Credits: Pegasus Knight, ChinaFE

Notes: For any events that give love points, they will not occur if either the initiator or receiver already has a lover.

First Generation

Ch Initiator Receiver Receive Criteria
P Azel Sigurd Azel recruited
P Lex Sigurd Lex recruited
P Ethlin Sigurd Ethlin recruited
P Cuan Sigurd Cuan recruited
P Alvis Sigurd Silver Sword Alvis appears
1 Cuan Fin Str +1, Skl +1, Def +1 Any time
1 Sigurd Adean Adean recruited
1 Midayle or Azel Adean 100 love points Adean recruited
1 Adean Ethlin Return staff Adean recruited
1 Cuan Ira Ira recruited
1 Dew Adean Warp staff, 50 love points Genoa conquered
1 Sigurd Ira Recruit Ira Genoa conquered
1 Adean Jamka Recruit Jamka Jamka appears
2 Diadora Ethlin Light Sword Any time
2 Sigurd Lachesis Recruit Lachesis Any time
2 Dew Lachesis Thief Sword, 50 love points Lachesis recruited
2 Cuan Fin Hero Lance Hierhein conquered
2 Sigurd Levin Levin recruited
2 Anybody Beowulf Recruit Beowulf, 10000 Gold Beowulf appears
(need to pay him 10000 gold)
2 Beowulf Lachesis Str +2, Skl +2, Def +1, 100 love points Amphony conquered
2 Alec Sylvia 100 love points Amphony conquered
2 Sylvia Sigurd Amphony conquered
2 Levin Fury Recruit Fury Fury appears
2 Fury Sigurd Fury recruited
3 Lex or Holyn Ira Hero Sword, 100 love points Any time
3 Lachesis Eltshan Eltshan leaves, Earth Sword Eltshan appears
3 Ethlin Cuan Gaeborg Silvail conquered
3 Sigurd Briggid Briggid recruited
3 Adean Briggid Ichival Briggid recruited
3 Midayle Briggid 100 love points Briggid recruited
3 Claude Sigurd Claude recruited
4 Tiltyu Azel Max HP +5, 100 love points Any time
4 Sylvia Fury 50 love points (Levin x Sylvia)
25 love points (Levin x Fury)
Before Thove conquered, and Sylvia waits next to Fury
4 Sigurd Claude Any time
4 Adean Midyale Hero Bow Adean and Midayle are lovers
4 Adean Jamka Hero Bow Adean and Jamka are lovers
4 Adean Azel Rescue staff (for Adean) Adean and Azel  are lovers
4 Sylvia Claude 100 love points Thove conquered
4 Levin Sigurd Silesia conquered
4 Fury Levin 290 love points Silesia conquered
5 Adean Briggid Any time
5 Claude Adean Rescue staff Adean and Claude are lovers
5 Vylon Sigurd Tilfing Vylon appears
5 Sigurd Ira Lubeck conquered
5 Lex Azel Lubeck conquered
5 Dew Jamka Lubeck conquered
5 Sigurd Aida Chapter clear Reptor defeated
5 Tiltyu Azel, Claude or Lex Phinora conquered, and initiator and receiver are lovers
5 Fury Levin, Arden or Noish
5 Sylvia Claude, Levin or Alec
5 Lachesis Beowulf, Noish or Dew
5 Ira Lex, Holyn or Arden
5 Briggid Alec, Jamka or Midayle

Second Generation

Ch Initiator Receiver Receive Criteria
6 Skasaher or Roddlevan Lakche or Radney Luck +1 Any time
6 Lester or Dimna Rana or Mana Luck +1 Lester or Dimna recruited
6 Oifey Celice Oifey recruited
6 Rana or Mana Yuria Relive staff Yuria recruited
6 Lakche or Radney Johalva or Johan Recruit Johalva or Johan (only one), and their soldiers become allies Johalva or Johan not already recruited
6 Fee or Femina Celice Fee or Femina recruited
6 Arthur or Amid Celice Arthur or Amid recruited
6 Yuria Celice Aura (Sophara conquered) or Resire (Isaac conquered) (for Yuria) Sophara or Isaac conquered
6 Celice Rana or Mana Max HP +3, 100 love points Sophara conquered
7 Shanan Patty or Daisy Balmunk (for Shanan), 100 love points Any time
7 Oifey Delmud or Tristan Str +1, Skl +1, Def +1 Any time
7 Celice Shanan Skl +1 (for Celice) Shanan recruited
7 Lakche or Radney Shanan Str +2 (for Lakche or Radney), 100 love points Shanan recruited
7 Patty or Daisy Celice Hero Sword, 100 love points Yied conquered
7 Leaf Celice Any time
7 Delmud or Tristan Nanna or Janne Luck +1 Any time
7 Aless Celice Aless recruited
7 Leen or Laylea Celice Leen or Laylea recruited
7 Arthur or Amid Tinny or Linda Recruit Tinny or Linda Tinny or Linda appears
7 Tinny or Linda Celice Tinny or Linda recruited
7 Fin Nanna Spd +5 Darna conquered and Fin is their father
7 Fin Rana Mag +5
7 Fin Lakche Skl +5
8 Yuria Celice Luck +1 Before Ishtar appears
8 Arthur or Amid Fee or Femina Max HP +3, 100 love points Any time
8 Fin Leaf Str +3 Any time
8 Patty or Daisy Faval or Asaello Recruit Faval or Asaello Faval or Asaello appears
8 Faval or Asaello Celice Faval or Asaello recruited
8 Celice Tinny or Linda Max HP +3, 100 love points Conote conquered
8 Nanna Aless Str +2, Def +2 (for Nanna) Conote conquered
8 Celice Sety or Hawk Recruit Sety or Hawk Conote conquered
8 Sety Celice Luck +3 (for Sety) Sety recruited and Levin is his father
8 Fee or Femina Sety or Hawk Luck +1 (for Fee or Femina) Sety or Hawk recruited
9 Faval or Asaello Patty or Daisy Luck +1 Any time
9 Leaf Altenna Altenna leaves Any time, if Fin was alive during the beginning of the chapter
9 Celice Altenna Recruit Altenna Trabant defeated
9 Corple or Sharlow Hannibal Recruit Hannibal Corple or Sharlow recruited
9 Sharlow Hannibal Berserk staff (for Sharlow) Grutia conquered, Sharlow waits next to Hannibal
9 Patty or Daisy Corple or Sharlow Max HP +3, 100 love points Corple or Sharlow recruited
9 Celice Hannibal Hannibal recruited
9 Leen or Laylea Corple or Sharlow Luck +1 Hannibal recruited
9 Yuria Celice Mdf +3 Grutia conquered
9 Fin or Hannibal Altenna Max HP +3 Grutia conquered
10 Lester or Dimna Patty or Daisy Max HP +3, 100 love points Any time
10 Nanna or Janne Leaf Max HP +3 (for Nanna or Janne), 100 love points Any time
10 Shanan Celice Max HP +3 (for Shanan) Any time
10 Faval or Asaello Rana or Mana Max HP +3, 100 love points Any time
10 Oifey Celice Max HP +3 (for Oifey) Chronos conquered
10 Leaf Altenna Luck +1 Any time
10 Celice Fee Str +5 Lados conquered and Levin is their father
10 Celice Leen Def +5
10 Celice Tinny Mag +5
10 Corple or Sharlow Altenna Mdf +5 Miletos conquered
10 Celice Palmark Tilfing (for Celice) Palmark appears
F Arthur or Amid Tinny or Linda Luck +1 Any time, if both do not have a lover
F Tinny or Linda Celice, Sety, Hawk or Leaf Mag +3 Any time, and initiator and receiver are lovers
F Patty or Daisy Celice, Shanan or Lester Max HP +3, Spd +3
F Daisy Dimna Max HP +5
F Janne Leaf Max HP +5 Edda conquered, and initiator and receiver are lovers
F Mana Asaello Max HP +5
F Nanna or Janne Celice Max HP +3
F Nanna Aless or Leaf Def +3
F Mana or Rana Celice, Skasaher or Roddlevan Mdf +3 Dozul conquered, and initiator and receiver are lovers

F Rana Faval Mdf +3
F Lakche or Radney Celice, Johan, Johalva or Shanan Str +3
F Altenna Areone Areone’s group become allies Freege conquered
F Fee Oifey Skl +3 Freege conquered, and initiator and receiver are lovers
F Fee or Femina Celice, Arthur or Amid Skl +3
F Celice Yuria Recruit Yuria Velthomer conquered