Fire Emblem: Trading Card Game

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As its name suggests, the Fire Emblem TCG is a trading card game with a Fire Emblem theme. The TCG was released in August 2001, by NTT Publishing Co., Ltd, who also published Fire Emblem soundtracks and books, including The Complete and Treasure. As such, it is not surprisingly that the TCG features characters solely from Mystery of the EmblemGenealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776.

In total, seven TCG expansions where released. The first three featured characters from Genealogy of the Holy War, with the first expansion containing artwork primarily from the Fire Emblem: Treasure book. The fourth expansion featured characters from Thracia 776, while the fifth expansion “Jugdral Anthology” featured characters from both games, but with artwork by guest artists Akihiro Yamada, Kamui Fujiwara and Yusuke Kozaki. The final two expansions featured characters from Mystery of the Emblem.

Some time in 2006, the Fire Emblem TCG was discontinued. However, as of 2007, there exists a fan continuation called Fire Revolution TCG, which expands on the official Fire Emblem TCG and promises to feature characters from more recent titles such as Blazing Sword and Path of Radiance.

Series 1 (No Title)
Series 2: Bonds of Fate
Series 3: A New Power
Series 4: Disturbance in Thracia
Judgral Anthology
Series 5: Inheritors of the Emblem
Series 6: Heroes of Akaneia
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