Buddy Supports

Credits: Pegasus Knight, Valhalla, Narga_Rocks (support points)

Notes: This is the same thing as “normal supports” in the previous three games.


  • When two characters gain enough support points they can support in the Base and become Buddies.
  • C (lowest), B and finally A (highest) support levels can be obtained.
  • Characters can only have one Buddy at a time, but they can potentially support with any character.
  • Buddies can be deleted, so the characters can support with a different character each (however all support points with that Buddy will be lost).
  • After supporting, the two characters will have the option to initiate a basic support conversation during the beginning of the chapter.

Support Points

Character pairs are divided into at least five support types, which affect the rate of gaining support points, ranging from 00 (fast) to 04 (slow).

Support type Points added (per turn)
Shove Adjacent Heal Carry Chapter
00 3 5 6 7 17
01 2 4 5 6 16
02 1 3 4 5 15
03 0 2 3 4 14
04 -1 1 2 3 13

Note: Types 03 and 04 have not been thoroughly tested.

  • Shove: Shove or Smite a character.
  • Adjacent: Stay on the square next to a character of the same army while the Turn begins (rescued characters don’t gain Adjacent points).
  • Heal: Use staves or the Sacrifice skill on a character.
  • Carry: Carry a blue army character while the Turn begins (by using the Rescue, Take or Give command).
  • Chapter: Start the chapter as blue army characters (this is only added once per chapter*).

50 support points are required to increase a support level (eg. from C to B). When raising a support level in the Base, 1 support point is added towards the next support level. No support points are added for initiating a support conversation.

* Part 1 Chapter 6 only adds this bonus once, even though it’s divided into two parts

Buddy Bonus

The individual bonuses for each Affinity are:

Fire Fire: Attack +0.5, Accuracy +2.5
Water Water: Attack +0.5, Defence +0.5
Wind Wind: Accuracy +2.5, Avoid +2.5
Thunder Thunder: Defence +0.5, Avoid +2.5
Heaven Heaven: Accuracy +9
Earth Earth: Avoid +7.5
Light Light: Defence +0.5, Accuracy +2.5
Dark Dark: Attack +0.5, Avoid +2.5

(Attack and Defence include both physical and magical)

To obtain the complete bonus for two characters, add up the individual bonuses for the two affinities and multiply them by the support level (1x for C, 2x for B and 3x for A). If any fractions are present, round down for < 0.4 and round up for >= 0.5.

The bonus only activates if the supporting characters are within a 3 tile radius of eachother.