Hints and Secrets

Credits: Pegasus Knight, ChinaFE

Triangle Attack

This can be used by two trios in this game- Oscar, Boyd, Rolf (the green haired siblings) and Marcia, Tanith, Elincia (the three Pegasus girls). To use the brothers’ Triangle Attack, you must position the brothers 1 square away from the enemy and attack with a bow, like in the image below.


The Pegasus girls’ Triangle Attack just requires all three girls to be adjacent to the enemy.

To activate the brothers’ Triangle Attack, you must read the “3 Brothers” Info conversation in Chapter 13, and then the following one in Chapter 19 (note that for the second conversation, Boyd and Oscar must be promoted and Oscar must be able to use bows).

To activate the girls’ Triangle Attack, you must read the “Holy Guard” Info conversation in Chapter 28 (note that Marcia must be promoted).

Obtaining the Renewal Scroll

During the start of Chapter 18, Reyson will ask you if he can join your party. If you refuse his request, he will leave and give you the Renewal scroll. Note that refusing Reyson means not getting Janaff and Ulki as well.

Obtaining the Shade Scroll

This skill scroll only appears in Hard mode. An enemy Sage in Chapter 18 is holding it, and you can obtain it by killing him.

Obtaining the Knight Ring

During Chapter 19, you can make Naesala leave the battlefield by first talking to him with Janaff or Ulki. Then he will move to talk to Reyson before becoming an NPC. If none of the enemy Ravens have died before this point, Naesala will give Reyson a Knight Ring when he talks to him.

Critical Glitch

(Japanese version only)

Choose to forge a weapon with a non-zero critical rate (like Thunder) and set the critical rate to 0. Once the weapon is completed, its critical rate will become 255 instead.

Soft Reset

Hold Start, B and X to reset your game. Note that this acts like pressing Reset on your GameCube.

Re-read Dialogue

When you enter a dialogue screen, press the Z button to bring up a box showing some (or maybe I should say, a lot) of the previous dialogue. This is useful if you accidentally skipped some important dialogue!

S Rank Weapons

Vague Katti (S Rank Sword)

During Chapter 15, you must make Lethe or Mordecai stand on the Vague Katti square in the desert. This will activate an event, which recruits Stefan who comes with the Vague Katti. (If somebody other than Lethe or Mordecai steps on the square, they will still obtain the Vague Katti, but not Stefan).

Ashera Staff (S Rank Staff)

If all the priests survive Chapter 22, you will be given the staff at the end of the chapter.

Double Bow (S Rank Bow)

During Chapter 27, a Thief will appear to the west of the map. Killing the thief gives you the weapon.

Rexbolt (S Rank Thunder spell)

The boss of Chapter 28 is holding this magic spell. Killing the boss gives you the weapon.

Wishblade (S Rank Lance)

This is held by Bryce in the Final Chapter. It cannot be obtained, except by unlocking Bryce in the Trial Maps.

Rexaura (S Rank Light spell)

This is held by a Bishop in the Final Chapter. You can’t obtain it normally, but if you follow these instructions, you will be able to get it:

  1. Seal the Bishop’s magic with the Silence staff.
  2. Wound the Bishop, until his HP is at least under half and then end your turn.
  3. The Bishop should then use an Elixir to heal himself (if not, try weakening him further).
  4. By now, he should have de-equipped the Rexaura, so you can steal it with a Thief.

Urvan, Rexflame and Rexcalibur

These are the S Rank Axe, Fire magic and Wind magic respectively. They never appear in the game itself and thus cannot be obtained (without cheat codes).

Game Completion Extras

Extras Menu

After completing the game at least once, the Extras menu will be accessible from the file screen. From this menu, there are various other options, which are briefly described below:

  • Trial Maps: Play one-map scenarios with characters from your finished game. There are a total of 6 Trial Maps to unlock, from completing the game on Hard difficulty and by connecting to both Blazing Sword or The Sacred Stones using the Connect GBA feature.
  • Illustrations: View character art from this game and from the two GBA Fire Emblem games (if you used the Connect GBA feature).
  • Sound Room: Listen to all the music that plays in the game and view all the CG art.
  • Theater: Replay any of the 6 animated movies.
  • Connect GBA: By using a GC-GBA cable and linking up with Blazing Sword or The Sacred Stones, you can unlock new character art and Trial Maps.

Random or Fixed Mode

From your second playthrough onwards, when you choose a new game you will be asked to choose Random mode or Fixed mode. These modes only affect the way characters grow stat-wise. Random mode was the default mode used for your first playthrough, where stat increases are random and based on chance. In Fixed mode, stat increases are determined by a variety of parameters.


From the second playthrough onwards, certain characters will start off with Bands in their inventories, such as Fighter Band, Priest Band etc. When equipped, these Bands raise the character’s growth rates by a total of 10%, which is spread amongst 1 or 2 stats.

Bonus EXP Display

In the configuration menu, you will now be able to toggle Bonus EXP display on or off. When the display is enabled, once you complete a chapter there will be a screen telling you how much Bonus EXP you obtained.