Ancient Language

This is the in-game language that was widely used in the past, but is now only spoken and understood by a selected few

Like in Path of Radiance, the displayed text is just the English alphabet (A, B, C, D, etc.), but in the game’s ancient language font.

User-made fonts:

To install the fonts, just drag the files to your Font folder (which should be in the Control Panel, if you’re using Windows).

The conversion for Roman to ancient language alphabet is as follows:


The first column of ancient text is the uppercase and the second column is the lowercase.

Conversations in the ancient language can thus be deciphered and they can be found below:

Part 1


Ruffian: Heh heh heh! A pretty little girl like you’ll fetch a pretty penny for me! Now be a good girl and come to papa.
Micaiah: O light, gather Open my path…
Ruffian: What did you say? That better not have been an insult, youEHuh!?

Final Chapter

Micaiah: Volug, where– How did you get this?
Volug: I got it from the ruins in the desert.
Micaiah: From the ruins in the desert? Oh, you got it when we were there before?
Volug: No, not quite.
Micaiah: No? Then…how? When?
Volug: You should keep it.
Micaiah: What? It’s for me?
Volug: I will catch up to you later.
Micaiah: Wait! Volug? Did he go back to the desert just to get this…?

Part 2


Nealuchi: H-hey! How dare you harass us! Begone, insolent fools! Begone, I say!
Leanne: Why are these soldiers bothering us?
Nealuchi: Fear not, my lady. This senile old bird will gladly trade his life for your protection.

Elincia: I…I am so…so powerless. Ah… Father…Mother…Uncle……
Leanne: Queen Elincia! Your Majesty!

Leanne: Ah… Nealuchi…
Elincia: No! Princess Leanne! There’s nothing… I can do… Why couldn’t I save you…

Leanne: No! Let me go! Let me go, I said!
Elincia: Princess Leanne! No! What am I to do? What can… What can I…do?

Elincia: Princess Leanne, it’s a pleasure to see you again. I’m sorry you had to go through all that. Are you hurt?
Leanne: Queen Elincia! Thank you for helping us! I’m happy to see you again.
Nealuchi: Lady Leanne is very grateful for your help with those ruffians and is quite delighted to see you again, Your Majesty. Frankly, I don’t think these old bones would have been up to the task of protecting the princess without your help.
Elincia: The most important thing is that you’re both safe, Sir Nealuchi. But… What brings you here? As far as I knew, the both of you were residing in Gallia…
Leanne: We came to see Sir Ike!
Nealuchi: It is imperative that my lady sees General Ike as soon as possible. We were traveling to the royal palace in Melior for that very purpose.

Chapter 2

Leanne: Great! We found them!
Nealuchi: M-my lady! You mustn’t raise your voice…
Lucia: Who’s there?! Show yourself!
Nealuchi: …
Lucia: Princess Leanne! Sir Nealuchi! I thought you had returned to the royal palace… What in the world are you doing here?!
Nealuchi: Oh ho ho… Forgive us… We just couldn’t help but be concerned for you.
Leanne: Sorry!
Lucia: Well, what can I say? This just means we’ll have to be even more careful to get out of here safely.

Leanne: Sir Ike…
Elincia: Princess Leanne, please try to keep your spirits high. I assure you, we will continue to investigate Sir Ike’s whereabouts.

Elincia: That’s wonderful! It’s hard enough visiting a strange land, let alone learning the language.
Leanne: Not at all…! Me…not big…no pr-problem. Queen Elincia has tr-trouble…heart.
Elincia: Ah… I’d forgotten… The heron tribe can peer into the heart. I can’t hide the pain I’m feeling… At least not from you, Princess Leanne.

Elincia: I never asked for any of this… I never wanted to be queen!
Leanne: Don’t cry… You can count on me.
Elincia: …Sniff… I can’t… I can’t do it anymore…

Lucia: Hmm. I have a great idea. Together with the laguz…
Leanne: I’ll go too!
Lucia: Princess Leanne? Why do I suddenly have a crowd?

Part 3

Chapter 11

Tibarn: Nah, I’m just kidding. He passed out earlier. So I have a different anchor slowing me down this time.
Leanne: Tibarn! You’re horrible! I am not an anchor!
Ike: Leanne?

Chapter 13

Volug: Your Majesty…
Nailah: Let me hear it from you. Why is Daein involved in this war?
Volug: The Daein king was tricked into cooperating with Begnion.
Nailah: What about Micaiah? And Sothe?
Volug: They haven’t changed at all. They fight for the continued survival of their country.
Nailah: I see. They are our friends. We cannot let them fall.

Volug: Rafiel, you should go back.
Rafiel: No, Volug. I must find Micaiah. Is she safe?
Volug: Yes. She is safe.
Rafiel: I’d like to talk to her. Will you take me to see her?
Volug: I’m afraid I cannot. At least, not while the battle rages on.
Rafiel: I see. Then I shall pray. Pray that this battle ends swiftly, and that the losses are few.

Ike: As you wish. Good-bye, Micaiah.
Micaiah: The light of life! Shine a ray upon my path and …strike my enemy!

Final Chapter

Ike: I guess…this is it…
Leanne: No, Ike! You can’t die!

Part 4


Naesala: Hmph. I don’t like the air here. It’s…a little too pristine, too clean. I feel like I’m befouling it just by standing here.
Leanne: What did you say, Naesala?
Naesala: Nothing, Leanne. Just talking to myself.

Skrimir: Do you think I won’t? I will make you pay for the suffering of my comrades!
Leanne: Wait… Do not…bully Naesala.
Skrimir: Bully?! This worm has brought ruin on the Laguz Alliance!

Nealuchi: Is-is he gone? Goodness! From the look in his eyes, I thought he would eat us all!
Leanne: That was very brave, Naesala.

Chapter 3

Leanne: By the goddess… You!
Black Knight: You fear me? I do not blame you. I apologize for the circumstances of our last meeting. Be assured, Princess, I am not here to harm you. If you are frightened, I shall step away.
Leanne: Nothing good can come of his being here. He’s a walking nightmare…

Chapter 4

Volug: …
Nailah: Volug, speak out loud. Ike is confused by your silence.
Volug: But, Your Majesty… He doesn’t understand our language.
Nailah: It’s better than staying silent.
Nailah: Sorry. I don’t mean to leave you out of the conversation.

Ike: You don’t need to feel obligated. I mean, it isn’t like I can understand ancient speech.
Volug: Here, I want you to have this. Um, here… Take.
Ike: Oh, I understand. Thanks.
Volug: It’s about time!
Ike: I think I understood that. You were happy that I understood what you just said.
Volug: I guess you could say that.
Nailah: Good. As long as you have the desire to learn, words will soon follow.
Ike: I see. I’ll try to learn a little ancient speech from now on, too. Volug, you be my teacher and I’ll be your teacher.
Volug: All right. It’s a deal.

Final Chapter-1

Ike: Leanne… Would you join us?
Leanne: Leave it to me! I…I do…best fighting!

Leanne: Eep, it’s you! Where’s Tibarn when you need him…
Lekain: The lovely heron maiden… If not for the battle raging around us, I’d keep you as a… trophy.

Leanne: Ow…
Ike: Leanne! That’s enough. Fall back. We can make do without your galdr, but we need you alive.
Leanne: My apologies, Sir Ike…

Final Chapter-3

Dheginsea: Hello, Princess Leanne. You can’t fight me… I advise you to stand down.
Leanne: Sadness… Your heart is filled with such sadness. What’s wrong? Can’t we talk about it?
Dheginsea: I have nothing more to say to you. This is the way it has to be. My feelings do not matter.

Leanne: Micaiah, have you ever seen one of these?
Micaiah: Yes, Leanne, I have. That’s a very powerful artifact. Actually, it would be of great help to us, with what’s been happening.
Leanne: I found it inside the tower. Do you think I can use it?
Micaiah: Um… I don’t think so, Leanne. But you can try if you like…
Leanne: …I’m only kidding. Here, you can have it.
Micaiah: Oh, for me? Thank you very much. It’s a very precious item. I’ll make good use of it.
Leanne: Please do!

Final Chapter-4

Leanne: You… It… it can’t be…
Sephiran: Go back to the forest. This is not where you should be.
Leanne: No! I’m staying here with everyone! These people are my friends… my family! I will not leave them!
Sephiran: Has the heron clan changed so much? They’ve always been so passive and accepting of their natural fate…