Credits: camus the dark knight

Icon Name Worth Effects
Life Ring Life Ring 40000 Restores 3~10 HP to user each turn
Elite Ring Elite Ring 40000 Gives Elite skill
Thief Ring Thief Ring 40000 Gives Steal skill
Prayer Ring Prayer Ring 40000 Gives Prayer skill
Pursuit Ring Pursuit Ring 40000 Gives Pursuit skill
Recover Ring Recover Ring 40000 Restores all HP to user each turn
Bargain Ring Bargain Ring 40000 Gives Bargain skill
Knight Ring Knight Ring 40000 User can use up leftover movement after performing an action
Return Ring Return Ring 20000 When used, returns user to the main castle
Speed Ring Speed Ring 20000 Spd +5
Magic Ring Magic Ring 20000 Mag +5
Power Ring Power Ring 20000 Str +5
Shield Ring Shield Ring 20000 Def +5
Barrier Ring Barrier Ring 20000 Mdf +5
Leg Ring Leg Ring 20000 Mov +3
Skill Ring Skill Ring 20000 Skl +5
Circlet Circlet 0 Gives Prayer and Life skills