After five long years, the great war with the Durhua Empire, which caused much suffering and was later called the War of Darkness, ended with the defeat of the Earth Dragon King Mediuth.

The warriors who had gathered under the Fire Emblem returned to their homelands, and, to restore the lands from devastation, used up much strength.

Among the countries that once made up the seven Kingdoms of Akaneia, Gra and Grunia were ruined.

Aritia, Orleans, Macedonia and Talis were also deeply scarred.

Even the grand Kingdom of Akaneia was undergoing restoration.

Then, at the royal capital Pales, which was still shaken by the war, an important event occurred with King Orleans’s younger brother, Hardin’s marriage to Princess Nina and his ascension as the 24th King of Akaneia. And so after becoming king, Hardin, although seemingly reluctant, instantly restored the country.

He gathered many soldiers to create a powerful army.

Following that, he announced the restoration of the Holy Empire of Akaneia, and declared himself Emperor.

One year after the end of the war with Durhua the world seems to be entering a state of peace.

But the wheels of fate appear to have an fault.