you ask!

Boey: Milady, no!

Dolth: You’ve made a wise decision, Your Highness. Now come, Anthiese…

Celica: Don’t go! Celica, you can’t… CELICA!

(The Masked Knight rides in and finishes Dolth)

Dolth: Gwaaagh!

Celica: What…?

Masked Knight: ……

Celica: You!

Masked Knight: ……

(The Masked Knight slaps Celica)

Celica: Aaah!

Boey: Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!

Masked Knight: Would you so easily cast your life aside?

Celica: I… That’s not— My choices are not your matter, sir.

Masked Knight: Not my matter?

Celica: You have aided me more than once, and I am grateful for it. But who are you to presume to know better how I might spend my life?! What could you possibly know about me?!

Mae: Celica… What’s going on? It’s not like you to act out like this…

Celica: Nothing is going on, Mae. Please just leave me alone. None of you can possibly know what I’m feeling.

Mae: Celica, that’s not fair!

Masked Knight: That’s not true, Celica. I know. …As only a brother can.

Celica: …What?

(The knight removes his mask)

Conrad: It’s been a long time, huh, Sis?

Celica: You… But that’s… Conrad?! I don’t know how, but… Is it really you?! I was certain you were dead!

Conrad: I managed to escape the night they burned the villa. Some of the attendants led me to safety. From there, I fled straight to Rigel. My mother’s home. Desaix’s reach is long, but even he couldn’t follow me into the empire.

Celica: I should hate you for letting me mourn all this time, and yet…I’m so happy… But how did you come to possess my circlet?

Conrad: It was entrusted to me. I had orders to pass it on to you once you grew into your role.

Celica: Entrusted by who?

Conrad: Sorry, but I swore an oath never to reveal that information. Once I received it, however, I learned you’d left the island. I was so worried about you, I decided to follow and make sure you were safe. I never wanted to lie to you, but… Well, you weren’t the only one in hiding.

Celica: Heh. So that’s why you wore the mask?

Conrad: Well, it IS rather dashing, isn’t it?

Mae: Hah! You think THAT thing is—

Boey: Mae! He’s Celica’s older brother. You know, royalty?

Mae: Oh, right. Sorry. But man, he sure is a lot less moody once that mask comes off, huh? He’s like a completely different guy!

Boey: Almost as if he pretends to be someone else while in disguise. …Imagine that.

Mae: Oh yeah… Hee hee! Yeah, that was dumb.

Conrad: I actually hadn’t intended to reveal myself at all. Halcyon—who looked after me at the Sage’s Hamlet—made me swear not to. I’ll have to work on my apology before I go back there… He’s right, though. The most dangerous thing I could be is not dead. But after watching you… I couldn’t listen to you speak as if you were all alone in the world. It drove a knife right through my heart.

Celica: Conrad… I’m so sorry.

Conrad: Please don’t apologize. I understand. I watched you come this far, after all. I saw you bear the weight of the world by yourself as Zofia’s crown princess. But from this point on, I’d like to share that burden with you. I’ll be at your side and protect you with my life. But you have to promise me something first… Don’t ever try to throw your life away like that again.

Celica: You’re right. I’m sorry, Conrad…

Dolth Keep Interior

Conrad: This marks the entrance to the Lost Treescape. The Sage’s Hamlet—where Halcyon lives—lies within.

Celica: I’ve heard it said a curious power is at work in these woods. And that the trees themselves conspire to hide the path to the hamlet. I’m grateful we have you to lead the way. So then, Brother—which way do we head first?

Conrad: Er, yeah… See, this was actually my first time leaving the woods alone. And I’m not exactly sure how to… you know. Get back? But hey, adventure! We’ll just find the path together!

Celica: Y-yes, adventure. …Shall we get started, then?