Chapter 3: Devil Mountain

Map opening

Travelling from the frontier regions to Akaneia, Marth’s biggest challenge has appeared.
The Samsufe Peak is a steep mountain that divides the peninsula into northern and southern regions.
Since some unknown time, bandits made it their base, and they started attacking neighbouring villages and travellers.
Raids, kidnaps, setting fires…
Their crimes are known to many.
In fear, the people called the mountain “Devil Mountain”.
And they called those gathered at Samsufe the demonic “Samsians”…


Hurry, Miss Rena!
If you aren’t quick, we’ll both be finished.
I heard the Aritian knights have arrived towards the south.
Now’s our chance to escape.
Please hang on, you can do it!
I’m sorry…
But, I still haven’t found my precious Relive staff…
Forget about me and flee yourself!
If it’s just you, I can teleport you away to safety with my Warp staff.
How is that going to help?
Don’t you understand why I betrayed them in the first place?
I will find that staff later.
For now, let’s just make our escape!
Hurry! Go!!


Hoho! You’re looking very lively, young lad!
It isn’t an easy task to reach a place like this.
I will reward you with this axe.
What do think? It looks impressive, no?
However… This Devil Axe is a cursed axe that draws blood from its user.
It would be best not to use it at all!!

Male villager:
Be wary of Mercenaries.
If you’re careless, they’ll send you flying in one strike.

Male villager:
If you want to avoid enemy attacks, aside from Speed, you also need Luck.
Standing on certain places might also help.

If your Strength is great, your weapon or magical damage will increase.
Also the effect of healing staves will be greater.

Sisters cannot fight.
However they can use sacred staves to aid allies.

Recruiting Navarre

Swordfighter Navarre!
Why would a person like you become a bodyguard for these bandits?
…!? Huh, who are you?
I have no business with women or children!
Get out of here!!
Please, stop this unnecessary fighting… and lend your strength to us.
If you’re unwilling, you can cut me down with your sword right now.
…I won’t point my sword at women.
Since you risked your own life to request for me, I don’t have a choice… I will lend my strength to you.

Versus Navarre

Even though it’s a shame, you must die.
Take this! Kill Sword!!

Navarre falls

They’re such fools…

Versus Hyman

So you guys want to die?
I’ll grant your wish!

Hyman falls

Urgh… I’ll remember you…

Chapter end

Look, your highness.
We found 10000 Gold inside the castle, which the bandits left behind.
With these we can make further preparations.
Tomorrow we will reach Orleans.
Until then, please rest well.