Data Transfer

Credits: Pegasus Knight

Notes: FE9 = Path of Radiance, FE10 = Radiant Dawn.

To transfer data, you need a GameCube memory card with FE9 clear (Epilogue) data. When you start a new FE10 file, the game should prompt you to choose a cleared FE9 file.

Warning: There is an error with the data transfer in early copies of the NA version. The existence of FE9 Easy mode saves causes this error and deleting them fixes the problem.


  • Character availability in FE10 is unaffected by the transfer. So if a character died or wasn’t recruited in FE9, they will still be here.
  • The difficulty setting of transferred files has no direct effect on anything.

Base Stats

If a character reached the maximum value for a stat at their final class and at their final level (20), in FE9, they will receive a fixed bonus to that stat in FE10.

  • The bonus is +5 for HP and +2 for Strength, Magic, Skill, Speed, Luck, Defence and Resistance.
  • Danved receives the bonus for any stat that Devdan capped at his final level (20).
  • Calill receives an additional bonus for any stat that Largo capped at his final level (20). However, note that bonuses for the same stat do not stack.

For example: If Ilyana had maxed Skill and Resistance as a Level 20 Sage in FE9, she will gain +2 Skill and +2 Resistance to her FE10 bases.

An exception is Sothe:

  • If Sothe reached Level 20 in FE9, his FE9 stats will be transferred directly to FE10 (excludes Build or Movement).
  • If a FE9 stat is lower than a default FE10 stat, the FE9 stat will take precedence.
  • Since the Resistance cap is lower in FE10, if his Resistance was 16 to 20 in FE9 it will become 15 in FE10.

Weapon Ranks

If a character’s weapon type, in FE9, reached a rank from C to S, there will be a Weapon EXP bonus to that weapon type in FE10.

  • The bonus is 40 for C, 80 for B, 120 for A and 160 for S.
  • If the final weapon rank in FE9 exceeds the FE10 weapon rank cap, it will be set to the FE10 weapon rank cap.

For example, if Ilyana reached S Thunder in FE9, she will get a 160 Weapon EXP bonus in Thunder in FE10, which bumps her rank from C to A.


Support conversations, unlocked in FE9, can be viewed in a support library. Only support conversations attached to a transferred file can be viewed.

A-level Supports obtained in FE9 become bond supports (with a bonus of +5 Critical and Dodge).

Certain A-level Supports in FE9 may have effects on the story (the most noticeable change is with the Ike and Soren support).


Any Coins collected in FE9 will appear in Ike’s convoy at the beginning of Part 3.

Coins aren’t for collecting, so don’t fret if you sold them the first time. Instead they are used to give random bonuses to forged weapons.