2) Efficient SP Grinding

Grinding is unavoidable, but you can speed it up!

SP (Skill Points) is essential for learning new skills, which can propel heroes to far greater heights. Normally, SP can be acquired by defeating enemies and levelling up. When going from Level 1 to 40, you’ll usually earn enough SP to learn all–or most of–a hero’s natural skills.

After that, it’s not uncommon to need an extra 1000 SP or so to fully outfit your hero, especially considering inherited skills cost 50% more SP to learn. You earn 3 SP for each enemy slain, which means you’ll need to find yourself 300+ enemies, that equates to around 80+ Training Tower battles.

To see this through, you’ll need a lot of stamina–and in the literal sense too… Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to reduce the grind.

Before doing anything, remember that enemies must not be more than 6 Levels lower than yours or else you’ll earn 0 SP.

Special Training Maps: These are accessible via the Special Maps menu and appear above the daily Hero and Grand Hero Battles. In these maps, you’ll fight waves of weak reinforcements and always earn the same amount of SP even after clearing the maps. There are five daily rotating maps, each geared towards training specific types of units.

Tempest Trials: This is similar to the Chain Challenges. Here, you can fight up to 7 consecutive battles for 20 stamina, which is pretty good value. In addition, bonus units gain double SP and increased stats for easier grinding. Of course, Tempest Trials only happen from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled.

Double SP Weekends: Every Friday and Saturday, SP gain is doubled. If you’re going to grind SP, you should definitely focus on those two days!

Blessings: Heroes that have been conferred Water, Wind, Earth or Fire Blessing (obtained from quests etc.) always earn double SP. Even if you don’t have a corresponding Legendary Hero, you can still use their Blessing to boost SP gain. To give Blessings, go to “Allies”, “Advanced Growth” and “Confer Blessing”.

SP-Boosting Skills: Some rare heroes have “Valor” skills that double SP gain for a particular weapon. Check your Barracks for these helpful heroes–Gray (Sword), Summer Robin (Lance), Summer Tiki (Axe), Valentine Roy (Bow), Halloween Sakura (Dagger), Winter Tharja (Red Tome), Performing Shigure (Blue Tome), Summer Elise (Green Tome).