Chapter 18: Battle of the Pass

New Characters

No new characters in this chapter, however, if you let Roshe live he’ll join you in the next chapter.


Your starting location:


The most important part of the chapter is to move Marth to the village before the thief coming from the cave pilfers it. Using the Warp staff is highly suggested. In the village you’ll get the Live Orb and the Orleans knights will retreat.

However, if you want to win some experience you can wait 1-2 turns before visiting the village so the Orleans knights attack you. Place your characters in a wall formation so they cover each other’s sides; you want the enemies to distribute their attacks among various of your characters so they don’t get killed.


Anyway, after saving the village, dragon knight reinforcements will come from the upper right corner.


From here on, you can advance as slow as you wish. The dragon knights are strong opponents, so be sure to have high durability characters lure them and attack with as many magic and arrows as you have. Near the castle there are generals that will fall easily to magic and Armorslayers. The path there is quite narrow (2 tiles) so you can assume a defensive position and snipe them with magic as they approach. There are also 3 bishops, who are a piece of cake.