Starting Items



  • My Unit joins with an Iron Sword/Lance/Axe/Bow or Fire tome depending on their starting class.
  • If My Unit is a Cavalier, they will join with an Iron Lance if they are male or an Iron Sword if they are female.
  • On Hard mode and above, My Unit will join with an additional Vulnerary (two if playing on Lunatic’ mode).
  • Cecil joins with an additional Steel Sword/Lance/Axe/Bow or Elfire tome in her second slot, depending on My Unit’s starting class, as well as a Steel Sword, Steel Lance and Steel Bow in her remaining slots.
Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4
My Unit Varies
Ryan Iron Bow
Luke Iron Sword
Rody Iron Lance
Shiida Iron Lance
Wrys Heal Vulnerary
Athena Iron Sword
Gordin Iron Bow
Merric Fire
Cecil Steel Sword Varies
Draug Steel Lance
Ogma Steel Sword
Cain Steel Sword
Est Steel Lance
Marth Steel Sword Rapier Vulnerary

Main Story


  • If Gordin was not recruited in the Prologue, he will join with a Steel Bow.
Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4
Marth Same as Prologue
My Unit Same as Prologue
Luke Same as Prologue
Rody Same as Prologue
Cecil Same as Prologue
Gordin Same as Prologue
Ryan Same as Prologue
Draug Same as Prologue
Arran Silver Lance Iron Sword
Malliesia Heal
Catria Iron Lance Javelin
Warren Steel Bow
Cord Iron Axe
Linde Aura Thunder Nosferatu
Palla Silver Lance Iron Lance
Bord Iron Axe Hammer
Julian Iron Sword Mend
Matthis Iron Lance Javelin
Wrys Heal Vulnerary
Ogma Steel Sword Vulnerary
Yumina Heal Rescue
Yubello Fire
Sirius Steel Lance Iron Sword
Castor Killer Bow
Shiida Wing Spear Javelin
Barst Steel Axe* Hand Axe Vulnerary
Rickard Iron Sword VIP Card*
Frey Killer Lance Javelin
Norne Steel Bow Vulnerary
Samto Killing Edge Aquarius*
Wendell Blizzard Heal
Caesar Steel Sword
Radd Steel Sword
Nabarl Killing Edge
Feena Iron Sword Vulnerary
Cain Steel Sword Javelin
Roger Steel Lance Vulnerary*
Jeorge Parthia* Sagittarius*
Minerva Hauteclere Dragonpike Virgo
Etzel Blizzard Heal Vulnerary*
Merric Excalibur Pure Water
Ellerean Thoron* Aries*
Dice Devil Axe Hand Axe
Maris Lady Sword Levin Sword
Horace Steel Lance Vulnerary
Jake Killer Bow Steel Axe
Darros Silver Axe* Hand Axe
Robert Steel Bow Steel Sword
Belf Steel Lance Steel Sword
Leiden Steel Lance Steel Sword
Beck Silver Bow Levin Sword
Athena Silver Sword Vulnerary
Xane Steel Sword Vulnerary
Tiki Divinestone
Dolph Silver Lance Javelin Vulnerary
Abel Ridersbane*
Macellan Silver Lance Silver Bow Vulnerary
Astram Mercurius*
Katarina Nosferatu
Tomas Silver Bow Killer Bow Vulnerary
Sheema Silver Lance Goddess Icon*
Samson Silver Axe
Frost Thunder Physic
Roshea Silver Lance
Vyland Silver Lance*
Sedgar Silver Bow*
Wolf Silver Bow Dracoshield*
Ymir Silver Axe Killer Bow Vulnerary
Michalis Silver Lance Javelin
Nagi Divinestone
Lena Elfire* Physic
Maria Fire Physic*
Nyna Thoron* Fortify
Elice Bolganone Fortify*

* Dropped when killed as an enemy

Extra Chapters

Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4
Nyna (BS 1) Mend
Boah Heal Rescue
Midia Silver Lance Steel Sword
Dolph Steel Lance Javelin
Macellan Steel Lance Javelin
Tomas Steel Bow Iron Bow
Minerva Silver Axe Steel Lance
Catria Killer Lance Javelin
Est Ridersbane Javelin
Hardin Silver Lance Silver Sword
Wolf Steel Bow Steel Sword
Roshe Steel Lance Steel Sword
Frost Thunder Physic
Rickard Iron Sword
Nabarl (BS 3) Iron Sword
Lena Heal Warp Rescue
Castor Iron Bow
Maris (BS 3) Lady Sword Levin Sword
Dice (BS 3) Devil Axe Hand Axe
Camus Gradivus Silver Lance Silver Sword
Nyna (BS 4) Heal
Robert Killer Bow Steel Bow Steel Sword
Belf Killer Lance Javelin Steel Sword
Leiden Ridersbane Iron Lance Steel Sword
Merric Excalibur Pure Water
Ellerean Thoron Aries
Linde Aura Thunder
Etzel Blizzard Heal Vulnerary
Michalis Silver Lance Javelin
Feena Iron Sword Vulnerary
Katarina Elfire Mend
Kleine Silver Bow Vulnerary
Roro Immortal Axe Hand Axe
Roro clone 1 Steel Axe Hand Axe Vulnerary
Roro clone 2 Steel Axe Hand Axe Vulnerary
Roro clone 3 Steel Axe Hand Axe Vulnerary
Roro clone 4 Steel Axe Hand Axe Vulnerary
Athena Silver Sword Wo Dao Vulnerary Strength Potion
Eremiya Nosferatu Meteor
Gharnef Imhullu
Ogma Steel Sword Vulnerary
Bord Iron Axe Hammer Hand Axe
Cord Iron Axe Vulnerary
Nabarl (DL 3) Steel Sword Vulnerary
Maris (DL 3) Steel Sword
Dice (DL 3) Devil Axe Hand Axe
Shiida Wing Spear Javelin Vulnerary
Norne Steel Bow Vulnerary