Other Data

Notes: Items in italics appear after completing the game at least once.

Name Items Weapon Ranks Skills Affin
Ike Trainer (Prologue), Iron Sword *1 (Chapter 1) Sword D
Titania Steel Axe, Iron Axe, Vulnerary Lance C, Axe A Counter
Oscar Iron Lance, Vulnerary, Paladin Band Lance C
Boyd Iron Axe, Vulnerary, Fighter Band Axe D Tempest
Rhys Heal, Vulnerary, Priest Band Staff D Serenity
Shinon Steel Bow, Iron Bow, Vulnerary, Archer Band Bow A Provoke
Gatrie Steel Lance, Iron Lance, Vulnerary, Knight Band Lance D
Soren Wind, Vulnerary Fire E, Thunder E, Wind D Adept
Mia Iron Sword, Slim Sword, Sword Band Sword D Vantage
Ilyana Thunder, Elthunder, Vulnerary Fire E, Thunder D, Wind E Shade
Marcia Slim Lance, Javelin, Pegasus Band Lance D
Mist Heal, Vulnerary Staff E Miracle
Rolf Rolf’s Bow, Vulnerary Bow E
Lethe Claw, Beorcguard
Mordecai Claw, Laguz Stone Smite
Volke Knife, Vulnerary Shade
Kieran Axe C Gamble
Brom Lance D
Nephenee Lance E Wrath
Zihark Killing Edge, Steel Sword, Vulnerary Sword C Adept
Jill Steel Lance, Laguzguard, Vulnerary, Wyvern Band Lance D
Sothe Knife Blossom
Astrid Iron Bow, Knight Ward, Vulnerary Bow D Paragon
Makalov Steel Sword, Red Gem Sword C Tempest
Stefan Vague Katti Sword S Astra
Muarim Claw, Demi Band
Tormod Fire, Elfire, Vulnerary Fire C, Thunder E, Wind D Celerity
Devdan Heavy Spear Lance B Serenity
Tanith Sonic Sword, Short Spear Sword A, Lance B Reinforce
Reyson Elixir Canto, Blessing
Janaff Beak Insight
Ulki Beak Vigilance
Calill Elthunder, Meteor, Knife Fire B, Thunder B, Wind B Nihil
Tauroneo Spear, Silver Blade, Occult Sword A, Lance A Resolve
Ranulf Claw, Elixir
Haar Brave Axe Lance B, Axe B Guard
Lucia Silver Sword, Laguzguard, Vulnerary Sword A Parity
Bastian Elwind, Stiletto Fire B, Thunder C, Wind A Corrosion
Geoffrey Brave Lance, Steel Bow Lance A, Bow C Paragon
Largo Silver Axe, Short Axe Axe A
Elincia Slim Sword/Amiti *2, Mend Sword D, Staff A Renewal
Ena Breath Renewal, Miracle, Boon
Nasir Breath Nihil, Boon
Tibarn Beak, Laguz Band, Elixir Saviour, Cancel
Naesala Beak, Laguz Band, Coin, Elixir Vantage, Vortex
Giffca Claw, Laguz Band, Elixir Roar

*1: In the North American version, Ike joins with four Iron Swords if the Visit tutorial was skipped
*2: Amiti if Geoffrey, Lucia and Bastian are all alive, Slim Sword otherwise


Name Items Weapon Ranks Skills Affin
Sephiran Staff/Light S Mantle