Chapter 12: Graveyard of Fire Dragons

Map opening

Marth followed Chainy and continued heading directly north.
There he faced walls of towering mountains…
As well as sheer cliffs and deep valleys…
Then, after passing countless mountains…
Suddenly, a scorching heat surrounds everyone.
Magma flowing like rivers, and sounds of roaring, block their passage.
This is truly a fearful sight.


To think there could be a place like this…
I can feel my whole body burning up just standing here.
Flame Barrel…
The graveyard of Fire Dragons.
This is where Fire Dragons that have degenerated wait to die.
What does that mean?
The dragon tribe is currently facing extinction.
If dragons do not seal their true form within dragonstones, they will lose their mind and become wild.
So that’s why they became Mamkutes?
Chainy, can you tell me everything you know about the dragon tribe?
Many tens of thousands of years ago the dragon tribe lived on this world, and built their own civilisation.
They were much wiser and stronger than humans.
But, from nowhere, the day of ruin came.
First they could not give birth anymore and then they lost their minds, becoming wild beasts that destroyed everything in their path.
The elders said the dragon tribe was reaching its last days.
We had no choice, except to abandon our identities as dragons and live on as humans.
The dragon tribe panicked.
Those who trusted the elders sealed their dragon form inside stones and assumed human form.
But there were some who could not abandon their pride as dragons and did not become human.
In the end they lost their mind and became wild.
Just like these Fire Dragons…?
There are more like them, but they’re all just a pack of wild beasts who can no longer return to sanity…
These ones have become the pets of the Fire Tribe, who rule these mountains.
Well, Marth.
Let’s talk about the rest later, let’s go.
The Fire Tribe are nasty stuff.
If we don’t hurry up, we’ll become dinner for their Fire Dragons.

Chapter end

We’ve finally passed the Fire Dragons’ valley.
Are you okay, Marth?
Uh… Yeah, I’m fine.
Chainy, you said that there were other wild dragons elsewhere.
Is that true?
Mmm, the majority of the dragon tribe didn’t listen to the elders’ advice, and were lost…
Those that survived didn’t really stay at a single place.
Aside from the Fire Dragons’ valley there is also the Dragons’ Dale, the Ice Dragons’ Temple and the Dragons’ Altar…
Dragons’ Altar…?
Mmm, behind the mountains of Macedonia is a graveyard of Demon Dragons.
That is also where the Earth Dragons sleep.
Earth Dragons…!?
There are other Earth Dragons besides Mediuth!?
Of course.
Amongst the dragon tribe they are closest in strength to the Divine Dragons, and possess tremendous power.
They didn’t agree with the elders and left to form their own group.
They currently reside at the Durhua region, but… their fate didn’t change.
Eventually the Earth Dragons all lost their minds and, together with the Demon Dragons and Flying Dragon who had also degenerated, started to attack humans.
Of course, humans could not hope to stand up to them.
Humans almost became extinct and, in the end, were forced to a single corner of the continent.
Then, at that time…
Narga, the king of the Divine Dragons, the strongest of all dragons, commanded his tribe to begin a battle to protect the humans.
It was a difficult battle, but in the end Narga was victorious. He sealed the Earth Dragons underneath Durhua and sent them to a deep sleep.
To prevent the seal’s strength from weakening, he created the “Shield of the five Orbs” and left it at Raman Temple.
But that is already ancient history…
In fact it occurred over 1000 years ago.
I finally understand.
The Guardian God, Narga, of legends was actually the king of the Divine Dragons, Narga, who helped mankind.
Those events became legends that have been passed on even now.
But if that was the case, why was the divine sword, Falchion left behind for humans?
Mmm, that is a dragon buster.
A sword designed to defeat dragons.
Narga felt pity for the humans that could not protect themselves so he crafted it from his own fang.
The sword was sealed within Raman Temple, along with the shield.
And a powerful spell was cast on the temple, so that only Divine Dragons could enter it.
After that, Narga left behind a will to his own people, which was to protect mankind.
Finally, he placed the newly born Chiki into a deep sleep, thus ending the remaining 5000 years of his life.
So, you can see why Gato is still faithfully follow his orders.
Huh, Chainy…?
Could it be!?
Mmm, Gato is a Divine Dragon.
What, you thought there was just me…?
Wa-wait, Chainy.
I still don’t understand. What exactly did you mean?
Phew, my throat is really dry.
I can’t stand the heat anymore.
Marth, let’s hurry along.