Rhys & Kieran

C Support

Kieran: Hey, Rhys! Nice day, isn’t it.
Rhys: Oh, hello, Kier… Yaaaa! What happened to you!?
Kieran: Huh? What is it?
Rhys: Th-there’s blood gushing down the side of your head!
Kieran: Hm? Why, so there is… Isn’t that odd?
Rhys: Odd? Please, hold still! Just stay there! Let me get my heal staff and–
Kieran: Heal staff? Bah! I’m fine. A scratch like this will heal itself! You should have seen the time I fought the Giant Scorpions of–
Rhys: Oh, my goodness! Are you kidding!? Please! Hold still… …Phew! That should do it. But…how did you hurt yourself?
Kieran: Oh, I was just training over there… Must have gotten a little crazy! Hiyaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaa!
Rhys: Who were you sparring with? And why did they hit you hard enough to draw blood?
Kieran: Sparring? Ha! No one spars with Kieran! I’m too much man for them! No, I was just swinging my axe around.
Rhys: H-how do you cut yourself swinging–
Kieran: Rhys? I’m a Crimean knight! We fear neither blood, nor pain, nor terribly sharp implements being inserted into our…
Rhys: Ooooooohhh…
Kieran: …Eh? What’s wrong, Rhys?
Rhys: I… I’m sorry. I just got a little lightheaded there… Do you always put yourself through such harsh training?
Kieran: Of course! I’m a Crimean knight! I never cut corners in my training! Why, even if the enemy were to lance me with a thousand barbed and poisoned needles, I would never stop!
Rhys Well, that’s an…admirable attitude… But I’m still concerned… Oh, dear me.

B Support

Rhys: Ah, Kieran. There you are.
Kieran: Oh, hello, Rhys! What brings you here?
Rhys: May I watch you train? I figured someone with a heal staff should be around, just in case an accident happens.
Kieran: Ha ha ha! Aren’t you a worrywart! But being watched is good! Now I can take my training to the next level! All right! Watch this!
Rhys: Oh, er… I’m just here to see that you don’t get hurt… Oh, do be careful… No! Don’t juggle the lance, too!
Kieran: Behold the awesome power of Crimean Royal Knight Fifth Platoon Captain Kieran! Now I call this little trick– Nnngg…! Gaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaa! …Ah, nuts.
Rhys: Oh, dear heavens! Oh, this is terrible. Stay right there! Let me take care of you…
Kieran: Ho, I’m fine! Don’t worry about old Kieran! I just need to pull this axe out of my head here… Whooo, that’s sharp!

A Support

Rhys: Are you…training again, Kieran?
Kieran: Oh, Rhys! Say, thanks for helping me out the other day! Who knew that head wounds bled so much? Of course, this one time a sellsword tried to jam hot coals inside my–
Rhys: Please, Kieran! Stop! You have to think about your own safety!
Kieran: Safety? Ha ha ha! I’m not a coward! Crimean knights fear nothing! Never! Why, not even the threat of merciless–
Rhys: I know! I know, but… If something happens to you, it will ruin your reputation.
Kieran: My reputation?
Rhys: Your gravestone is going to say: “Here lies Kieran the knight! He suffered a massive hemorrhage in training and died cold and alone.” Are you all right with that?
Kieran: Hmm… Y-yes, that could be bad… Why, no one would ever remember the time that I fought the Mad Crocodile of Upper–
Rhys: Please! Promise me that you won’t do any more dangerous training.
Kieran: Wha–?! Oh, that’s a hard pill to swallow! But if I die in training before hitting the battlefield, it would be a shame… Oh, what to do…
Rhys: We’d be in trouble if we lose you, Kieran! Er… Oh! Yes! You see, we can’t achieve victory without our greatest soldier– that would be you–in our army!
Kieran: I see. Yes, you’re right! You’re absolutely right! Our army’s finest warrior cannot afford to push it too far! Very well. I’m not sure how this will work, but I will take better care of myself! From now on…simple training!
Rhys: Phew… Thanks for your understanding. I’ll come check on you from time to time. Remember! Take it easy!
Kieran: Sure, no problem! Hmmm… I guess I’ll just…sit down here and… knit…something… Ooo, look! A bear!
Rhys: No, Kieran! Noooooooo!