Chapter 15: Mamkute Princess

Map opening

To obtain the Light and Star Orb for Gato, Marth and the others headed for Cashmere’s Raman Temple.
At Cashmere strait, they entered a fierce battle with the Grunian Black Knights, who attempted to prevent them passing.
But once known as the world’s finest, the Grunian Black Knights had lost their former glory and were defeated.
Now, at Raman…
The temple of Narga, where the jewels are hidden.
A new story is about to unfold…


Your highness, please be careful inside Raman temple.
The goddess of this temple possesses fearful might.
She will incinerate any and all intruders.
Hmm… I suppose we shouldn’t be intruding this sanctuary…
But this temple holds the objects that I must seek.
We must try not to provoke the temple’s guardians.
I will only bring in a couple of soldiers with me.

The great princess of the Narga tribe, which fell into ruin long ago.
Use your power to burn the intruders of this holy Raman temple.
You mustn’t forget it was I who rescued Banutu from Mediuth’s grasp.

Recruiting Chiki

Oh!! Chiki, I was looking all over for you.
It seems you’ve fallen under Garnef’s spell…
Please wake up…
Banutu… Why…
What’s going on?
Ah, good, you’ve awakened.
Are you alright?
Uh… What happened to me…?
It was so scary…
It was like I was in a bad dream…
I’m really sorry…
For letting you be frightened like that…
But everything is fine now.
From now on, I will always be by your side.
Ah! Do you promise?
You mustn’t leave me alone ever again…

Versus Chiki

…Get near me…

Chiki falls

Uncle Banu…

Chapter end

Marth, I am currently at a village north of Macedonia castle.
That’s right, it is already very close.
If you have both the Star and Light Orbs, please come and visit me.
Without Starlight you will be unable to take back the Falchion from Garnef.
Garnef has escaped to the illusion city of Thebes.
Your sister, Ellis, should also be there.
I have been protecting her with my power, but I won’t be able to hold out for much longer.
Please hurry and rescue Ellis.