**Note: Confessions are unlocked when a character reaches Level 40 with a Rarity of five stars.

Location Dialogue
Home Screen 1 Fine castle you have here. It’s not really my thing to stay cooped up all day though. Let’s get to battling!
Home Screen 2 The name of my axe is Armads. It was once wielded by a legendary berserker, you know. Once had a chance to meet the man, believe it or not. He’s one dangerous-looking fellow.
Home Screen 3 One of my best friends goes by the name of Eliwood. We spar for fun. He even wins half the time!
Home Screen 4 I’m really bored. How about we spar for a while? Don’t worry. I’ll go easy on you, friend!
Home Screen 5 Someone once told me that knights should stand their ground, but that’s really just not my style.
Joining I’m Hector, from a realm called Ostia. But I’m not its ruler. My brother, Uther, is marquess at the moment.
Visiting I’m Hector. You must be Kiran. I’ve come to say hello-sent over by [Your Friend], in fact!
Good Level-up Whoa! Now that’s how to do it!
Average Level-up Good enough. Now if I can only keep this up.
Bad Level-up Bah! I’ll lose to Eliwood if I can’t do better.
Learned New Skill Now I’ll show you what Hector of Ostia is all about!
Confession I’m no poet, friend, so bear with me here. I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words. But before I joined you, I thought that as long as I just kept on swinging in battle… I’d always come out on top and bring everyone back from battle, safe and sound. Then I noticed how you, as tactician, see the line between life and death like no one else. Not sure why, but that hit me hard. Anyway, know that I’ve got your back-long as you’ve got mine.

Voices/Voice Clips

Voice Clip ID Dialogue
Clip 1 Grunt 1
Clip 2 Grunt 2
Clip 3 Grunt 3
Clip 4 Better than I thought!
Clip 5 I don’t back down!
Clip 6 Gutsy, aren’t you?
Clip 7 Enough chitchat!
Clip 8 Here we go!
Clip 9 Not here!
Clip 10 Heh
Clip 11 You need me for something, friend?
Clip 12 Oho! Feels like you’re ready to head out. Me too!
Clip 13 Push your limits-that’s what I say. But don’t burn yourself out.
Clip 14 How about we spar a bit? What say you?
Clip 15 I know we’re all in it together. Just letting you know
Clip 16 So…I’m going to die on the battlefield…
Clip 17 I’d better keep an eye on you. Trouble abounds in battle.
Clip 18 Oho!
Clip 19 All right!
Clip 20 On it!