Escape Quotes

Credits: VincentASM

Boyd: Are you sure you don’t need me to stay behind and watch your back?

Brom: Ah… At last, I can leave this place behind. Thank goodness.

Ilyana: Whew… Made it. I wasn’t sure I would, but… I’m going on ahead.

Ike: Time to get out of here!

Kieran: Turning my back on the enemy is against my knightly vows, but the princess’s safety comes first!

Rhys: I wonder if I should really go on ahead. You’d better hurry, Ike!

Lethe: I’m moving out! Don’t lag behind, Ike!

Rolf: Wow… That was nerve-wracking. Well, I’m off!

Marcia: Right then… Guess I’m going ahead now! Be careful, Ike!


Mist: I’m going on now, Ike. I’ll be waiting for you, so hurry!

(Chapter 27-2)

Mist: I’m so sorry, Ike. I’m of no help at all…

Mordecai: I will be leaving now. I will keep watch for enemies.

Nephenee: Thank you. Here I go.

Oscar: I’m going to ride ahead, Ike. I want to see if there are more enemy units ahead.

Soren: I don’t like it, but I’ll follow your orders and go ahead… But, Ike, watch yourself!

Titania: Ike! I’m going ahead. I’ll keep the road secure!

Volke: …

Mia: You know, sneaking around like this just isn’t my way.


Note: These quotes were translated by AceNoctali, with additional help from Firelizard.

Elincia: Sir Ike, I’ll be waiting for you…

Janaff: Enemies are flocking. So, don’t dawdle.

Ulki: …Pursuers are drawing closer. Hurry.

Reyson: I’ll go on ahead. Sorry for not being able to help…

Shinon: Hah! You think I would die in such a place, ME?

Gatrie: Haarh, haa… F, finally arrived…

Geoffrey: Leave the task of securing the path of retreat to us.

Bastian: True knights know when to retreat.

Lucia: I have faith in you. I’ll believe in you, and advance ahead!

Zihark: Understood, I’ll go ahead. I’ll wait for you over there.

Devdan: While~♪ whistling~♪

Tanith: After the fleet has escaped, we’ll meet up elsewhere!

Makalov: I, I’m saved…

Tormod: That was merely a little dangerous only…

Muarim: Be careful. There’s still some enemies.

Stefan: A favourable opportunity, huh.

Calill: Don’t dawdle above all. If you’re going now, then hurry.

Largo: Everyone, hurry without panic and by staying calm.

Astrid: I’ll pray for the fortunes of the war to be on everyone’s side…

Ena: …There’s no reason for me to stay here any further.

Haar: After all, I survived again, huh…

Jill: Understood! I’m withdrawing at once!

Tauroneo: There aren’t any people falling behind, right?

Nasir: Ike, hurry up, you too!

Ranulf: I’m feeling ashamed to retreat earlier than Ike, but…

Naesala: You’re not a fool if you know when to quit.

Nealuchi: Everyone, over here!

Tibarn: The objective is accomplished. Let’s retreat!

Leanne: ~~~~~…