Lethe & Muarim

C Support

Lethe: Muarim.
Muarim: Hello, Lethe…
Lethe: How are you holding up? I take it you’ve never fought in an army like this before.
Muarim: Yes, that’s right. Sometimes I get confused. I’m not used to this way of fighting.
Lethe: Ask me if you have any questions. I know a lot about battle… I commanded a unit back in Gallia.
Muarim: You must be a fierce fighter and great leader. Is it common for females to command armies?
Lethe: In Gallia, it doesn’t matter what your sex is. You just have to be the best.
Muarim: That sounds fair to me.
Lethe: Your life may not be so fair. You said you used to be a slave in Begnion.
Muarim: You will never know the horror. You’ve lived with laguz pride in your heart, under the protection of the great King Gallia. You do not know…
Lethe: …

B Support

Lethe: How are you, Muarim?
Muarim: I’m starting to feel more at home with this army. And I’ve finally gotten used to the curious looks from other laguz.
Lethe: Curious looks? Muarim…you’re hauling crates around! You should leave the supply carrying to the other soldiers.
Muarim: I guess it’s just in my nature. I don’t want to leave the work to the beorc.
Lethe: Why not?
Muarim: They’re just like us.
Lethe: I see…
Muarim: So you think I have no pride as a laguz?
Lethe: No… There was a time when I wouldn’t have cared if they all fell off a cliff. But after joining Ike and his crew, I’ve learned that beorc and laguz can get along.
Muarim: …
Lethe: I don’t know what to tell you. It seems like you’ve already given up.
Muarim: Given up?!
Lethe: I can’t say I don’t understand why. You must have led a difficult life. But…I just can’t understand how you’ve abandoned your laguz heritage.
Muarim: …

A Support

Muarim: Lethe.
Lethe: What is it?
Muarim: I’m sorry I gave you a hard time. I must have just been envious of how comfortable you are around beorc.
Lethe: Comfortable?
Muarim: Yes…you can deal with the beorc on an equal footing without losing face. It may seem like nothing to you, but it’s something I once couldn’t imagine.
Lethe: You can do the same.
Muarim: Grrr…you may be right. Yes… I must change my attitude.
Lethe: I think you will feel better that way. I’ve never seen you with a peaceful look on your face before. That makes me worried…
Muarim: Hah. Am I really that frigid?
Lethe: Most of the time. But I’m glad to see that you’re warming up. Why don’t you tell me more about why you are so harsh with the beorc? I might be able to understand.
Muarim: …