BS Fire Emblem

Notes: Additional details will be added to the Chapter data pages.

This is a remake of BS Fire Emblem: Archanean Chronicles, four standalone chapters that were originally released for the Satellaview add-on for the Super Famicom (SNES) and broadcasted for a limited time only. It can be accessed from the Extras menu after Prologue 8 of the main campaign has been completed. For more information on the original games, please check this page. These chapters take place chronologically before Shadow Dragon. They are not affected by nor do they affect the main campaign.

Major Changes from the Originals

  • No voice-acting, unique portraits, CGs or remixed songs.
  • Some of the dialogue is slightly different, for example King Archanea does not appear in Episode 1.
  • Victory conditions have been changed and there is no physical time limit for each chapter.
  • Less enemy reinforcements.


Episode 1: Fall of the Palace

During the War of Shadows… The royal palace of Saint Archanea, the largest nation on the continent, fell into a hopeless situation after being mercilessly attacked by Dolhr’s army, led by the Shadow Dragon Medeus. As the footsteps of the imperial soldiers start to be heard in the palace interior, the helpless king of Archanea sends a secret missive to bishop Boah. Playable characters: Nyna, Boah, Midia, Dolph, Macellan, Tomas

Episode 2: Crimson Dragoon

The Kingdom of Aurelis is situated at the north-eastern grasslands of Archanea. Since its founding, this bountiful nation has shared extremely strong ties with the holy kingdom of Archanea. However, under the fierce offence of Macedon’s Dragoons, led by Princess Minerva, it has already relinquished half of its territory. As Princess Minerva and her subordinates pass by a village along their way back to their post at Aurelis… Playable characters: Minerva, Catria, Est, Hardin, Wolf, Roshea, Frost

Episode 3: Good Thieves

Many days have passed since the Archanean royal palace fell to Dolhr’s forces. At the streets outside the palace, a male and female pair emerge. They are Rickard and Lena. Playable characters: Rickard, Navarre, Lena, Castor, Maris, Dice

Episode 4: The Beginning

BS Fire Emblem 4

Camus escorts Nyna to Aurelis

Archanea’s royal palace, also known as the millennial palace, has been occupied by Grust’s Sable Knight, Camus, for a period of 2 years. Although Dolhr’s Emperor Medeus ordered Camus to command at the palace, Camus ended up betraying Medeus’s orders by keeping Princess Nyna hidden away. Angered by Camus’s action, Medeus issues an order to his subordinate. Playable characters: Camus, Nyna, Robert, Belf, Leiden


Completion Rank

The sum of the four ranks below.

  • Maximum value is 999, although this cannot be achieved realistically.


Turns taken to complete chapters.

  • In Episodes 1 and 4, the maximum score is 195 points, with 5 points deducted for each passing turn beyond Turn 1.
  • In Episodes 2 and 3, the maximum score is 200 points, with 5 points deducted for each passing turn beyond Turn 5.


Number of chests opened or villages visited by playable characters.

  • 50 points for each chest in Episode 1 (max of 3).
  • 50 points for each village in Episode 2 (max of 2).
  • 20 points for each chest containing 200G in Episode 3 (max of 11). Note that recruiting Maris reduces the points by 50, since she takes 500G for herself.
  • Seems to be fixed at 0 points in Episode 4 (visiting the village or obtaining the items from the Thieves has no effect).


Number of playable characters alive at the end.

  • 20 points for each character (max of 5-7, depending on the chapter).


Total amount of experience gained.

  • 1 point is awarded for every 10 experience points gained.
  • In Episodes 1, 2 and 3, 50 points are awarded to begin with.
  • Maximum value is 999, although this cannot be achieved realistically.