Expo II drama story

Credits: bomb_some_dodongos (translation), Prince of Iris (editing)

Notes: This story was meant to be played by each character’s Japanese voice actor at the canceled Fire Emblem Expo II event in May 2020, and has been edited for public use. The character portraits are not a part of the official script and are for interpretive purposes only. The original publication of this story may be found here.

Fire Emblem Expo II Stage Drama

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance – A Brother and Sister Shelter from the Rain

Cast: Ike and Mist
Cast Intro Music: Victory is Near

Rain falls.

Wow, this is some really heavy rain. And it started falling so suddenly, too.

Ike, are you planning to stay here until it’s over?

Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to avoid it other than under this tree.

Father said he wanted us to hurry! And I think everyone will get tired of waiting, too…

Well, everyone probably is waiting for the rations we picked up. Boyd especially. I think his stomach was growling.

I don’t mind getting drenched.

No…let’s hold off until the rain stops. You’re still recovering. You were really sick just a little while ago, remember?

I’ve already gotten better, so I’m fine!

If you’re faking it, it’s not funny. This is just a passing rain, so it should stop soon.

Fine, I get it. But jeez, you’re so overprotective!

Not as much as Father is.

Heehee, you’re probably right.

I know that because when you collapsed, he acted calmly, but at the same time, deep down, he was probably the most worried.

I feel bad for making everyone worry.

Titania being there for you really helped a lot. She’s very reliable for things like that, huh?

Yeah, she is! She’s really scary in battle, but thanks to her staying with me the whole time and nursing me back to health, I was able to get better very quickly! She really is like a mother to me… No, more like a big sister.

Haha, I’m sure she’ll be happy if you tell her. The big sister part, that is.

Ahaha, yeah!

But it wasn’t just Titania who cared for you. Oscar and his brothers were the ones to look for a medicinal herb to lower your fever.

Huh? Really?

Yeah, he said you can also use it as a seasoning in cooking… But because it’s rare and not for sale in Crimea, the three of them went looking for it.

So that’s what happened…

They said that they were lucky to find it within the roots of a tree, but since they couldn’t reach it, Boyd chopped a hole in the tree, then Rolf managed to crawl in and grab it.

So that’s why Rolf was so dirty that day! He wouldn’t tell me the reason why even when I asked him, so I didn’t know…

He probably didn’t want to worry you any more than he had to.

And was Soren the one who made the medicine?


I see… So I’ll have to thank everyone again when we get back, huh?

That’s a good idea.

Oh, that reminds me. There was a huge commotion around the tent at some point that day, wasn’t there?

Yeah. When Father left to go call for a doctor he knows, bandits attacked.

What!? So did everyone fight?

Oscar and his brothers had just left, too. And Titania was in your tent, so that left only Gatrie, Shinon, and me to fight.

Just the three of you!?

I mean, we managed. Gatrie’s defenses are like an iron wall, and you know well just how powerful Shinon is. Although it is true that…Father came back towards the end and helped us out…

Maybe the bandits calculated when Father would be gone?

Probably. When you’re as great a mercenary as he is, it’s easy to find people with a grudge against you.

I didn’t know…that while I was out of it because of my fever, everyone was really thinking about me…

Don’t worry about it too much. It was no more than usual.

Th-that may be true, but…

And you’re still young, even for our group. Of course you’d cause some trouble for us. Everyone’s traveled that path.

Ike… You’re talking a lot more than usual for some reason, huh?

H-hey! You asked about a lot of stuff, so I was just answering your questions.

Heehee… That’s true. But this has reminded me…of something that happened when we were little.


Back when we were still very small and couldn’t fight or anything like that…I once had a fever similar to that one… There weren’t any adults around to nurse me back to health…so I think you were the one to do it.

Really…? I’d forgotten about that.

You had? Well, we were both small. But I remember. I was so weak that I couldn’t move, and my big brother, who was still just a child himself, tried his hardest to make me drink water, over and over again.

Yeah, now that I think about it, you’ve always been taking care of me, even since long ago.

So you have no reason to worry. I’m always making work for Father, too. But one day…I will catch up to him.

Heehee. Your goal is to be just like Father, huh.

Yeah… Hm? Look, Mist. It stopped raining at some point.

Wow, you’re right! Looks like we can get going now!

Right, everyone must be hungry and waiting for us. Now let’s hurry home.


The End