Resources are a type of commodity accepted by various facilities in My Castle.

Each castle has two resource gathering spots–one for a particular mineral and another for a foodstuff. The exact types of gathering spots differs according to the player and the selected campaign.

Gathering spots for foodstuffs regenerate every morning, while gathering spots for mineral regenerate every evening. The phase of day (morning, day, evening or night) will advance after each battle or once enough real time has passed.

Additionally, resources can be obtained randomly from allies with a question mark icon or the Lottery Shop. Once you have some, you can exchange minerals in the Smithy or gamble for more resources in the Arena.

Note: Only resources from the nation(s) your campaign is aligned to can be obtained in your game–other resources must be gotten from visiting other castles.


Name Description
Crystal Nohrian. Used for forging swords.
Ruby Nohrian. Used for forging lances.
Sapphire Nohrian. Used for forging axes.
Onyx Nohrian. Used for forging daggers.
Emerald Nohrian. Used for forging bows.
Topaz Nohrian. Used for forging tomes.
Pearl Hoshidan. Used for forging katana.
Coral Hoshidan. Used for forging naginata.
Lapis Hoshidan. Used for forging clubs.
Quartz Hoshidan. Used for forging shuriken.
Jade Hoshidan. Used for forging yumi.
Amber Hoshidan. Used for forging scrolls.


Name Description
Meat Strength nutrients. Nohrian.
Berries Magic nutrients. Nohrian.
Milk Speed nutrients. Nohrian.
Wheat Defense nutrients. Nohrian.
Cabbage Resistance nutrients. Nohrian.
Beans Strength nutrients. Hoshidan.
Peaches Magic nutrients. Hoshidan.
Fish Speed nutrients. Hoshidan.
Rice Defense nutrients. Hoshidan.
Daikon Resistance nutrients. Hoshidan.