Chapter 5: Reunion and Then…

Inside Rigel Castle

General Massena and the four men in the corners say the same things as in the previous chapter.

* (Beneath right door)
If you go down these stairs you should be able to get to Doma’s altar.
But it’s said that once you’ve entered, you can never return again.
Your Highness, please take care!

Temple of Doma

* (Random event after Alm can no longer return to the world map) [?]
Cellica’s party is currently fighting.
[Character name] received # damage.
In case of death:
[Character name] fell!!

[The two highest leveled (?) members aside from Cellica receive damage.]

* (Beyond the iron bars)
! Cellica —

~ Cellica runs over from the midst of a battle ~

Ah! Alm, help us…
At this rate everyone will…
Everyone will die!
H-hurry… Please… come quickly.

* (Stone tablet on the fifth underground level)
Excepting royal family members of Rigel, entrance is prohibited!

Doma’s Altar

* (Opening)
Are you all right, Cellica?!


Ah, it’ll be okay now. I’ll crush these bastards for you.

It won’t work. Judah possesses some mysterious power that’s obstructing all our attacks.
Besides, countless Bigles keep coming to entangle us. We can’t even move anymore.
We’re probably already done for…
Sorry, Alm.
I wasn’t able to do anything for you after all.
I’ve had a strange premonition…
A feeling that something terrible will happen to you…
That’s why I came this far on a quest to rescue Mila…
That’s why, until then, I didn’t want you to fight.
Because of that… I acted so cold. I’m sorry… The truth is, I’ve always…

That’s enough. I understand.
At any rate — Cellica! Right now, what matters is escaping!!!
I’m definitely going to save you!
I’ll definitely save you, so believe in me.
Go for it, Cellica!!

* (Upon Judah’s defeat)
You fools who know not Lord Doma’s power… You will regret this…

~ All Bigles vanish ~

* (Upon Mara’s defeat)
May the blessings of Doma —

[Her sister Heste falls without saying anything.]

* (Upon Doma’s defeat)
That should be enough…
Hero Alm. I entrust everything to you.
Inherit the will of us siblings and govern this land…
Carrying both the strength of Doma as well as the love of Mila, guide the people justly…
You must not repeat the same mistakes we committed.
You must never again disturb our slumber…