Credits: Pegasus Knight, ChinaFE, Wonder Egg

Standard Skills

Icon Name Effect Activation Characters Cap
Nihil Nihil Negates enemy’s battle Skills Calill, Nasir 15
Vantage Vantage Always attack first Mia, Naesala 10
Adept Adept Activates a second attack (or pair of attacks if a Brave weapon is equipped) (Skill)% Soren, Zihark 10
Wrath Wrath When HP is under half, critical rate increases by 50% Nephenee 10
Miracle Miracle Lethal damage is reduced to half of user’s current HP (Luck)% Mist, Ena 5
Resolve Resolve When HP is under half, Strength, Skill and Speed are multiplied by 1.5 Tauroneo 10
Counter Counter When damaged, returns half damage to the opponent (Skill/2)% Titania 10
Guard Guard During a successful hit, negates the enemy’s following attacks (Skill)% Haar 10
Corrode Corrode Reduces enemy’s weapon usage by user’s Level (+20 if promoted) / 4 (rounded up) (Skill)% Bastian 10
Parity Parity Negates both the player and enemy’s support and terrain bonuses, as well as battle Skills Lucia 5
Gamble Gamble When used, accuracy is halved in exchange for double critical rate Kieran 10
Smite Smite Increases the effect of the “Shove” command to 2 tiles instead of 1 Mordecai 10
Celerity Celerity Movement +2 Tormod 15
Tempest Tempest Doubles Biorhythm bonuses Boyd, Makalov 5
Serenity Serenity Halves Biorhythm bonuses Rhys, Devdan 5
Provoke Provoke Makes user more likely to be attacked by the enemy Shinon 5
Shade Shade Makes user less likely to be attacked by the enemy Ilyana, Volke 5
Renewal Renewal At the beginning of each turn, user recovers HP equal to 1/10 of their Max HP Elincia, Ena 15
Saviour Saviour When carrying an unit, Skill and Speed aren’t reduced Tibarn 10
Paragon Paragon User gains double experience Astrid, Geoffrey 15
Reinforce Reinforce User can call 3 NPC units to help (can only be used twice per chapter) Tanith 15
Blossom Blossom User gains 2/3 exp, but growth rates are increased * Sothe 15
Canto Canto User can restore movement to 1 ally. As a Heron, user can restore movement to a maximum of 4 allies Reyson 20
Insight Insight Accuracy +20, cannot be removed Janaff 0
Vigilance Vigilance Avoid +20, cannot be removed Ulki 0
Daunt Daunt Enemies within a 3 square radius of the user have their accuracy and critical rate reduced by 5 points each 10
Mantle Mantle User receives no damage from enemy attacks, negates enemy’s critical attacks 0
Discipline Discipline User does reduced damage to enemies 0
Iron Wall Iron Wall Unused 5
Lumina Lumina Class skill: User can equip Light magic (weapon level is shared with Staves) Bishops 0
Knife Knife Class skill: User can equip Knives Thieves, Assassins, certain Sages 0
Steal Steal Class skill: User can steal unequipped weapons and items from the enemy (as long as user’s Speed > enemy’s Speed and user’s Strength > weapon’s Weight) Thieves, Assassins (Personal skill for certain enemy Ravens) 0

* In Fixed mode, only 90 Growth points are required to gain a stat, while in Random mode, if a stat fails to increase, a second Random Number is rolled to allow a second chance for that stat to increase

Mastery Skills

Icon Name Effect Activation Class Cap
Aether Aether Activates a Sol effect attack followed by a Luna effect attack (Skill)% Lord, Hero 20
Stun Stun Makes the enemy unable to move for two turns (Skill/2)% Wyvern Lord, Falcon Knight, Princess Crimea 20
Flare Flare Halves the enemy’s magical defence (Skill)% Sage, Bishop 20
Sol Sol Recover HP equal to damage done to enemy (Skill)% Paladin, Valkyrie 20
Astra Astra Activates a 5 hit attack that does half the normal damage per hit (Skill/2)% Swordmaster 20
Luna Luna Halves the enemy’s physical/magical defence (Skill)% Halberdier, General 20
Colossus Colossus If user’s Con > enemy’s Con, multiplies Strength by 1.25 (Skill)% Warrior, Berserker 20
Deadeye Deadeye Always doubles accuracy. May send the enemy to sleep (Skill/2)% Sniper 20
Lethality Lethality If the character scores a critical hit, KOs the enemy instantly. Ineffective against certain characters 50% Assassin 20
Roar Roar When used, causes the enemy to be without movement for one turn. Ineffective against certain characters Beast tribe 20
Cancel Cancel Negates damage done to the user (Skill)% Bird tribe (Hawk) 20
Vortex Vortex User can do 1~2 ranged wind magic damage to enemy Bird tribe (Raven) 20
Blessing Blessing Units adjacent to the user restore HP (equal to user’s Magic) at the beginning of the turn Bird tribe (Heron) 20
Boon Boon Restores status condition of units adjacent to the user at the beginning of the turn Dragon tribe 20