Notes: No conversations exist for these supports. It seems only A-rank supports were going to have detailed conversations.

Boyd x Brom
Boyd x Ike
Boyd x Rolf
Boyd x Mist
Boyd x Oscar
Boyd x Titania
Boyd x Ulki
Boyd x Mia
Aran x Laura
Aran x Makalov
Aran x Micaiah
Aran x Mordecai
Aran x Nealuchi
Aran x Nolan
Aran x Sothe
Aran x Danved
Caineghis x Elincia
Caineghis x Giffca
Caineghis x Ike
Caineghis x Kyza
Caineghis x Ranulf
Caineghis x Renning
Caineghis x Lyre
Caineghis x Mist
Caineghis x Mordecai
Caineghis x Nailah
Caineghis x Lethe
Caineghis x Skrimir
Caineghis x Stefan
Caineghis x Titania
Calill x Geoffrey
Calill x Heather
Calill x Muarim
Calill x Nephenee
Calill x Soren
Calill x Tauroneo
Calill x Tormod
Calill x Mia
Calill x Danved
Brom x Elincia
Brom x Heather
Brom x Janaff
Brom x Meg
Brom x Nephenee
Brom x Zihark
Shinon x Gatrie
Shinon x Ike
Shinon x Janaff
Shinon x Rhys
Shinon x Rolf
Shinon x Mist
Shinon x Oscar
Shinon x Sigrun
Shinon x Titania
Edward x Leanne
Edward x Leonardo
Edward x Micaiah
Edward x Nolan
Edward x Sanaki
Edward x Stefan
Edward x Sothe
Ilyana x Gatrie
Ilyana x Laura
Ilyana x Lucia
Ilyana x Micaiah
Ilyana x Mordecai
Ilyana x Oscar
Ilyana x Mia
Ilyana x Zihark
Ena x Gatrie
Ena x Gareth
Ena x Kurthnaga
Ena x Leanne
Ena x Mist
Ena x Nasir
Ena x Volug
Ena x Rafiel
Elincia x Geoffrey
Elincia x Ike
Elincia x Kieran
Elincia x Ranulf
Elincia x Leanne
Elincia x Renning
Elincia x Lucia
Elincia x Marcia
Elincia x Mist
Elincia x Nephenee
Elincia x Nailah
Elincia x Pelleas
Elincia x Sanaki
Elincia x Tibarn
Elincia x Bastian
Fiona x Laura
Fiona x Leanne
Fiona x Leonardo
Fiona x Micaiah
Fiona x Pelleas
Fiona x Tanith
Fiona x Tauroneo
Fiona x Danved
Gatrie x Marcia
Gatrie x Mist
Gatrie x Muarim
Gatrie x Oscar
Gatrie x Rafiel
Gatrie x Astrid
Geoffrey x Kieran
Geoffrey x Kyza
Geoffrey x Renning
Geoffrey x Lucia
Geoffrey x Bastian
Giffca x Gareth
Giffca x Kyza
Giffca x Ranulf
Giffca x Lyre
Giffca x Mordecai
Giffca x Lethe
Giffca x Skrimir
Giffca x Tauroneo
Giffca x Bastian
Gareth x Janaff
Gareth x Kurthnaga
Gareth x Renning
Gareth x Nasir
Gareth x Vika
Haar x Heather
Haar x Jill
Haar x Makalov
Haar x Volug
Haar x Pelleas
Haar x Sigrun
Haar x Tauroneo
Heather x Lucia
Heather x Mist
Heather x Nephenee
Heather x Vika
Heather x Volke
Ike x Kurthnaga
Ike x Ranulf
Ike x Micaiah
Ike x Mist
Ike x Nasir
Ike x Nailah
Ike x Oscar
Ike x Lethe
Ike x Reyson
Ike x Soren
Ike x Sothe
Ike x Titania
Ike x Tibarn
Ike x Volke
Ike x Mia
Ike x Zihark
Janaff x Lucia
Janaff x Oscar
Janaff x Tibarn
Janaff x Vika
Janaff x Ulki
Jill x Mist
Jill x Nealuchi
Jill x Lethe
Jill x Sigrun
Jill x Tauroneo
Jill x Zihark
Kieran x Rhys
Kieran x Renning
Kieran x Lyre
Kieran x Marcia
Kieran x Oscar
Kieran x Reyson
Rhys x Rolf
Rhys x Mist
Rhys x Nailah
Rhys x Oscar
Rhys x Titania
Rhys x Ulki
Rhys x Mia
Kyza x Ranulf
Kyza x Lyre
Kyza x Meg
Kyza x Mordecai
Kyza x Muarim
Kyza x Zihark
Kurthnaga x Micaiah
Kurthnaga x Nasir
Kurthnaga x Pelleas
Kurthnaga x Skrimir
Kurthnaga x Sothe
Laura x Meg
Laura x Micaiah
Laura x Nealuchi
Laura x Nolan
Laura x Tanith
Ranulf x Lyre
Ranulf x Mordecai
Ranulf x Lethe
Ranulf x Skrimir
Ranulf x Tibarn
Ranulf x Zihark
Leanne x Leonardo
Leanne x Naesala
Leanne x Nealuchi
Leanne x Nailah
Leanne x Oliver
Leanne x Sanaki
Leanne x Tibarn
Renning x Lucia
Renning x Bastian
Renning x Vika
Leonardo x Micaiah
Leonardo x Nolan
Leonardo x Pelleas
Leonardo x Skrimir
Leonardo x Sothe
Lyre x Nephenee
Lyre x Pelleas
Lyre x Lethe
Lyre x Astrid
Lyre x Titania
Lyre x Zihark
Rolf x Marcia
Rolf x Mist
Rolf x Oscar
Rolf x Rafiel
Rolf x Tauroneo
Lucia x Astrid
Lucia x Bastian
Makalov x Marcia
Makalov x Naesala
Makalov x Astrid
Makalov x Bastian
Makalov x Volke
Marcia x Sigrun
Marcia x Astrid
Marcia x Tanith
Marcia x Ulki
Meg x Micaiah
Meg x Nephenee
Meg x Astrid
Meg x Vika
Meg x Ulki
Meg x Zihark
Micaiah x Naesala
Micaiah x Nailah
Micaiah x Nolan
Micaiah x Volug
Micaiah x Rafiel
Micaiah x Soren
Micaiah x Skrimir
Micaiah x Stefan
Micaiah x Sothe
Micaiah x Tauroneo
Micaiah x Tormod
Mist x Oscar
Mist x Titania
Mist x Mia
Mordecai x Oliver
Mordecai x Lethe
Mordecai x Stefan
Mordecai x Ulki
Mordecai x Danved
Mordecai x Zihark
Muarim x Lethe
Muarim x Sothe
Muarim x Titania
Muarim x Tormod
Muarim x Vika
Muarim x Zihark
Naesala x Nealuchi
Naesala x Oliver
Naesala x Rafiel
Naesala x Reyson
Naesala x Sanaki
Naesala x Sothe
Naesala x Tibarn
Naesala x Vika
Nasir x Stefan
Nasir x Volke
Nasir x Ulki
Nealuchi x Nolan
Nealuchi x Rafiel
Nealuchi x Reyson
Nealuchi x Tauroneo
Nealuchi x Vika
Nephenee x Pelleas
Nephenee x Danved
Nephenee x Zihark
Nailah x Volug
Nailah x Rafiel
Nailah x Reyson
Nailah x Tibarn
Nolan x Sothe
Oliver x Rafiel
Oliver x Reyson
Oliver x Tanith
Oliver x Tormod
Oliver x Danved
Volug x Rafiel
Volug x Soren
Volug x Tormod
Volug x Mia
Oscar x Tanith
Oscar x Titania
Oscar x Mia
Pelleas x Tauroneo
Rafiel x Tibarn
Lethe x Sanaki
Lethe x Skrimir
Lethe x Zihark
Reyson x Tanith
Reyson x Tibarn
Reyson x Tormod
Reyson x Ulki
Sanaki x Sigrun
Sanaki x Tanith
Soren x Skrimir
Soren x Stefan
Soren x Titania
Sigrun x Skrimir
Sigrun x Tanith
Skrimir x Tibarn
Skrimir x Mia
Stefan x Vika
Sothe x Astrid
Sothe x Tormod
Sothe x Volke
Tauroneo x Volke
Tauroneo x Zihark
Titania x Tibarn
Tibarn x Ulki
Tibarn x Mia
Tormod x Vika
Tormod x Danved
Bastian x Volke