• When a Sword/Lance/Axe/Bow Knight promotes to a Paladin, they will be able to choose a new weapon type out of Swords, Lances, Bows or Axes.
  • When a Mage promotes to a Sage, they will have the option of wielding either Staves or Knives.
  • Valkyries aren’t weak against horse-slaying weapons.

Beorc Classes

Class Weapons Promotion Class Skill Occult Skill
Ranger Sword Lord
Lord Sword Aether
Hero Sword, Axe Aether
Myrmidon Sword Swordmaster
Swordmaster Sword +15 Critical Astra
Soldier Lance Halberdier
Halberdier Lance Luna
Fighter Axe Warrior
Warrior Axe, Bow Colossus
Archer Bow Sniper
Sniper Bow +15 Critical Deadeye
Knight Lance General
General Sword, Lance Luna
Sword Knight Sword Paladin
Lance Knight Lance Paladin
Axe Knight Axe Paladin
Bow Knight Bow Paladin
Paladin 2 of Sword / Axe / Lance / Bow Sol
Pegasus Knight Lance Falcon Knight
Falcon Knight Sword, Lance Stun
Princess Crimea Sword, Staff Stun
Wyvern Rider Lance Wyvern Lord
Wyvern Lord Lance, Axe Stun
King Daein Sword, Axe
Mage Fire, Thunder, Wind Sage
Sage Fire, Thunder, Wind, Staff / Knife Knife (if chosen) Flare
Priest Staff Bishop
Bishop Staff Lumina Flare
Cleric Staff Valkyrie
Valkyrie Sword, Staff Sol
Thief Knife Assassin (Volke only) Steal, Knife
Assassin Knife Steal, Knife Lethality
Bandit Axe Berserker
Berserker Axe +15 Critical Colossus

Laguz Classes

Class Transforms into Characters Occult Skill
Beast tribe Cat Lethe, Ranulf Roar
Beast tribe Tiger Mordecai, Muarim Roar
Beast tribe Lion Giffca Roar
Bird tribe Hawk Janaff, Ulki, Tibarn Cancel
Bird tribe Raven Naesala Vortex
Bird tribe Heron Reyson Blessing
Dragon tribe Red Dragon Ena Boon
Dragon tribe White Dragon Nasir Boon