Part 3

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Ranulf (*)

Ranulf: Sigh…
Ike: Are you all right? You look distracted.
Ranulf: Hmm? Oh, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about me.
Ike: Ranulf, you know you can talk to me.
Ranulf: Sigh. It’s just… I feel bad about this whole thing, you know?
Ike: I’m not sure I understand what you mean.
Ranulf: I’ve pulled you beorc into laguz affairs. It’s not exactly your problem, you know?
Ike: Listen. You offered me a job, and I decided to take the contract. It’s as simple as that. I told the others they could leave if they didn’t want to work with laguz, but everybody decided they’d rather stay. Don’t worry about it, Ranulf.
Ranulf: What about the Black Knight? Are you going to abandon your search?
Ike: Yeah, at least for now. I figure that if he’s still alive, our paths will cross again. There’s no rush.
Ranulf: Hmm… Yeah, I guess you’re right. No point in dwelling on things I can’t change, right? Thanks, Ike.
Ike: Hey, no problem. Anything to keep you from moping around like a sullen kid!
Ranulf: Fair enough. Besides, I’ve had this nagging headache ever since I left Gallia with that hotheaded lion…
Ike: Do you mean General Skrimir?
Ranulf: That’s the one. Skrimir is King Caineghis’s nephew, and is on track to become the next king of Gallia.
Ike: He’s the successor to Caineghis? He must be an absolute terror in battle.
Ranulf: Absolutely. He’s so powerful, I think he’s gonna get himself in trouble. And… He’s the reason for my headache.
Ike: You need a sympathetic ear about that, too?
Ranulf: Thanks, Ike. But I’ll tell you about it some other time. Let’s eat and catch some shut-eye before we set off for battle tonight.
Ike: All right.
Ranulf: See you at dinner.
Ike: Hey, Ranulf!
Ranulf: Yeah?
Ike: You can come talk to me anytime you want. Don’t think you’re alone in all this.
Ranulf: Heh… What are you, an inquisitor?
Ike: A guy’s got to do something between battles. Talk to you later.
Ranulf: …

Mist (*)

Ike: To be honest, I didn’t want you to come along on this mission.
Mist: Really? Well, it’s not like you could have stopped me, even if you wanted to. Ranulf is my friend too, you know!
Ike: Come on, Mist. I–
Mist: Ike! I’m not going to repeat the same mistake I made with Dad! I don’t want you to die while I… while I’m somewhere else. It was horrible… It ate me up from the inside. I’m never going through something like that ever again.
Ike: Mist…
Mist: Everyone in the Greil Mercenaries is part of a family. We all follow the commander, no matter what. We’ll live together, fight together, and die together. Right, Ike?
Ike: …All right. But promise me this. When we’re out on the battlefield, stay where I can see you. It’ll put my mind at ease.
Mist: I promise, Ike.

Skrimir (*)

Skrimir: Ah! Ike, beorc hero! How are you?
Ike: Pretty good.
Skrimir: Giffca and Ranulf told me about you. You are a skilled warrior, right?
Ike: Well… I don’t think I’m a pushover. I’ll say that much.Skrimir: Don’t be humble! My uncle… Er, my king also told me about you. “Observe Ike and learn his skills. Then you shall become even stronger.”
Ike: King Caineghis said that?
Skrimir: He did. I am eager to watch you in battle. You can learn from me, as well.
Ike: I intend to.
Skrimir: Lions are the strongest of the beast tribe, and I have been trained to fight by the king himself. I was going to fight in the Mad King’s War, but my uncle forbade it. He said I still had much to learn. But now my time has come, and you will see the true might of the beasts!

Feast or Famine (*)

Titania: …So, what do you think?
Mordecai: Ahh! These are all the favorite foods of the beast tribe. They will be happy.
Lethe: Oscar, you’re a chef?
Oscar: That’s right.
Lethe: Hah! Great! I can’t wait to see the looks on all their faces when they learn that a beorc made all this delicious food!
Oscar: Aww, stop it. You’re embarrassing me!
Titania: But it’s true! Where did you learn all this, Oscar? You should start teaching classes.
Mordecai: Yes, your food very good! So good, it will be eaten very quickly.
Oscar: Really? Hmm. Do you think I should make more?
Lethe: Us beasts have a healthy appetite, of course. On top of that, we have General Skrimir and Ike. …Yeah. I’d be surprised if what’s here lasted past those two, much less a whole pack of laguz.
Titania: Tsk, you’re exaggerating! Ike is a beorc. He couldn’t possibly eat as much as someone from the beast tribe. Well, maybe he would. Actually… He most definitely would.
Oscar: Yeah. Especially the ribs and steaks.
Lethe: Mordecai. How about we go hunt for more game?
Mordecai: Right!
Oscar: There probably aren’t enough herbs to flavor everything. I’ll go get more.
Titania: My. We might need to harvest an entire mountain.

Chapter 1

Balance (*)

(Mist, Boyd and Rolf are alive)

Rolf: No, no, no! On the battlefield, nothing is more important than precision and skill!
Boyd: Nah. Sorry, kiddo. Power is the most important element.
Rolf: You don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s skill!
Boyd: It’s power! Did you practice being this stupid?
Rolf: Idiot meathead!
Boyd: What?! Take that back, you little brat!
Mist: Stars above, don’t you two ever stop fighting? You’re siblings. Be nice to each other. So, what is it this time?
Rolf: You be the judge, Mist. What’s the most important quality a soldier can have in battle?
Boyd: It’s power, but little Rolfie here insists that it’s skill.
Rolf: If you don’t have skill, you can’t hit your enemies!
Boyd: If you’re weak, you can’t hurt ’em, even if you do hit ’em!
Mist: Oh, you two are ridiculous.
Rolf: Ridiculous?
Boyd: Yeah, whaddya mean by that?!
Mist: Skill and power are both important. Only a bad soldier would focus on one over the other.
Rolf: That’s true, but…
Boyd: You could at least play along a little.
Mist: Play along? I’m sick and tired of having to listen to your silly arguments! Anyhow, I’m here to give you something. Here you go, Boyd.
Boyd: Hey, thanks!
Rolf: What’s that? A shirt?
Mist: Yep. Boyd’s just like Ike. He keeps growing like a beanstalk! If we didn’t constantly make his clothes bigger, he’d run out of things to wear.
Boyd: I’m too broke to buy new ones. Thanks for fixing it up, Mist. I really appreciate it.
Mist: Well, I can’t sew very well, but it gets the job done.
Boyd: That it does!
Rolf: I thought Oscar fixed our clothes…
Mist: He’s been busy, so I offered to take over some of his chores. Rolf, I can alter your clothes, too. If you want, I mean.
Rolf: No thanks. I can do it myself.
Mist: Really? Well, all right, then.
Boyd: Like he needs alterations! I don’t think he’s grown in years. Right, short stuff?
Rolf: Shut up, meathead!
Boyd: Why you little–!
Mist: Hey, cut it out! Rolf, wait!
Boyd: Yeah, you’d better run, you moss-headed twerp!
Mist: C’mon, you guys…

Kitten Smitten (*)

(Shinon and Gatrie are alive)

Gatrie: …Oh, and this girl! You’re going to think you’re dreaming! She’s as lovely as the dawn, I’m telling you!
Shinon: All right, just show me already. Where is this sunrise with legs, anyway?
Gatrie: Wait, are you saying you’re actually curious? I never thought I’d see the day.
Shinon: Well, we’re gonna have to hang around these sub-humans for quite a while. A pretty face will help keep me sane.
Lyre: Hey! You! You want to say that again?!
Gatrie: Ahh…!
Shinon: Hey, pussycat. You should’ve dropped by after dinner. I’m a generous man. I would’ve given you some table scraps.
Lyre: T-table scraps?! How dare you! You scum! Who do you think you are? I’m not going to forget that!
Shinon: Aw, kitty wants to play? Sure, I’ve got some time to kill. Let’s dance, hairball!
Kyza: Stop! Don’t make another move.
Lyre: Kyza! You should hear the garbage he’s saying! He’s the worst man I’ve ever met!
Kyza: He’s a beroc, Lyre. Please accept my apology on behalf of my associate. Please, forgive her. Now you, Lyre. Apologize to him.
Lyre: What?! Why do I have to be the one to apologize?! That guy was the one who started it!
Kyza: Do you want me to report to Captain Ranulf that you couldn’t control your temper and started a fight with a beorc?
Lyre: N-no…
Shinon: I’m waiting… I’d forgive you if you apologized. I am a nice guy, you know.
Lyre: What?! Never! You’re lucky I don’t claw that smile off your face!
Kyza: Lyre! I’m sorry… Maybe some other time. Excuse us.
Shinon: Hmph, I hate it when sub-humans like him act all high and mighty, pretending to be just like us beorc. He’s even worse than the other hairball.
Gatrie: …Sigh.
Shinon: What, did all that stun you into silence? You look like you’ve been hit in the head.
Gatrie: So, her name is Lyre. What a pretty name! Lyyyyyre…
Shinon: What? Oh, come on! Don’t tell me the girl you were talking about is that pussycat!
Gatrie: Don’t mock me, Shinon! This is serious. I feel it. It’s destiny! That girl and I are fated to be together!
Shinon: You’re chasing after a laguz now? Gatrie, I swear you’d hit on a tree if I dressed it in a skirt. Tell me I’m wrong!

Challenging (*)

(Rhys and Mia are alive)

Mia: There you are, Commander! I found ya!
Ike: What can I do for you, Mia?
Mia: What do you think? I only come to you for one thing… Commander! I challenge you!
Ike: Again? Haven’t you had enough?
Mia: Not at all. I was pretty close to beating you, last time. So c’mon! The longer we wait, the less I’m gonna remember about how I got that close!
Ike: You know I’m not going to go easy on you, right? Or on anyone else who comes at me with a sword, for that matter.
Mia: Good! I like it that way! That’s why I love training with you.
Ike: At least you’re getting something out of it. Titania and Mist just complain afterwards.
Mia: Don’t you worry about that! I’ve got the perfect solution.
Ike: What’s that?
Mia: Yoo-hoo! Rhys, over here!
Ike: Oh, I see. Interesting idea.
Mia: He’ll fix me right up if I get hurt. What do you think of that, huh?
Ike: You all right with that, Rhys? I know you don’t like watching allies cut each other up in training.
Rhys: That’s true, but… I think it’s better that I know how the injury happened, rather than having someone just show up and bleed on the floor. It will reduce the shock of seeing all that blood, you know? That’s something I learned the hard way.
Ike: Well, as long as you’re all right with it, I guess it’s fine with me, too.
Mia: That settles it! The scene is set, the arena ready… Prepare yourself, Commander!
Ike: Oh, I already have. Get ready!
Rhys: Just… Please go easy on each other. All right? Did you hear me? Hello?

Chapter 2

The Three Brothers (*)

(Boyd, Rolf or Oscar visited the central village in the previous chapter)

Boyd: So I told him, you know? I thought it was important.
Oscar: Are you sure about this? You’re always exaggerating stories to make them more impressive.
Boyd: No, I’m deadly serious! Trust me, you’d have done exactly the same thing if you were there!
???: Oh… I finally found you!
Woman: Oscar… Boyd… It’s been such a long time.
Oscar: Eep!
Boyd: How did you find us?
???: She’s in here!
Woman: Let go!
Gallia: What are you doing here, intruder? You’re coming with me!
Woman: No, please! I’m not done yet!
Oscar: Sigh… Please let her go. She’s a friend of ours.
Gallia: She is? You should have said something!
Woman: …Thank you, Oscar. Oh, that was scary!
Boyd: Why did you come here?
Woman: Please. You have to let me see him.
Oscar: I do?
Woman: He’s here with you, right!? Let me see Rolf!
Boyd: Uh… Why should we?
Woman: What!?
Boyd: You abandoned him! You left me, Dad and Rolf for some guy! What kind of mom does that, huh!?
Woman: I was different back then! I was so young… I didn’t know how to raise two kids while looking after your bedridden father. Believe me, I tried! I tried… But it was too difficult.
Boyd: At least you and I aren’t related. But Rolf… That’s different. He’s your son! Yours! And you left him behind because it was “too hard”!?
Woman: I’m sorry… I’ve regretted my decision since the day I made it. I thought of you each and every day.
Boyd: My father died not too long after you left him. We’d have followed him, too, if my brother hadn’t abandoned his knighthood in Crimea to take care of us!
Woman: I… I had no idea… Oh… I’ve made a terrible mistake! I’m so sorry. Forgive me.
Boyd: Leave. Now. You’ve got no right to see Rolf.
Woman: Boyd! Please, I’m begging you! I…I want Rolf to come back and live with me!
Boyd: Lade, you’ve got some serious nerve. He’s our brother! You’re not gonna take him away from us.
Oscar: …Just…wait here. I’ll go get Rolf.
Boyd: Oscar?!
Woman: Oscar! Thank you!
Oscar: Don’t get the wrong idea. I haven’t suddenly forgiven you.
Woman: Then why…?
Oscar: Because you are still Rolf’s mother. Nothing in the world will change that. We’ll leave it up to Rolf to decide.
Boyd: Oscar…

(Moments later)

Oscar: Are you sure? Are you sure you don’t want to see her?
Rolf: Yeah. I don’t even remember her face. She’s just another stranger to me.
Oscar: Rolf…
Rolf: I have my family, Oscar. You, Boyd…everyone in the Greil Mercenaries. I don’t need anyone else. Why should I let her try and change that?
Oscar: …
Rolf: Don’t look at me like that. Why do you look so sad? I’m not sad.
Oscar: Then I’ll ask her to go home.
Rolf: Tell her never to come back. She’s being a nuisance.
Oscar: …Fine.
Boyd: Rolf…
Rolf: I… I do love you, Boyd. We fight all the time, and we might not be related, but you’re my real brother. Don’t make me go away. You can’t! I want to stay with you! I want to stay with my family!
Boyd: You little idiot. Of course you can stay! We raised you, remember? You’re not some…thing, to give away to a crazy woman! You’re one of us.
Rolf: …Thanks.

What Goes Around (*)

(Heather and Ilyana are alive)

Heather: So you’re Ilyana? That’s such a cute and delicate name! I’d never have guessed there’d be such a pretty girl around all these laguz! What a lucky day!
Ilyana: Sigh…
Heather: Is something wrong, Ilyana? Are you feeling sick? You look weak.
Ilyana: I’m… so hungry…
Heather: Oh, no! That’s no good. Hold on. I’ll bring some food for you right away.
Ilyana: Really? Oh, that would be wonderful…
Heather: Oh, look at that smile! So, what do you like?
Ilyana: Something delicious. I don’t particularly care what it is. I just want loads of it.
Heather: Um, all right. I guess that means you eat pretty much anything? I’ll go find somoe dupe who thinks I’m cute, and I’ll con him into cooking something! You stay put!
Ilyana: How interesting… Heather… Her name is Heather. I’ll have to remember her name. She likes to feed me.
Ike: You still eating everything in sight?
Ilyana: Ah… Hello, Ike. I haven’t seen you in a long time.
Ike: Glad to see you remember me.
Ilyana: Of course. I remember all of the mercenaries. Well, most of you, anyway. Oscar prepares such delicious meals. I remember that well enough. Oh, I can’t wait to eat his food again.
Ike: Well, I can see you haven’t changed a bit.

Item Shop (***)

Aimee: Oh… It’s like a dream come true. My hero, standing right in front of me. Somebody pinch me.
Ike: Hey, if you don’t let go of my hand, I can’t pay you for anything.
Aimee: No! My darling… Let us not spoil our time together with talk of money! Speak sweetly to me, handsome.
Ike: Listen, lady. This is a shop, and I’m a customer. What’s so sweet about that?
Aimee: Oh, such cold words… My hero plays hard to get! You’re only making me more interested.
Ike: Will you let go of my hand? Please?
Aimee: Then tell me I’m beautiful! Tell me I’m more beautiful than any woman in this camp!
Ike: …And then you’ll let go of my hand?
Aimee: Of course. I’ll even give you everything you want for free.
Ike: Oh! All right, then…
???: No, Ike! Don’t say another word!
Aimee: That voice! It’s–
Ike: C’mon, Soren. She’s going to give us everything! For free!
Soren: Nothing in life is free, Ike. Suppose you said what she asked you to say, hmm? What then? You’d hear it all over the camp. In nearby villages. Eventually, the entire country would be saying it! “Ike, hero of the Mad King’s War, is in love with Aimee the shopgirl.” Rumors can quickly spin out of control.
Ike: Come off it. You’re exaggerating.
Aimee: Ooh, don’t be so sure. With my network of merchants, I’ll spread the word to the four corners of Tellius! Within half a year, everyone will know! Then you will be mine forever, Ike! You’ll have no choice at all!
Ike: Man, you go right for the neck, don’t you? All right, Soren. She’s all yours.
Soren: Yes, sir. What I do now, I do for the good of the company.
Aimee: No, Ike! Don’t go! Don’t do this to me!
Soren: Well, now. Shall we get on with our business? You’re looking more beautiful than ever, Miss Aimee. A true delight for the eyes.
Aimee: Ooo… Now you’re talking, you little lady-killer!
Soren: I know you won’t discount the goods to nothing, since it’s coming from me. So… How about you cut your prices down by three-quarters?
Aimee: Ooh… Decisions, decisions.
Soren: You’re a diamond, and other beorc only glass beads, Miss Aimee. I’ll buy more than enough to justify the discount.
Aimee: Half price, maybe.
Soren: A touch less than three-quarters, then. What do you say, rose of Tellius? O goddess of desire?
Aimee: All right, you win! Just this time, mind you. Take this.
Soren: Ah, a Silver Card. I can buy everything for half price at all of the shops?
Aimee: That’s right. Remember what I said, though. It’s a limited-time deal. I’ll have to take it away soon. Oh, and while you own this card, you won’t be able to sell your weapons as raw material. Got that?
Soren: Understood, Miss Aimee. Stay beautiful.

(Obtained Silver Card – disappears after exiting the base)

Chapter 3

Strategist (*)

Tibarn: Your strategist is something else. Does he have some kind of magic hat that he pulls all his crazy ideas out of?
Ike: Well, I do pay him plenty for them.
Titania: Soren said this mission would fail without help from the Phoenicis Army. We’re asking you to take a very big risk, King Tibarn.
Tibarn: We can handle it. We can do anything if it involves teaching those vermin in Begnion a thing or two.
Ranulf: Soren has even answered some of Skrimir’s more insane requests. He doesn’t listen to a word I say, but when Soren talks strategy, he’s all ears.
Ike: Is that why he hasn’t been complaining during the briefings?
Ranulf: He says he looks forward to what the little strategist will say next. It looks to me like Soren’s charmed his way into the most powerful position in this army.
Titania: I’m glad to hear it. He’s changed, hasn’t he?
Ranulf: Yeah, I think so. He still doesn’t say much, but he’s a lot more at ease these days. He used to be completely closed off, rejecting anyone who tried to get close. Like he’d lock himself away, all alone in his own little world.
Ike: We all lost and gained something during the Mad King’s War. Maybe it wasn’t a complete waste, after all.
Ranulf: Do you think we’ll feel the same way about this war when it’s over?
Ike: Who knows? We’ll have to survive it first.
Ranulf: Fair enough.

Chapter 4

Shinon (***)

(Shinon is alive)

Aimee: Oh, you have no idea how happy you’ve made me! Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for this?
Shinon: Hey, I’m a busy guy. But I’m glad to hear it, I guess.
Aimee: Don’t be so cold! You could do this for me anytime, if you want. You know I’ll pay good money.
Shinon: No thanks. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.
Aimee: I’ll make it worth your time. How about it, baby? You could leave your mercenary lifestyle behind, and…
Ike: Uh… What the heck are you talking about?
Aimee: Ike! My hero! Are you here to see me?
Shinon: Hmph. I’m outta here.
Aimee: Hey, wait! What about what I owe you?
Shinon: Give it to him! And don’t tell him anything that he doesn’t need to know!
Aimee: …And now he’s gone. What a selfish man.
Ike: Care to tell me what’s going on?
Aimee: Ike, no! Are you feeling jealous? Don’t you worry, darling. There’s only room for you in my heart. Really!
Ike: You’re scaring me, Aimee.
Aimee: Oh, come on. It’s just a joke! Business only, I promise. First, this is for you.
Ike: A blue gem?
Aimee: You heard what the man said. I’m supposed to pay you instead.
Ike: You’re paying us? I’m very confused. I’d assumed that Shinon owed you money, or something.
Aimee: No, no. Nothing like that. This is what I owe him for– Oops, he told me not to say.
Ike: Aimee? I’m getting scared again.
Aimee: All right, fine. It’s a payment for a bow.
Ike: A bow?
Aimee: I paid a lot for a bow he made me. I’m going to offer it as a one-of-a-kind item at the shop.
Ike: Right… Is that why Rolf is making bows now? He mentioned something about bows being good income in emergencies.
Aimee: Probably. Rolf is learning from a good teacher, but he’s still no match for the master himself.
Ike: Rolf is Shinon’s student?
Aimee: Oh, dang. You think that was a secret, too?
Ike: How should I know? Shinon wouldn’t tell me that he smelled smoke if I was on fire.
Aimee: Well… I don’t think Shinon likes people. Especially you, for some reason. I wonder why he came back to you after he left the Greil Mercenaries during the war?
Ike: Shinon likes our little group. I know that much. This is probably his way of trying to help us be less broke.
Aimee: You think so? Why wouldn’t he just come out and say so? He’s so strange like that.
Ike: I’ll keep this conversation a secret. I don’t want to risk losing Shinon by putting him on the defensive about all this.
Aimee: Right. It’s a secret between you and me, Ike!

(Obtained Blue Gem)

Chapter 5

Haar (***)

(Haar is alive)

Ike: …
Haar: You need something from me, fearless leader?
Ike: I thought you were asleep.
Haar: Yeah, I was. Until you came within fifty paces of me. Yaaaaaawn…
Ike: Do you mind fighting alongside us?
Haar: I like it fine. As long as I can catch some sleep, I don’t care where I am. What can I do for you?
Ike: Ever since you joined us, I’ve been meaning to ask you about Jill. The last I’d heard, you were running some kind of delivery service with her. How did you end up passing through Crimea and then coming here?
Haar: I stopped to chew some fat during a delivery. That’s all.
Ike: How’s Jill these days?
Haar: Last I heard, she got mixed up with the army again, fighting for Daein’s emancipation.
Ike: I see. Don’t you think you ought to go back to Daein and give her some support?
Haar: She’s a big girl now. She doesn’t need me always lookin over her shoulder. Jill can do whatever she wants.
Ike: I don’t understand. I thought you two were… You know. Living under the same roof and all.
Haar: She’s the daughter of my dead teacher. Nothing more. Hey, if you don’t want me hanging around, feel free to just say so, all right?
Ike: No, it isn’t like that. You’re great on the battlefield. I appreciate you being here.
Haar: Good. I like your mercenary group. They’re laid back, and we have the same goal: crushing the empire.
Ike: That’s true.
Haar: Anyhow, is that all? I’m gonna nap until we deploy. Don’t wake me up until then.
Ike: All right.
Haar: Hey… Wait.
Ike: Hmm?
Haar: See that bag on my wyvern? There’s a souvenir in there for you. Feel free to take it.
Ike: A souvenir?
Haar: It’s a small thing. You don’t need to thank me. …Yaaawn… Zzz… Zzz…
Ike: Asleep already? What a strange guy.

(Obtained Corrosion)

Chapter 6

Sothe (***)

Micaiah: I wonder what this is?
Sothe: Let me see. Ah, that’s a master crown. King Pelleas got one especially for you.
Micaiah: How do you use it?
Sothe: He said that a beorc who honed their combat skills could use it to gain further power.
Micaiah: Someone who has refined their skills. I see. So, not everyone can use it.
Sothe: Sounds like it. It’s a very precious item, so choose the recipient with care.
Micaiah: All right.

(Obtained Master Crown)

Jill (***)

(Jill is alive)

Micaiah: Here you go, Jill. This weapon is for you.
Jill: …Thank you. Um… Lady Micaiah, I have to ask. What is the purpose of this war?
Micaiah: King Pelleas has decided to come to the aid of Begnion.
Jill: Has he deigned to share his reasoning with you? Micaiah, this war is madness! Why would he ask us to aid Begnion!?
Micaiah: …I don’t know.
Jill: Wonderful.
Micaiah: I believe in our king. That’s all I can say.
Jill: At least someone does.

(Obtained Brave Axe)

Edward (***)

(Edward is alive – English version only)

Micaiah: Edward, I have something for you…
Edward: Really? What is it?
Micaiah: It’s a gift from King Pelleas. One of Daein’s national treasures, the blade Caladbolg.
Edward: What? Whoa, this thing is amazing! I’ve never seen a blade so sharp! Is it really for me? That means the king’s counting on me, right? Well, Caladbolg and I won’t let him down!
Micaiah: Um… Listen, Edward, this war… Daein really shouldn’t be…
Edward: Huh? Shouldn’t be what?
Micaiah: Oh, never mind. It’s nothing. Forget I said anything.
Edward: OK, sure. Um, Micaiah? Look, I don’t know anything about kings, or nobles, or anything else like that. But you’re fighting because you believe it’s what’s best for Daein, right? And, well, that’s good enough for me. I’m with you, no matter what.
Micaiah: Oh, Edward…
Edward: Now, I want to use this sword! They’re going to write song about me after this, I just know it!

(Obtained Caladbolg)

Leonardo (***)

(Leonardo is alive – English version only)

Micaiah: Leonardo, King Pelleas asked me to present you with this bow. This is Lughnasadh. It’s been stored away in the vaults of Daein, waiting for someone worthy enough. It’s more powerful than the purest silver bow.
Leonardo: It’s beautiful… Honestly, this bow is beyond my skill. It was crafted for better hands than mine. I guess… I guess we really have to win now, don’t we?
Micaiah: Yes, I suppose we do.
Leonardo: Don’t look so sad, Micaiah. You’re not responsible for this war. We’re doing the best we can hope to do. But I’m fighting for Daein. The circumstances may change, but my feelings never will.

(Obtained Lughnasadh)

Nolan (***)

(Nolan is alive – English version only)

Micaiah: Hello, Nolan. A gift from King Pelleas has arrived for you.
Nolan: You’re kidding me… it can’t be! That’s Tarvos, isn’t it? That’s one wicked-looking axe. I’d heard stories about the fabled axe of Daein, but to actually feel the heft… King Pelleas wants me to have it? I always did like that man. I’ll take good care of it, don’t you worry.
Micaiah: I know you will, Nolan. King Pelleas does too. That’s why he’s chosen to give it to you.
Nolan: Micaiah, look… I know how hard it is to be a commander, especially with all of this confusion and doubt flying around. Fighting a war you don’t believe in is a bitter pill to swallow.
Micaiah: Nolan, I–
Nolan: Just remember something, will you? We’re still the Dawn Brigade. Lots of us aren’t your “comrades,” we’re your family. If you need anything, we’re with you, no matter what. Nothing’s going to change that.
Micaiah: Oh, Nolan… Thank you so much.

(Obtained Tarvos)

Chapter 7

Cat Fight (***)

(Kyza and Lyre are alive)

Ranulf: So, it happens to be that I have a very rare and precious item in my possession. Which one of you thinks you deserve a gift?
Lyre: Ooo, me! Me! I want it!
Kyza: No, Captain! You should give it to me! After all, I’m your faithful servant.
Lyre: What!? No way! That stuffy know-it-all doesn’t need it! Look at me! I’m so tiny and helpless, I need all the help I can get. You wouldn’t want me to get hurt, would you?
Kyza: A stuffy know-it-all?! Oh, I say! How dare you, madam!? Captain Ranulf! You know that rewarding her behavior will only encourage her to act up in front of others! Have I not always followed your orders without question, both quickly and effectively?
Ranulf: All right, all right… Sheesh. You know, I personally don’t really care which of you gets it.
Lyre: You hold it right there, Kyza! I think you just called me a brat!
Kyza: Pfft. I’m only stating the obvious. If you don’t like it, don’t act so childish.
Lyre: Hmph! You stuck-up old alley cat!
Kyza: Stuck up?! Your mother would be ashamed at your lack of manners!
Ranulf: Argh! Stop already! I’m sorry I asked. Obviously I have to make the decision for you. All right, Kyza! This is yours. Take it.
Kyza: Oh, thank you! Thank you! You’ve made me the happiest person in the army, Captain! Hah!
Lyre: What!? Why!? Why did you give it to him!?
Ranulf: He’s your commanding officer.
Lyre: That’s not fair! He’s a stuffy old bore! And I’m wearing my prettiest collar…
Kyza: Forget it, Lyre. The captain knows who slaves day and night to keep the army running smoothly!
Lyre: No, no, no! The captain’s love is mine! All mine! Give it to me!
Kyza: If you want it, you’ll have to take it!
Lyre: Oh, you’re dead!
Ranulf: What is it with you two? Sigh…

(Obtained Howl)

Chapter 8

Wounded (*)

Skrimir: How are the injured holding up?
Ranulf: They’re exhausted. Some are so bad off they can’t even get up the energy to transform. The unwounded soldiers have been taking turns carrying the injured.
Skrimir: That’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll carry one or two on my back once we enter the caves.
Ranulf: Hey, you’re hurt, too. Be careful you don’t strain yourself and cause permanent injury, all right?
Skrimir: Hurt? Do I look like I’ve been wounded?
Ranulf: Skrimir, you’re standing in a pool of your own blood. Tell me the truth. It hurts to even stand, right?
Skrimir: …A little. Do the others know?
Ranulf: No. None of our soldiers do. But I’m sure King Tibarn and Ike both know.
Skrimir: Good. Our soldiers shouldn’t know. I have to be their role model! They’ll see that I’ve been wounded yet continue to fight. Maybe that will help them carry on.
Ranulf: Skrimir…

Silbings (***)

(Lethe and Lyre are alive)

Lethe: Lyre, come on. You have to stop sulking.
Lyre: Don’t talk to me! I hate you, Lethe!
Lethe: That’s too bad, because I like you.
Lyre: Liar.
Lethe: I’m only hard on you because I worry about you, and I want you to stay safe. Why did you even become a soldier? You used to hate fighting.
Lyre: Hmph.
Lethe: Was it because of Ranulf?
Lyre: That was one reason, I guess.
Lethe: There were other reasons?
Lyre: Yeah. I wanted to stay with you.
Lethe: …Does that mean you’ll start talking to me again?
Lyre: Yeah. Even though you drive me crazy, you’re still my sister!
Lethe: I’m glad.
Lyre: Here. Take this as a token of apology.
Lethe: What is it?
Lyre: It’s a Daunt scroll. I thought it’d be perfect for someone as scary as you!
Lethe: What!? Say that again, I dare you!
Lyre: Aaahh! Lethe’s mad at me again! Stop being mean to me!
Lethe: I’m the mean one!?

(Obtained Daunt)

Chapter 9

Villagers (*)

Man: Hey, did you hear? The Imperial Army is requesting Crimea’s assistance.
Youth: Yeah, I heard! I also heard that the messenger treated our queen with no respect at all! Who do they think they are!?
Lady: Shhh! Not so loud! Begnion is ruled by the apostle. They helped us when Daein invaded. It’s only right that we pay back the favor by coming to their aid.
Man: But Begnion is fighting the beast tribes of Gallia. Why would we fight Gallia? The beast tribes helped us rebuild Crimea.
Youth (2): That’s true, but come on! Think about it. Who would you rather side with? A land of beorc, or the land of sub… laguz? The answer’s as plain as day. We side with the beorc.
Man: Hmm… You have a point.
Youth: I’d choose Gallia over Begnion.
Lady: Really?
Youth (2): But why?
Youth: The people of Gallia helped us rebuild the village, even though we’re beorc. They even repaired the road to the farm that’s up on the mountain. That wasn’t an easy job, either.
Lady: Yes, I remember. What was his name… Mordecai? He was strong, yet very kind. He looked frightening at first, but the children in the village loved to play with him. He was a wonderful man.
Man: If the queen decides to answer Begnion’s request for troops, we’d have to fight Gallia. How terrible would that be?
Youth (2): That’s war, isn’t it?
Man: Yes. I suppose it is, at that.
Lady: Hmm.
Youth (2): I wish we didn’t have to fight anyone at all.

Calill’s Shop (*)

(Astrid, Calill, Makalov and Marcia are alive)

Calill: It’s been one thing after another. First, the civil unrest, then the imperial invasion. I’m so sick of hearing about all of it.
Makalov: You and me both. I figured I’d be able to get in some me time now that Crimea’s peaceful again. Get a card game started or something…
Largo: You’re a Royal Knight. If the queen decides you should go sweep away ten or a hundred imperial soldiers, you should probably go do it.
Makalov: Yeah… We’ve been ordered to mobilize, and I can’t think of any excuse to get out of it. Maybe I could pretend to be dead. Any ideas, Amy?
Amy: Don’t make General Geoffrey mad! You’re a Royal Knight! You better follow his orders!
Makalov: Amy! You’re supposed to HELP me! She’s obviously been spending way too much time with you, Calill.
Calill: Well of course, you twit! All right, Makalov. It’s time for you to pay up and go.
Makalov: What!? But… I think my stomach’s acting funny…
???: That’s enough, you layabout!
Makalov: Oh. Hi, Marcia. Don’t surprise me like that!
Marcia: Makalov! I knew I’d find you here, slacker! You’re making the whole squad wait for you! Hurry up and head back!
Makalov: I don’t know about all this. Fighting the Imperial Army means fighting my old comrades. I don’t wanna fight my old friends. You know what I mean?
Marcia: …I think I see. You owe them money, don’t you? Isn’t that the real reason why you don’t want to see them, cheese breath?
Makalov: W-when did you learn to read minds like the herons!?
Marcia: I can’t, you spineless sea cucumber! It’s just so typical of you that I guessed!
Astrid: Marcia, please. That’s quite enough.
Marcia: But, Astrid! It’s despicable!
Astrid: Look at how calm Sir Makalov is. He never gets irritated or upset. It’s the mark of a true knight. A good knight must know how to keep his cool on the battlefield.
Marcia: Um. But… we’re in a bar.
Astrid: Oh, I hope to be as good a knight as Sir Makalov someday! How I dream of that day!
Makalov: Heh.
Marcia: I don’t believe this.
Makalov: …You don’t wanna end up like me, baby.
Marcia: Oh, I completely agree! Who’d want to end up a clown-haired chowderhead?
Astrid: The love you two have for each other is so wonderful. I wish I had a sibling!
Makalov: Uh, sure…
Marcia: I’ll sell him to you. Cheap.

Elincia (***)

Elincia: Geoffrey. Please take this with you.
Geoffrey: Why… this is a master crown! I am honored, Your Majesty. I will cherish it.
Elincia: I have been asking you to fight difficult battles against terrible odds.
Geoffrey: Your Majesty, allow me to reiterate: that is exactly what I wish. No matter the task, and no matter the odds, I can only succeed at it so long as you depend on me. I am yours entirely, Your Majesty.
Elincia: I shall take those words to heart. Geoffrey of Delbray, you are truly my finest and mot faithful knight.
Geoffrey: Thank you, Your Majesty.

(Obtained Master Crown)

Lucia (***)

Lucia: Here are the war funds. Remember, Geoffrey. You will face the Imperial Army. Should there be a conflict, you must not be caught unprepared.
Geoffrey: I shall be prepared, Lucia.

(Obtained 10,000G)

Chapter 10

Giffca (***)

Giffca: Welcome back, you two.
Skrimir: Giffca. Apologies for worrying you.
Giffca: You persevered through many difficult battles. We are glad to have you back in one piece.
Skrimir: Each and every soldier in the army helped me. I couldn’t do anything by myself. Alone, I was powerless.
Giffca: That’s good. If that’s what you learned from this campaign, then it wasn’t a wasted effort for Gallia. Good work, Ranulf.
Ranulf: Thank you, sir.
Giffca: Skrimir, come here. I have something from the king.
Skrimir: What is this?
Giffca: It’s a satori sign. It is said to bring out the hidden power of the laguz.
Skrimir: Amazing!
Giffca: Here, it’s yours.
Skrimir: Ranulf. You should take it.
Ranulf: What? Why? The king said it was for you!
Skrimir: Yes, but you’ve been looking after me. It’s… a sign of my appreciation.
Ranulf: Skrimir…
Giffca: Very well. Ranulf. This is yours to keep.
Ranulf: A-all right. Thank you, sir.
Giffca: Skrimir, you reply to his thanks.
Skrimir: Um, yes. You’re welcome. I am grateful for your continued support.
Ranulf: Of course, General.

(Obtained Satori Sign)

Chapter 11

Sanaki (***)

Ike: I’m here. What do you want?
Sanaki: Hmph. Don’t look so sour.
Ike: I always look like this, Apostle Sanaki.
Sanaki: Ah, yes. That’s true. Well, I didn’t summon you to talk about your grumpy expressions. I wanted to give you something before we set off for battle.
Ike: What is it?
Sanaki: Do you know what this is?
Ike: Not a clue.
Sanaki: When I fled the cathedral, I took some valuables with me. This is called a master crown. It’s said to release a beorc’s hidden power.
Ike: I’ve never heard of it.
Sanaki: Not everyone can use it, so think before you pass it on to someone.
Ike: All right. I’ll take it. Thank you.

(Obtained Master Crown)

Sigrun (***)

Sigrun: General Ike. Thank you for helping the apostle. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heard.
Ike: I would have refused, if I’d known that I’d be commanding the entire army.
Sigrun: That’s why we didn’t tell you beforehand.
Ike: That’s a pretty devious move, Sigrun.
Sigrun: Here are some funds, so you can properly prepare for the upcoming battle. Show us how you’ve grown since the days of the Mad King’s War, General.

(Obtained 20,000G)

Rivals (***)

(Kieran and Oscar are alive)

Kieran: Rahh! Hyahh! Hahh!
Oscar: …
Kieran: Hiyah! Umph! Hahh!
Oscar: You really push yourself in training, don’t you, Kieran?
Kieran: Huh!? Ah, Oscar! You snuck up on me! Only a true rival of mine could accomplish such a feat!
Oscar: I’ve been watching for half an hour.
Kieran: What!? Then why didn’t you say hello? And I would have expected better manners!
Oscar: I did. You didn’t notice.
Kieran: Ah, yes! My concentration while training is unbreakable! No one can distract me!
Oscar: Hmm. I wonder if he realizes that he contradicts everything he says.
Kieran: What was that!? If you have something to say, let it out! Speak like a man! Stand tall!
Oscar: Yes, yes. Whatever you say. Here, I got this for you.
Kieran: What is this?
Oscar: This is an Imbue scroll. Imbue is a skill you should learn, especially since you always train until you’re soaked in your own blood.
Kieran: I’ve never heard of such a skill. Is it special?
Oscar: Oh, yes. It’s very special.
Kieran: Why would you give such a precious thing to me?!
Oscar: Well, um… I just told you.
Kieran: I cannot accept it! I accept no charity from rivals!
Oscar: Why do you have to be like this?
Kieran: We are equals. I need no favors from you! Run along, now.
Oscar: Sigh.
Kieran: I don’t have the time to talk to you. I’m too busy training! Go on, leave!
Oscar: Ahem… It was meant as a symbol of friendship for my lifelong rival.
Kieran: What?!
Oscar: But I guess if you won’t accept it, I’ll find someone else who will.
Kieran: Wait! I’ll take it.
Oscar: You’d swallow your own words?
Kieran: Ugh! Never! However… I note that your lifelong rival is me, and no one else! If your gift will mark me as your lifelong rival, I must have it!
Oscar: That’s what I like about you, Sir Simpleton.
Kieran: You insult me?!
Oscar: No, that was a compliment. You’re a very… simple… knight. Living only for battle and whatnot.
Kieran: Great! Thanks!
Oscar: Life is boring without you, Kieran.

(Obtained Imbue)

Chapter 12

Pelleas (***)

Pelleas: I have to head back to the castle. I have to know if there is a way to break free of the blood pact.
Micaiah: Please be careful.
Pelleas: …Please, Micaiah. Stop being so kind to me. It’s too difficult for me.
Micaiah: I can feel how you’ve suffered. You’ve had to endure it all alone for so long. It’s ghastly.
Pelleas: It was my fault… I brought this curse upon Daein!
Micaiah: No! You didn’t know! I will protect Daein. I’ll protect our country from harm, no matter what happens. You have my word.
Pelleas: Micaiah… Very well. I won’t give up. We’ll fight destiny together.
Micaiah: Yes.
Pelleas: I want you to take this. I found another one in the treasure room of the castle. Stand fast, Micaiah. I will find a way to save Daein.
Micaiah: …

(Obtained Master Crown)

Tauroneo (***)

Tauroneo: Sothe.
Sothe: Hello, General.
Tauroneo: I thought you were going to leave the army, taking Lady Micaiah with you.
Sothe: I was. But now we can’t. Both Micaiah and I are from Daein. We can’t abandon our own country.
Tauroneo: Hmm. I wonder if it’s the same if you leave Daein…
Sothe: I don’t understand.
Tauroneo: If you abandoned Daein and fought on the side of a different country, I wonder if you’d still be cursed?
Sothe: Who knows? I’m not a sage. In any case, it doesn’t matter. Micaiah would never leave Daein behind.
Tauroneo: I see. Sothe, here. Take these.
Sothe: Why are you giving me these?
Tauroneo: I kept them as a parting gift to you. Since you’re staying, I’d like you to take them now.
Sothe: General…

(Obtained Boots)

Sothe (***)

Sothe: These are all the funds we have for the near future. The problem now is stopping the apostle’s army from advancing.
Micaiah: Conventional tactics won’t slow them down. They’ll easily break through our lines. …What should we do?
Sothe: Micaiah?
Micaiah: …
Sothe: Are you all right? I’ll leave the gold here. You’re still not completely recovered yet. You have to rest, Micaiah.
Micaiah: I’ll try.
Sothe: Keep safe.

(Obtained 10,000G)

Nolan (***)

(Nolan is alive)

Sothe: Nolan. Sorry to keep you waiting.
Nolan: Hmm? Hey, Sothe. Don’t worry. I was reading while I waited.
Sothe: I didn’t realize you were such a dedicated reader, Nolan.
Nolan: It’s human nature to crave knowledge. I thought you would know that as well as anyone. How is Micaiah, by the way? Is she doing well?
Sothe: Yeah, I believe so. She’s alert, and she seems generally stronger.
Nolan: I see. Well, that’s good, right?
Sothe: Sorry to make you worry.
Nolan: Don’t mention it.
Sothe: And… I… brought this for you.
Nolan: Hey, now! This is a good axe. Must have cost you a fair bit. Thanks.
Sothe: Nolan, I…
Nolan: Don’t force it. You’ll only hurt yourself.
Sothe: What?
Nolan: You look like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You’re wondering if you should tell me, right?
Sothe: Right…
Nolan: The best thing to do is think it over. Give it some time to sit. Later, if you decide you want to tell me, you know exactly where to find me.
Sothe: I will. Thanks, Nolan.
Nolan: Anytime.

(Obtained Tomahawk)

Nico (*)

(English version only)

???: There she is! Hey, lady!
Micaiah: Who? Oh, Nico!
Nico: This is great. I was hoping I’d find you.
Lady: Nico, mind your manners. The Silver-Haired Maiden is the saviour of Daein. She’s not just some “lady.”
Micaiah: Oh, it’s all right. I’m still the same simple girl from Daein you met before. Nothing’s changed. So, are things well with you?
Lady: Well, the fighting’s got everyone worried, coming so soon after the last war and all… But we’re doing all we can for Daein! It doesn’t matter who or what we’re up against. Believe me when I tell you we’ll never give up.
Nico: That’s right! We won’t give up. Ever! I know we’re gonna win, too. ‘Cause we’ve got you on our side. That’s what everybody says. The Dawn Brigade will save us.
Micaiah: Is that what they say? I see… Listen to me, Nico. You can believe in us. I promise we’ll keep you safe.
Nico: I knew it!
Lady: Come along, Nico. We should be going. The maiden’s got better things to do than stand here chatting with us all day.
Nico: Bye, lady! See you later!
Micaiah: Yes… good-bye, Nico.
Sothe: …
Micaiah: I… I want to save them all. The world is a better place with people like them in it.
Sothe: I know how you feel, Micaiah. That’s why we started all this. We’ve always been fighting for them. But this war we’re in… It’s not just. We’re fighting on the wrong side.
Micaiah: I know. I don’t want to see anyone die. It’s ironic… I’m killing with no malice, because I don’t want anyone to be killed. I… What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to stand back and let all of Daein perish? Is that the “just” thing to do?
Sothe: …
Micaiah: If that’s what it takes to be just, then I want nothing to do with justice. I’d rather be hated and feared like Mad King Ashnard. I’d rather the dark god take my soul. I’m going to save my people, Sothe. If the rest of the world paints me as a beast to be reviled and hated, so be it.

Chapter 13

Veterans (***)

(Edward and Leonardo are alive)

Leonardo: Say, Edward. We’ve been fighting really hard for quite a while now, haven’t we?
Edward: Yeah, I guess so. The war of emancipation, the war against the Laguz Alliance, and now against the apostle’s army. One after another, just like that.
Leonardo: The world can’t always be like this. These wars seem so pointless. All I want is to be able to live in Daein, peacefully and in freedom.
Edward: Yeah. The military is a pretty strange place. Hey, I have an idea! Once this battle is over, I’ll quit the army and go home.
Leonardo: What about Micaiah and the others? Are you going to abandon them?
Edward: What? No way! I’ll just have to talk them into leaving with me! And if that catches on, all the soldiers will leave, and then there can’t be a war. And then Daein will have peace again!
Leonardo: You know, I don’t think it’s that simple. But your plan sounds good to me, Edward.
Edward: See? You know it’s smart. First, you and I will leave. Together, we can tackle any obstacle!
Leonardo: We’ll have to survive the next battle, first. This should help. Here. Look what I got you.
Edward: Oh! This sword is amazing! Where did you get this!?
Leonardo: I’ve been saving up. Micaiah chipped in, too.
Edward: You got this for me?
Leonardo: Yeah. Since you’re always fighting so recklessly, I thought this sword would be a good match for you.
Edward: Thanks, Leonardo! You’re the best friend I could have!
Leonardo: I know. We’re each other’s best friend and family.

(Obtained Tempest Blade)

Helping Hand (***)

(Aran and Laura are alive)

Aran: Hey, Laura! You dropped a staff over there.
Laura: Oh! Ah. Thank you, Aran.
Aran: You’ve been carrying a lot of things lately.
Laura: Yes, I suppose so. Many people are injured. I wanted to help heal as many of them as I can.
Aran: That’s admirable. Is there anything I can do to help?
Laura: Yes, of course!
Aran: First, hand me all of your things. I’ll carry them for you.
Laura: That would be great. Here you go. Say…
Aran: Hmm?
Laura: That staff you picked up earlier… It doesn’t belong to me.
Aran: Really? It was right at your feet, so I’d assumed that it was yours.
Laura: I’ve never seen a staff like this. I wonder what effect it has?
Aran: Hey, be careful. It might be dangerous or something. Let’s throw it away.
Laura: Well, maybe if I shake it like this… And then… Whoa!
Aran: Wuh!
Laura: What did you say, Aran?
Aran: Zzz… Zzz…
Laura: Oh, Aran. You’re such a clown. How do you fall asleep on your feet? I guess you must be really tired. Why don’t I just leave you be? Let me just take my things back.
Aran: Zzz… Zzz… Zzz…

(Obtained Sleep)


Protection (***)

(Boyd and Mist are alive and achieved A Support together in this game)

Mist: What’s this? A bag of spirit powder?
Boyd: Yeah. You said you wanted one, right?
Mist: And you found one for me? Thanks, Boyd. You’re the greatest.
Boyd: Yeah, well. You always take such good care of us.
Mist: …
Boyd: What’s wrong, Mist? Are you feeling sick? You look a little pale.
Mist: Yeah. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately.
Boyd: Hey, you can’t go out and fight if you’re feeling sick! You should rest!
Mist: No! No way!
Boyd: Mist?
Mist: I’m staying with everyone! I have to! I’m not going to be left behind. Something might happen!
Boyd: But you’re in no condition to…
Mist: Dad never came back! He died somewhere, and I wasn’t there to say goodbye!
Boyd: Aww, but that’s–
Mist: That’s why I’m not staying behind! I want to stay with my family until our last moment together. Please, Boyd. Don’t stop me.
Boyd: All right, I won’t say anything. I won’t tell you to stay behind, either. I guess I’ll just have to be careful to protect you when we’re out in the field. Does that sound good?
Mist: Yes, Boyd. Thank you.

(Obtained Spirit Dust)

Master and Pupil (***)

(Shinon and Rolf are alive)

Rolf: Ah, I see…
Shinon: Then you secure it right there, and… There, it’s finished!
Rolf: Yeah! Shinon, you’re the greatest! I’m so proud that you’re my teacher!
Shinon: Oh, come on, Rolf. Don’t make puppy eyes at me.
Rolf: What? But it’s true! You’re really amazing!
Shinon: Cut it out, kid. You exaggerate too much.
Rolf: Are you going to sell this one to Aimee again? Can I come along? Please?
Shinon: I’m not selling this one.
Rolf: What? But… Oh, I got it. You’re going to use it yourself. Then can I fight alongside you? I want you to teach me that trick where you shoot them in the neck and then–
Shinon: We can talk about that later. Here, this is for you. Go on, take it.
Rolf: But this is–
Shinon: You’ve been running around camp with that silly grin plastered on your face, but I can tell all the fighting’s wearing you down. I can’t help you get a good night’s sleep, or make you eat your vegetables, but I can see that you’re using a decent bow.
Rolf: Shinon…
Shinon: I don’t know why we’re fighting this stinkin’ war, but I ain’t about to die like a dog. And I know you’re too young to be pushing up daisies.
Rolf: But I…
Shinon: What’s your problem, kid?
Rolf: I can’t possibly pay you back for it! A great bow like this… what can I do? You taught me how to shoot a bow. How to make a bow. And that’s not all! You’ve given me so much, and yet there’s nothing I can do to pay you back for it.
Shinon: Of all the stupid…
Rolf: Ouch!
Shinon: Quit whining at me!
Rolf: Oww! You didn’t have to hit me with that bow!
Shinon: Did I ever ask you to pay me back? Did I ever tell you my help had any strings attached? No! Kids should be kids and just learn from their elders!
Rolf: But–
Shinon: If you want to pay me back, then be better than me! Doesn’t matter if it’s at using a bow or making one. Just do it better. Then I can point at you and tell people “That’s the best student I ever had.”
Rolf: Shinon…
Shinon: I look after you because you have talent. I like watching you, kid. I like watching you shoot better every single day, you know? But if someone sticks an arrow in your eye, I ain’t gonna have any way to pass the time. So stay sharp! You hear?
Rolf: …Fine. Thanks, master. I’ll do my best to surpass you. I swear!
Shinon: “Master”? I think I like the sound of that. Keep listening to me and you’ll be all right.

(Obtained Silencer)