Chapter 20: Dark Emperor

Map opening

Saint Akaneia is the largest country on the continent.
Its golden capital of Pales has bathed in 600 years of proud history.
Under the attack of Aritia’s allied army, it fell in just one day.
The citizens of Akaneia welcomed them as liberators, and supported them to their fullest.
They also mentioned of their hatred towards Hardin and his personal guards.
Everybody now calls Hardin the Dark Emperor.
This was in hatred of Hardin, the murderer of countless people.
If possible fighting would be avoided, but it has already reached this stage…
Marth raises Anri’s flag up high, and orders his last command.
Go, heroes of Aritia!
This is the final battle.
Everybody, charge into Pales castle!!

Pre-battle preparations

Your highness, we’ve entered the castle!
But, don’t forget that Hardin is being protected by the Dark Orb.
To fight him, you must have the Light Orb!!
Be sure to have the person fighting him carry it.


Midia, even you betrayed me.
Akaneia’s paladins have lost their touch.
You fool!! Don’t you see it?
What you’re doing isn’t normal.
Where did you take Nina to?
Bring her back to us now!!
That woman betrayed me.
I just wanted to destroy Grunia.
And she had to go and give the Emblem to that boy…
Those who betray me must die.
Midia, you’re no exception!!
If you want to take my life, go ahead.
But, Hardin…
Do you know how much suffering you’ve caused because of your stupid jealousy?
Just open your eyes and see!
Stupid jealousy…?
You can say what you like.
This world is corrupt and full of annoying people.
Is this kind of world even worth anything?
It would be far better for it to be destroyed.
Midia, you shall watch here…
As Prince Marth dies by hand!!

Marth nears the throne

As a servant of the Empire, you dared to invade Pales.
I am disappointed in you.
So Aritia’s Prince of Light is just a lowlife.
You are being controlled by the Dark Orb, and have lost your just heart!!
Please, you must return to normal!
You are so naive, Marth.
I attacked Aritia solely because of my hatred of you.
In the previous war, it was only because you were the descendent of Anri that Nina gave the Emblem to you, and chose you to become the leader of the alliance.
Prince of Light… What nonsense!
If you hadn’t received my support you would have died long ago, so don’t act all big, Marth!!
From that day on, I hated you.
I kept silent for Nina, but I knew I would have to deal with you eventually.
This has nothing to do with this Orb!
Hardin… Is that true…
Your hatred of me… I didn’t know…
That’s why you’re just a boy.
Marth! Come to me, so I can use my Gradius to pierce your heart!!
In this tiny continent, I am the only hero that is needed!

Versus Hardin

Did you come here to get yourselves killed?
I’ll show you to fear my Gradius!!

Hardin falls

Marth… Your highness…
I have finally awakened…
From my deep dream…
Your highness… I am deeply sorry…
I fought with my inner demon.
However I was too weak…
I resisted with all my might…
But I still lost…
I hoped for your highness’ hand to end my life…
That way I could be saved…
Your highness…
Please take care of Nina…
I hope you… can tell her…
In the… end…
I still… loved her…
I hope…
She can… forgive me…

Chapter end

(Less than five Orbs obtained)

Marth, it’s finally over.
Now, the world is safe.
Look, the princesses are over there…
Sister! And there’s Princess Nina…
And Rena and Maria as well.
It’s great to see that everybody is safe.
Marth, you finally came.
I am so happy…
I will need your help to restore Akaneia.
You really worked hard, Marth.
You are my pride.
Lord Marth, with our combined strength we have already vanquished Garnef.
Please relax.
The world is safe now.
Your highness, please hurry back to Aritia.
Really? It’s good to see everybody well.
But you all don’t look too good…
Everybody is tired from battling Garnef.
But it doesn’t matter now, so please don’t worry.
Nina, I am sorry about Hardin.
I couldn’t save him.
It’s fine.
He was devoured by his own ambitions, so it is not unexpected that he was lost.
Well, Marth, you should hurry back to your homeland.
Everybody is probably worried about you.
With your remaining time, you must live well.
As long as there are still people in this world, your name will never be forgotten.

(All five Orbs obtained)

Marth, it’s finally over.
Now, the world is safe.
Look, the princesses are over there…
Sister! And there’s Princess Nina…
And Rena and Maria as well.
Marth, you finally came.
I am so happy…

Damn, you’re carrying the Shield of Seals…
Urgh… My illusion has been shattered!
Come, Dark Priests.
It has come to this…
We must resurrect the Dark Dragon immediately!

Huh, wasn’t that Garnef?
He and his men pretended to be the princesses.
Mmm, but what are they planning?
They said something about resurrecting the Dark Dragon…
So my sister was indeed taken by Garnef…
Your highness, I apologise for interrupting you, but Gato has come.
Huh, Gato!?
Please call him here!!

Marth, you have done well.
You have all five Orbs in your possession.
Because of your efforts, the lost Shield of Seals has finally been restored.
The five Orbs have attached onto the royal shield…
So this is the Shield of Seals?
But, Gato, what should I do next?
After seeing Garnef’s expression, it seems he really has taken my sister and the others.
I can’t just leave them.
I understand your feelings…
But you must first restore the seal on the Earth Dragons.
Those beasts will soon awaken from their slumber.
When they appear from the ground they will burn everything, and create Hell on Earth.
Go, Marth.
Send the awakened Earth Dragons back into the darkness of the seal!!