Chapter 17: Setting Sun of Gra

New Characters

Portrait Name Class Recruit Comment Rating
Sheema Sheema General Enemy, talk with Marth if all the Gra soldiers survived Her bases are awful, except for defense. She has great growths, but if you want to make her usable at this point, you’ll need to give her stat boosting items. 1/5
Samson Samson Hero Enemy, talk with Sheema or let him talk to Sheema Basically the same as Astria. 3/5

Your initial location:


This is one of the easiest chapters in the game. The level 1 units (Gra) won’t attack you. But don’t kill them either.

Have Marth go to the western village, along with some other units to kill the dragon knights. Use a thief so you can use the bridge for the rest of your team to move.


You may also want to warp a unit to block the escaping thief with the Resire tome.


Other than that this is a simple chapter. Some dragon knights will approach from the left side and the rest of the enemies are bow users and soldiers.

Once you enter the main room and kill the regular enemies, I suggest you have Marth approach Sheema with the help of Feena so Samson won’t attack you before you speak to her.