Chapter 15: Return of the Prince

Map opening

Marth and the others were transported to Aritia’s outskirts by Gato’s magic.
They were ready to begin the battle to reclaim their homeland.
The commander of Akaneia’s army, General Eibel, had ordered the Gra Knights to charge, to buy time.
At the same time he prepared many dishonourable tactics, and waited for the chance to defeat Aritia’s army in one swift blow.
Before his fond homeland, Marth’s battles were about to begin once again.
“We will reclaim our capital of Anri!! We will reclaim our homeland!!”
Prince Marth’s voice resounded through Aritia’s skies.
They had travelled a difficult journey, but their destination was finally reached.


General, the missing Aritian remnants have finally returned.
Really? Haha…!
What good timing.
We will follow our original plan. Have Gra’s soldiers move out to lure them and then defeat them in one go.
Understood, but, what about “him”?
The paladin, Abel?
It doesn’t matter if he betrays me!
If he does, you will kill the female hostage!!
He has already retired from the army.
He won’t swear loyalty to the prince again.
Ha ha…!
How will they avoid fighting Abel…?
This will be very interesting to watch…


Oh, your highness, you’ve finally come.
I have been waiting, to give this to you.
However this village and the neighbouring village…
Mmm, I understand.
But, for the sake of everyone, you should start to make up with them…

In the forts are many enemies.
Don’t be careless.

Male villager:
Nearby are enemy spies.
Be careful!
They will come from the forts.

After Aritia fell, Ellis was taken to an unknown place by a black-robed bishop…
Oh… Princess Ellis…
I pray that you are safe and well…

Female villager:
Since being ruled by the imperial army, our days have been difficultly passed.
But, we all believed that Lord Marth would definitely come back for us.
He would rescue us all from our suffering…
Because, our Lord Marth is the warrior of light chosen by the deities… the Starlord!

Oh, you…
Where did you all go to?
You all went missing for so long that everyone became very worried about you.

Male villager:
The Kingdom of Gra views Aritia as its enemy.
But, in reality, they were forced to fight because of their alliance with Akaneia.

Male villager:
The mercenaries protecting the castle are Astria’s elites.
It would be great if they could become your allies.

Recruiting Abel

(Talk with Est)

I’m sorry, you must have suffered.
You’re safe.
Yes, Lord Marth rescued me.
I’m alright now.
Damn, Akaneia…
But how should I apologise to Lord Marth…?
I’m sorry… It was all because of me.
No, Est!
It was nothing to do with you!!
Those fools… I won’t forgive them…
I’ll show them how deep my anger is!!

(Talk with Marth)

Why are you…
I don’t believe this, you’re betraying your homeland!?
Lord Marth…
Please forgive me…
They took Est…
If I didn’t fight… They would kill her.
…But after meeting your highness, I can… no longer… fight… against Aritia…
Est… I’m sorry, please forgive me!!

Versus Abel

Your highness… Please forgive me…
I don’t want to lose Est…

Abel falls


Versus Eibel

Being able to defeat my great army.
Are you even human?

Eibel falls

My Akaneia army could be defeated…?

Chapter end

That was a fierce battle.
Is everybody alright?
Don’t worry, they have been awaiting this day for a long time.
Akaneia’s actions were too cold-hearted.
They even had innocent citizens killed.
How can I apologise to the citizens…?
I only bring trouble to everybody…
Perhaps I’m not fit to protect this country.
No, your highness, you’re wrong!
Your highness, you have a gentle heart, so that is why no matter what hardships, we can endure them.
We believe in your highness, so that is why we follow you.
Your highness, please raise your spirit!!
We still haven’t reclaimed Aritia castle.
There are probably many enemies awaiting us, but this is our castle.
We already know how to fight this battle.
Well, Lord Marth!
Let’s go!!