Support Bonus

Critical Bonus

Characters with a special relationship have an in-built support bonus. These bonuses only come into effect if the characters are standing adjacent to each other.

Characters Critical Boost
Ike, Greil (strong version) * 10%
Ike, Mist 10%
Oscar, Boyd, Rolf 10%
Rolf, Shinon 5%
Marcia, Makalov 5%
Calill, Largo 10%
Geoffrey, Lucia 5%
Tormod, Muarim 10%
Lethe, Mordecai 5%
Tibarn, Reyson 10%
Tibarn, Leanne * 5%
Naesala, Reyson 5%
Naesala, Leanne * 10%
Leanne, Reyson * 10%
Ulki, Janaff, Reyson 5%
Jill, Shiharam 10%
Geoffrey, Bastian 10%
Geoffrey, Kieran 5%
Elincia, Lucia 10%

Critical Negation

Some characters can protect another character from enemy critical attacks. This effect only works if the character is adjacent to the character that they can protect.

Character Protects
Ike Soren
Greil (strong version) * Titania
Elincia Ike
Elincia Bastian
Elincia Geoffrey
Elincia Lucia
Elincia Kieran
Tanith Marcia
Ashnard Petrine
Tibarn Ulki
Tibarn Janaff
Naesala Nealuchi *
Geoffrey Kieran

* Unused