Opening Demo

Oh! Our great mother of earth.
Since 7 thousand years, a time
time of despair has come.

We pray to the heavens for help.
For 7 years and 7 months and 7 days.

Deities, please show yourselves!

Light of five colours gathered at
the appearance of a sword of light.
A miracle finally occurred.

He was a giant who became our guardian god.
From the day he shone light from his sword,
the evildoers were silenced.

When light from his shield radiated,
the evil ones returned to stone.

The god created a new age.
Dragons lived as humans and the evil ones
were sent deep underground.

The god with his graceful kindness
saved humanity and gave them a gift.

When the Dark Dragon awakens again,
the chosen one of the god will use
his sword to repel darkness.