Chapter 20: The Chosen Ones

Map opening

After a fierce battle, the allied army finally entered Durhua castle.
They had surrounded the castle, and charged inside from all four gates.
But separating Marth’s army was Mediuth’s trap.
The final battle, which will decide life or death, has begun.
The chosen heroes’ destined battle…


You truly are a hero for being able to reach here.
In the past I used to hate these stupid humans, and so I cut off communications with them.
However, after seeing you, I have now realised that humans aren’t a lost hope.
Go forth!
The deities’ chosen one, Aritia’s Prince of Light.
Send the Dark Earth Dragon, Mediuth, back to the eternal darkness once again!!

Versus Mediuth

I have awakened from my sleep.
Rebels! You will suffer a fiery death by the flames of Hell.

Mediuth falls

I could be….
Defeated by humans…
But the heart.
Aritia’s prince, protected by the light…
There will be… one day…
When peoples’ hearts only have evil inside them, and that is when my manifestations will appear.
The heart…
As long as there is light, darkness will never fade away…

Chapter end

With the Dark Earth Dragon, Mediuth’s defeat, the Durhua Empire disappeared into the darkness once again.
The 5 year war of Akaneia was finally over.
The continent of Akaneia, which was surrounded by darkness, once again welcomed the light.
And so, Marth’s long journey had now finally come to an end…

(If Sheeda is alive)

Lord Marth…
I can finally return to Talis.
Mmm… Sheeda.
You must go back to report to your father, right?
But if you don’t return to Aritia immediately afterwards, then…
Uh… Well… These lands, which have been ruined by war, must be restored as soon as possible.
Haha, Marth, always leaving the most important things until last.
If you’re a hero, then don’t try to beat around the bush!
Go ahead and tell Sheeda about your feelings.
What should I…?
Ah, my head…
Oh! Ye-yes!?
I hope…
That you and I can go back together to Aritia…
! …Yes.
I would like that…

(If Sheeda died)

Prince Marth… Thank you.
Everything’s finally over.
Because of your efforts, this world was saved.
But to you, the price to pay for this victory was too large.
I am truly sorry.
Nina, please don’t say that.
Sheeda’s death was because of my own mistake.
But… Sheeda, for a while…
Even to my death, I won’t forget her.
Your love for her is…
But, don’t put the blame on yourself…
Perhaps it is because we lost our loved ones that we were able to reach this promised victory.
Although it is sorrowful, this is the eternal curse of the Fire Emblem.