Final Chapter – 1: Dragons’ Dale


Your initial location:


Suggestion: Have your flying units carry the member and silver cards, as well as promotion items you didn’t use. The secret shop here sells stat-up items.

The most important thing about this chapter is the village, located at the upper right part of the map. This is where you get the Starlight spell, necessary to defeat Garnef and get the Falchion in the next chapter, so no matter what, you have to save this village, as thieves will come from the cave at the north. I suggest to have your flying units move north along the tiles at the very left, watching out for the range of enemies.


If you don’t have flying units, then warp someone near the cave and out of the barbarians range so you kill the thief soon.

Before your land units advance, a good idea is to lure the flying dragons (Tiki works wonders). The damage they inflict doesn’t hurt as much as before, but still because of their mobility, they can easily kill an unit if all three of them attack. After you kill them, proceed north against the barbarians. They have high strength, but they are no match as long as you don’t fight all of them at the same time.

After you kill the first batch of enemies the rest of the chapter is the same. Lure the dragons first, then kill the barbarians and the occasional dark mage. Somewhere in the process, if you used flying units to kill the thief, they should be heading towards the village and dispatch the enemies there. The boss himself isn’t strong either, but he has the Dulam spell.

At the end, all that’s left is to visit the village and do all the shopping you need.