Script Translation by Shimizu Hitomi
Contact: shimizu_hitomi at yahoo

Version 1.00
Last update: 06/04/09

This is a complete translation of the Fire Emblem: Gaiden script, based on the Japanese script at Pegasus Knight. My translations for Chapters 3-5, the ending, and the death quotes were originally posted at LiveJournal in April-June 2009. At the current time of writing, the site Serenes Forest has their own translation of the demo and Chapters 1-2 posted, which I have read, but did not actively reference.

According to the Fire Emblem Complete artbook, Gaiden takes place in the year 606, in between Books 1 (604-605) and 2 (607-608) of Monshou no Nazo. Both games take place in the same universe, but on different continents; aside from four overlapping characters and an implied overlap in the mythology, the games are unrelated. Alm, the male protagonist of Gaiden, was born in 590. Female protagonist Cellica is presumably the same age.

For the romanization of the names, I used a mix of the “official” spellings as seen in the game credits, official localizations (for the pegasus knight sisters and other terms present in Shadow Dragon), and what looks good (to me)/common sense.