Credits: ChinaFE (face sprites)

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Playable Characters

Icon Name Class Description
sigurd Sigurd Lord Knight Son of Duke Vylon, and successor of the Tilfing. He is the main character of the first Generation.
noish Noish Social Knight Knight of Chalphy. A calm and serious character, with a strong sense of honour.
alec Alec Social Knight Knight of Chalphy. The polar opposite of Noish, and a bit of a womaniser.
arden Arden Sword Armour Knight of Chalphy. Has the three essential elements of an Armour Knight: Stubborn, strong and slow.
azel Azel Mage Younger half-brother of Velthomer’s Duke Alvis. He joins Sigurd’s army to rescue Adean.
lex Lex Axe Knight Son of Dozel’s Duke Langobalt. A cool character, and Azel’s best friend.
cuan Cuan Duke Knight Prince of Lenster; successor of the Gaeborg. He is Sigurd’s best friend and Ethlin’s husband.
ethlin Ethlin Troubadour Cuan’s wife and Sigurd’s younger sister. She persuades Cuan to aid her brother’s cause.
fin1 Fin Lance Knight A trainee knight of Lenster, and a loyal subordinate of Prince Cuan.
midayle Midayle Arch Knight Knight of Jungby. He was injured whilst trying to protect Adean from the Verdane bandits.
dew Dew Thief Thief from Verdane. He was imprisoned in Marpha Castle, but was released by Prince Jamka.
adean Adean Priest Daughter of Jungby’s Duke Ring. She joins Sigurd’s army to search for her long-lost sister.
ira Ira Swordfighter Princess of Isaac, and Mariccle’s younger sister. She is forced to fight when Shanan is captured.
diadora Diadora Shaman A mysterious young girl who resides in the spirit forest. She and Sigurd fall in love at first sight.
jamka Jamka Bow Fighter Prince of Verdane. He wants to stop Verdane from warring with Grandbell.
holyn Holyn Swordfighter An arena combatant who has connections to the Kingdom of Isaac.
lachesis Lachesis Princess Princess of Nodion, and Eltshan’s younger half-sister. Admired by both civilians and nobles.
beowolf Beowulf Free Knight A mercenary who is wary of his master’s intentions. Apparently an old friend of King Eltshan.
levin1 Levin Bard Prince of Silesia, and the successor of the Holsety tome. He masquerades as a traveling bard.
sylvia Sylvia Dancer A travelling dancer, who dances to aid the war-suffering civilians. She follows Levin.
fury Fury Pegasus Knight A pegasus knight of Silesia. She is ordered to search for the missing Prince Levin.
tiltyu Tiltyu Thunder Mage Daughter of Freege’s Duke Reptor. She admires Father Claude.
claude Claude High Priest Ruler of Edda; successor of the Valkyrie staff. He travels to Blaggi Tower to discover the truth.
briggid Briggid Sniper Leader of the Orgahill pirates, who was raised by the original leader. She is Adean’s twin sister.

NPCs and Enemies

Icon Name Class Description
oifey1 Oifey Grandson of the famed tactician, Susahl. He is like a younger brother to Sigurd.
alvis1 Alvis Sage Ruler of Velthomer, and successor of the Falaflame tome. He serves Grandbell’s King Azmure.
shanan1 Shanan Son of Isaac’s Prince Mariccle. He escaped from his homeland, along with Ira, after war broke out.
blank Mariccle Prince of Isaac, and successor of the Balmunk. He died avenging his father, King Mananan.
blank Mananan King of Isaac; father of Mariccle and Ira. He tried to reason with Grandbell, but was executed.
eltshan Eltshan Paladin King of Nodion; successor of the Mistoltin. He studied at military school with Sigurd and Cuan.
blank Grahnye Eltshan’s wife, and Aless’s mother. She was originally a noble from Lenster.
manfroy Manfroy Dark Bishop An evil bishop who plans to restore the old Loputo Empire. He has connections to Alvis.
kurth Kurth The prince of Grandbell. He left to quell the rebellion at Isaac, but was betrayed and killed.
blank Victor The previous Lord of Velthomer; Alvis and Azel’s father. He had many mistresses.
blank Cigyun Ex-wife of Velthomer’s Lord Victor. She fell in love with Grandbell’s Prince Kurth.
lahna Lahna Queen of Silesia, and Levin’s mother. She wishes for Levin to succeed her husband’s kingdom.
vylon Vylon Master Knight Duke of Chalphy, and Sigurd’s father. He served as a loyal aide to Grandbell’s Prince Kurth.
andrei Andrei Bow Knight Ruler of Jungby; Adean and Briggid’s younger brother. He killed his own father for his position.
langobalt Langobalt Baron Duke of Dozel; successor of the Swanchika. He killed Prince Kurth and put the blame on Vylon.
trabant1 Trabant Dragon Master King of Thracia; successor of the Gungnir. He aims to improve his country by any means possible.
leptor Reptor Baron Duke of Freege; successor of the Thorhammer tome. He schemed with Langobalt to get power.
azmure Azmure King of Grandbell, and Kurth’s father. A dying, old man who wishes to preserve his kingdom.